Character Bio: Ian Pesce

Friday, March 23, 2012

Name: Ian Sandro Pesce
Current Age: Teen
Traits: Evil, Hot-Headed, Natural Cook, Great Kisser
Favorites: Black, R&B Music, Goopy Carbonara
Star Sign: Scorpio
Theme Song: "Soldier" by Ingrid Michealson

On the surface, Ian Pesce is the social equivalent of a bull in a china shop. He's hot-tempered, demeaning, impatient, and easily blinded from the big picture by small things that cause him irritation. No one gets in his way, and those that do never make that mistake twice.

In fact, simply calling him 'hot-tempered' may be an insult. Although Ian spends quite a lot of his time angry about something, the things that truly anger him don't just put him over the edge--they send him into a blinding, incontrollable rage. He would never strike anyone who he truly cares about, but there are more than a few jokes about Ian's habit of 'talking with his fists', or the trail of carnage he leaves in his wake after an argument.

To many, this pent up rage is something of an enigma, as the rest of his family is quite pleasant, but those that know him better know that the source of his problems come from something entirely different: the unattainable standards he sets for himself. Even if his siblings weren't remarkably talented, Ian would never be satisfied with himself. Never smart enough. Never strong enough.

"Potential?!" For the first time, Ian whirled around and actually made eye contact with her. "Why, so I can be even more out of place than I already am? I'd skip the baby stuff and move onto multiplication tables and fatter books so what, I can still be three steps behind my brother and sister?"
"Ian, calm down, I didn't mean to--"
"No! I'm sick of it! You wanna know why I'm so mean to everyone? Because it's the only thing I'm the best at! Ethan's soooo smart and soooo talented at everything he does--and Sophie's sooo popular and sooo good at sports. But me? I'm nobody. And I'm tired of being ignored. It's my turn to be special! I don't care how!"

-- Ian Pesce & Alesha Kane

Believing that the world sees him the same way, Ian refuses to acknowledge reality for what it is. Compliments towards him are seen as insults and love is seen as a lie--something quite painful for Ian, who desperately desires the approval of his peers. Unfortunately, thinking that he will never get it, he does everything in his power to prevent it, to form a solid excuse for why everyone dislikes him so much.

However, for all his faults, underneath it all Ian has many virtues. It's not just his anger that runs red hot: the potential for passionate love is immense, as his his loyalty to the few who can handle him. He never backs down--not from his ambitions, or from the people he cares about. Ian would go to the end of the world and back, literally, for someone or something he believed in.

And, as with all who are young, his true talents may have yet to surface... all he may need is a little time and patience to sort out his abilities for him to find the sense of accomplishment he so deeply needs--but, with his quick temper, it may be quite some time before that comes to pass.

In the meantime, Ian tends to lurk (particularly at night) with those that share like-minded ambitions for grandeur, hoping to finally find what it is that would truly make him whole... but be wary, citizens of Twinbrook: to Ian, the ends justify the means. This boy is willing to do anything, anything, to get what he wants... and it's unlikely he'll take 'no' for an answer.


Character Bio: Margo Kane

Name: Margo May Kane
Current Age: Teen
Traits: Coward, Clumsy, Shy, Loser
Favorites: Purple, Indie Music, Hot Dogs
Star Sign: Cancer
Theme Song: God Help the Girl - God Help the Girl

Some girls get it all... and what's left over is Margo.

Whether it's from her experience being kidnapped as a toddler or just the way she was when she was born, Margo May is a perpetual tumbleweed of problems. First she took months longer than usual to learn to walk, then she couldn't sleep without her night-light,  then she couldn't leave the house without wearing her trusty yellow rubber boots: "Because what if I stepped on a nail or sumfing!" she'd say. Over time many of these difficulties subsided, but their effect on her general cautious approach to the world has not.

'Timid' is an understatement when it comes to her. Most everything scares her; doctors have almost reached the point of chronicling her phobias. Talking, of course, is one of them. Although she warms up to people after a while, it takes a lot of coddling and support to get her to speak, and even then she never says much.  She's about just as clumsy with her words as she is with her feet--only making her all the more self concious. As such, she's put most of her effort into learning how to write instead, but that in itself was more a struggle for her than for most because of her dyslexia.

