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+ Prologue
Part 1: The Devil You Don't Know Part 3: How It Started: Part 2
Part 2: How It Started: Part 1 Part 4: How It Started: Part 3

Summary: As Jebidiah and Meredith settle into their marriage, Meredith discovers a secret about her husband's true occupation, and tries to reconcile with his better qualities in order to stay positive about their future. Meanwhile, Jebidiah's Company seems to be growing stronger, but he must go to desperate lengths in order to attempt to save it from crumbling to distaster... A job that becomes increasingly difficult as they plot a complex scheme to steal something more valuable than anything they'd ever stolen before.
Written 5/16/10 - 7/3/10

Episode 1: A Sketchy Proposition Episode 11: Your Cheatin' Heart
Episode 2: The Gossip Girls Episode 12: A Measure of Broken Hearts
Episode 3: The Big Tip Episode 13: Absolutely Criminal
Episode 4: Diversions Episode 14: No Matter What
Episode 5: Fickle Suspicion... Episode 15: Love Through Betrayal
Episode 6: The Seed of Doubt Episode 16: The Deadly Sins
Episode 7: Covering Leaks Episode 17: The Search for Truth
Episode 8: The Weak Link Episode 18: Who Killed Carl Strummer?
Episode 9: In Broad Daylight Episode 19: Love's Insanity
Episode 10: Not Such an Idle Threat... Finale: Fight or Flight?

Summary: After the Kanes seek to flee from the hammer of the law, they must make sacrifices and hard choices in order to keep their family intact. But, while settling into the small town of Twinbrook, temptations arise that threaten to destroy what they have left, and secrets begin to unfold that are tried so desperately to be concealed... Secrets threatened to be revealed once the past catches up to haunt them.

 Written 7/5/10 - 7/24/10
Episode 1: A New Life Episode 11: When All Else Fails... 
Episode 2: The Strange New Place We Live Episode 12: Burying the Past
Episode 3: Skeleton in the Closet Episode 13: The Power of Women
Episode 4: Unexpected Episode 14: Beyond the Book's Cover
Episode 5: Food for Thought Episode 15: Guilt and Innocence 
Episode 6: The Waking Dead Finale: Be Careful What You Wish For
Episode 7: Learn to Be Lonely: Farah's Story
Episode 8: The Gift of Life
Episode 9: Friends, Foes, and Flirts
Episode 10: Lost: Meredith's Marbles

Summary: With the Kane's safety unsteadily guaranteed by a troublesome agreement, life continues on as normal... Sort of. Tensions run high between the Kane parents once realizations set in, and more stupid mistakes are made by both in an effort to find peace. Meanwhile, the boys struggle through their teenage years, a time made increasingly difficult once their dreams are forgotten because of these things called "girls"... leading to a struggle that could ruin their friendship forever.
 Written 7/27/10 - 8/24/10

Episode 1: Tell Me What You Want (...) Episode 11: Make Up or Break Up
Episode 2: Something's Fishy Episode 12: Unforgivable
Episode 3: Playing with Fire Episode 13: Some Subtle Subterfuge
Episode 4: The Last Straw Episode 14: Jade's Slip Up 
Episode 5: Boy Plus Girl Equals... Episode 15: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned 
Episode 6: Absolution Episode 16: Into Dust - Contains a Machinima!
Episode 7: Best I Ever Had Finale: War and Peace 
Episode 8: What You Can't Understand
Episode 9: Reality
Episode 10: Teenage Mutant Ninja Hormones

Summary:  As the waves finally settle in the wake of Emerald's tragic death, the Kane family seeks to deal with her loss in their own ways. Meredith's new career finally blossoms; Amelia makes some friends of her own, but with some rather unexpected consequences; Travis rekindles a flame that he probably should not have; and Jebidiah realizes life is too short not to aim for his dreams... But the endeavors of the rest pale compared to Bradley's desperate journey in search of the key to fix his mistakes, and reverse his unendurable heartache.
Written 9/1/10 - 12/18/10