And yet, her lack of ability to communicate verbally has led to an incredibly over-active imagination. Perhaps that's why she's often so fearful--it's easy to be scared when you imagine everything that could go wrong--but it also has given her great comfort where the world is so overwhelming. When it all becomes too much, she can retreat to her daydreams and live as the princess she always wishes she could be.

a hopeless dreamer, that’s what they call me. a ‘don quixote’. like dreaming is this pathetic, useless thing. a total waste of time. to me, though, it’s not… but maybe that’s because it’s the only time anything ever seems to go right for me. if it weren’t for fairy tales and fantasy, i’d never be the girl trapped at the top of anyone’s tower.
or maybe i’m just not meant to be rescued.

-- Margo Kane
"the dreamer"

Unfortunately, where most would make up from their faults with extraordinary gifts in other areas, Margo finds herself feeling pretty... average. She's not very smart, not very pretty, not very artistic, and plumbbob knows she can't dress herself like a normal person half the time.

Her one emerging talent may be her ability to tell stories, but overcoming her incredibly low self-esteem so that she has the courage to share them is one thing she hasn't quite mastered--but in an effort to try and change that, she started her very own blog, "Yours Truly, Margo" to try and find a way to reach her voice out to the world.

Perhaps, in time, she'll discover where her true gifts lie--but for now, this girl just has to make up for her extreme lack of skills with an extreme abundance of heart. Her wild brown hair isn't the only thing she inherited from her mother--she also has the ability to see the best in others, even when no one else can. However, although it's gained her a few friends, Margo still sees it as less of a gift and more of a curse, as she ends caring about more people than who care about her.

You can download Margo with her family on the downloads page.


Season 7 Wrap-Up

Friday, March 16, 2012

It always feels a bit surreal to do these, but this time around it feels more-so because, for better or for worse, Season 7 was the Season that took me the longest to write, even though post-count wise it was fairly short. Real life got in the way quite a lot! But, despite how long it took me, this season was probably my best yet--so for everyone who stayed around from start to finish...

Thank you! Thank you for bearing with me through the hard times, and sharing with me the good times. Thank you for being so supportive, and helping me keep on coming back when I lost my enthusiasm for writing. While these characters and the time I spend writing them is mostly something I do as a gift to myself, having you all inspire me is such a blessing. You guys are the best.

But, I better move on before I spend too much time gushing on you guys, because seriously--I could do it all day. And I'll do it again anyways before the post is over. XD

First: Little Hiatus

Before I start writing next Season, Desperate Sims is going on another bit of a hiatus (again). I hope only for two or three weeks--mainly, I just need the time to get caught up on things. I haven't read many of the blogs I missed in my absence, not to mention the fact that I haven't started writing Season 8 out, yet! (And, you know me, I'm too OCD to start writing without a plan.)

I do have a solid idea in mind of what's going to happen, but to get it organized in a solid time frame and have everything happen in a good chronological order, I gotta figure this all out. So, while I figure that out, DS will go silent for a bit longer.

(Also, Dipped will be getting back into the full swing of things as well, but as it is a long-term project alongside DS, it won't interrupt my ability to work on it.)

This leads me to:

Second: Mini Projects!

As of right now, I have TWO mini projects now started, one of which most of you already know about!

Yep, that's right--Yours Truly, Margo has finally kicked off with it's first post. If you don't remember me talking about it in the past: YTM is essentially Margo's blog. It'll have numerous small posts documenting the 'little things' that happen in her life, from her point of view.

All the comments on it I will respond to in-character, so you can interact with her on a small level--and, certain posts will have a 'question' she'll ask that will act as a bit of a poll to help her make decisions. For example, the first post asks which club you think she should join! These choices will influence certain things about Desperate Sims, so *spoiler!* for example, her club choice will directly influence who she goes to the Prom with!

You can read YTM here on blogspot or here on tumblr.

Some of you may be wondering where the heck Lilobot disappeared to between Part 2 and the Finale--and this sort of answers that question! (I say sort of because Lilobot spins some rather... extravagant tales.) It won't be something I'll work on for very long, since it's a rather short little mini project, but if you follow along you'll get to see why she almost missed Amelia's wedding.

Third: Creations!

With the release of Showtime, I've been doing some renovations on places around town so I actually have some stages to host performers. I only have one finished so far, but I did upload it to share!

Also, as a follower gift on Tumblr, I uploaded Lilobot for all those Lil-lovers out there--she has a few pieces of CC (hair and skin), but I think they're worth it if you want to keep her adorableness.

Next Season has all sorts of drama headed its way between Margo and Ian, and as a bit of an emotional sample (plus a source of inspiration for me, since I love mixes!) I put together a playlist about their struggles and put it up on 8tracks. It's rather short (9 songs) so if you wanna take a quick listen to, feel free! You might get yourself an idea what's in store for the two if you do, though, so... be prepared.