Episode 1: No Chicken Soup for This Episode 11: Some Things Never Change
Episode 2: Running Away  Episode 12: Unexpected
Episode 3: Bad Apples Episode 13: Daddy Issues
Episode 4: Grandmother's Heart Episode 14: Too Little, Too Late
Episode 5: In the Night Episode 15: The Slippery Slope
Episode 6: What Could've Been, What Could Be Episode 16: Dire Decisions
Episode 7: A Surfacing Secret Episode 17: The Mighty Kanes: Part One 
Episode 8: What Lies Hidden Episode 18: The Mighty Kane: Part Two 
Episode 9: Devils in Our Midst Finale: Hope - Contains a Machinima!
Episode 10: Jebidiah's Women

Summary: Several years after the conclusion of Season 4, the story begins with Amelia's new life in the city of Bridgeport. As she struggles to make ends meet, she reflects on the memories of the past years as she's forced to deal with the consequences of her choices. But, in an effort to move forward, she tries to focus not only on her budding career as the lead guitarist in the band 'The Yelling Birds', but to find the perfect guy to have at her side--a task that in the end may not be worth the trouble it brings. 
Written 1/3/11 - 3/13/11

Episode 1: Second Chances Episode 9: Metamorphosis
Episode 2: Guitar Strings Episode 10: Narcissism 
Episode 3: Misplaced Memories Episode 11: The Scarlet Man
Episode 4: The Three Amigos  Episode 12: One Fall Too Many
Episode 5: Demons Amongst Angels  Episode 13: Naomi's Promise
Episode 6: Redheads and Blondes Episode 14: Pact with the Devil
Episode 7: Ink, Part 1 Episode 15: The Prodigal Daughter
Episode 8: Ink, Part 2 Finale: Where The Heart Is

Summary: A few months after Amelia's traumatic encounter with vampires, she finally returns to Twinbrook, where good things seem to be on the rise: Meredith's Bottega has just opened, Bradley's just had his first baby, and Jebidiah's criminal ring is rising in power. However, as Mia has trouble coping with the trauma of her experience, the past begins to come back to haunt everyone as a series of unfortunate events begins to befall the entire family--leading to disaster that may tarnish the name of the Kanes for good.
Written 4/3/11 - 6/23/11

Season Six Trailer: Watch Here - Contains a Machinima!

Episode 1: Born in a Small Town Episode 9: What They Don't Know
Episode 2: A Shoulder to Lean On Episode 10: The Price of Sin
Episode 3: Can I Ask a Favor? Episode 11: Bad Day
Episode 4: Surprise! Episode 12: Vengeance is Mine
Episode 5: The Madness in the Hearts of Men Episode 13: The Body Count
Episode 6: Reaching Out Episode 14: The Wrong Woman
Episode 7: Misjudged Episode 15: Little Secrets (Part 1) / (Part 2)
Episode 8: The Irresponsible Finale: After the Storm

Summary: Although many things have changed in the months following Amelia's conviction, life for the Kane Family continues on as normally as one could expect. As Bradley works tirelessly to find a cure for his sister, the rest of the family find themselves tackling problems of their own; Margo begins her perilous journey out the front door, Alesha tries her best to deal with an incredibly troublesome student, and Lilobot decides to try her hand at that crazy thing called "love". They all inevitably discover things they do not expect; and for some, the path leads to some surprising--and life-changing--results.
Written 7/17/11 - 3/13/12

Episode 1: Good Morning, Margo Episode 5: Self-Image
Episode 2: Pet Projects Episode 6: Unrequited Love
Short (Travis): A Clean Slate Episode 7: Broken Heart Syndrome
Episode 3: First Contact Episode 8: The Brave Change
Episode 4: A Work in Progress Episode 9: Transfiguration Part One // Part Two
Short (Amelia): Caged - Contains a Machinima! Finale: Better Late Than Never
Halloween Special: Trick or Treaty

Summary: Trouble's on the rise when a rather strange family of gypsies touches down in Twinbrook, but with everything else going on in Margo's hectic life, she doesn't have time to notice... or does she? The battle for hearts begins as both Margo and Lilobot find themselves torn between the devil they know and the devil they don't--leading to choices that may very well define the rest of their lives.
Written 4/2/12 - ?

Episode 1: The Mystery Man
Episode 2: Our Guardian Angels
Episode 3: Waking Dreams
Episode 4: Tramps and Trouble
Episode 5: Devil You Know, Devil You Don't
Episode 6: Eye of the Storm
Christmas Special: Beneath the Mistletoe
Episode 7: Coming Soon!


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