Fourth: Credits/Inspirations~!

I guess credits are supposed to come AFTER a season is over, but I do wanna take a sec to quickly list and thank everyone who's contributed personalities and subplots that have helped round out Margo's life and give me a ton of inspiration for next Season, because you all deserve recognition NOW!:

Amelia/Sara: Without her, Ian would not be possible. I went in a drastically different direction with Margo's future when that boy was born and we talked about the woes of another Evil sim entering the world. The Pesces alone have been amazing inspiration, but I will always, always see Ian as our lovechild. ♥

PiB & Tenderwolf: Where would Margo be without her two  best friends?! I really hope that Veronica and Kenzie get the opportunity to shine in the story, because reading about these two characters is what inspired me to decide Margo would even have friends at all. Her life would be very, very different without them!

Jennifer: I've always adored Josh, but it was his chemistry with Natasha that really inspired me to run with the 'look but can't touch!' thing Margo has going on with him! He will always be the object of both of our affections! And you, bringing Margo into your story too?! Ach, I died and went to heaven!!

Last, but certainly not least:
Equus Sims: Both Christina and Rachel, you guys have been AMAZING. Your dedication to Equus is what made me want Margo to love horses, which has steadily evolved into me now knowing how her ENTIRE life will pan out. You two have literally given me so much. I hope I can make all your hard work worth it! ♥


For now, I guess that's it! I really am so glad to be back and writing again--it's one of the purest joys in my life, and having such amazing people to share it with just makes it all the better. You guys are truly awesome. Don't you forget it!

But, because I'm SURE some of you wanted to see at least SOME out-take action...

Dusty, trying to eat Margo's head...

Brad, looking particularly mad.

Lilobot and Spot. AWWWWW.

Margo, looking as if she wants to get into Ian's pants. O.o

It's a bird, it's a plane--no, it's Super Brad!

Not really an outtake but I dunno how I'm gonna be patient enough to wait for this beauty to enter the story. T_T

Korva, acting out that I didn't include her in the story more. XD I think neon green hair is a good look for you, Brad.

...  and here's everyone's real reaction to Lilobot showing up to the wedding.
Whoops. XD



Better Late Than Never

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Where is she?!"

"Could you please stop asking me? I honestly have no idea."

"Well--she's going to be late if she doesn't show up soon."

"If she is it won't be my fault, so, could you please stop nagging me about it?"

Twinbrook didn't have many days quite like this one, but as if nature had decided to give the family a well deserved break, the gloom that normally hovered over the town was no where in sight today. Instead, real sunshine glittered through the cracks in the lattice above them, making everyone beneath feel, for a moment, they were somewhere far away from here.

Nature could not have picked a better day.

"Well, I just--" Alesha began again, but when she stopped to listen to herself, she quickly shut her mouth. "Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry, Brad. I'm just worried about her--I know she said she was taking a little bit of a vacation, but I figured she'd at least be back in time for the ceremony!"

"Give her a break, will you? Lil's never really left town on her own before, and it's about time she started making use of her freedom. If she misses the wedding she misses the wedding--won't be the end of the world."

"Don't you say that, Brad!" Alesha shook her head violently, throwing up her hands in protest. "Amelia would be heartbroken!"

"Oh come on, she'd understand!" Brad sighed. "Lil's needed to get out and see the world for years--"

"No. She better be here. If she's not, you're taking full responsibility."

"Yeah yeah, whatever," Brad groaned, leaning back into his seat.

Truth be told, Amelia and Naomi would probably survive if Lil didn't make it, but Alesha wanted everything to be perfect for her two best friends--and she had already gone to painstaking lengths to make sure of it.

Alesha remembered that Amelia had dreamed of a huge, decadent wedding since she was old enough to dress dolls in white dresses. But with how everything had gone recently, Naomi and Mia had decided to focus on a smaller, more intimate affair. They wanted it done quickly and quietly--no muss, no fuss. Alesha still felt like Amelia deserved more, though.

Alesha truly had nothing to worry about, though.

Amelia had done many shows in her life, and living happily in the spotlight all the while--but today, being the center of attention felt awkward. As much as it would have mortified her 10-year-old self, Amelia was starting to regret that she didn't just run away and elope.

She didn't care about the show, the ceremony, the cake, or the dress. She just wanted to be Mrs. Amelia Leman-Kane--the "how" didn't really matter to her anymore.

A sudden bump on her arm woke her from her thoughts.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?"

Amelia looked to her left and smiled. Though she and her father had had their fair share of disagreements in her lifetime, they had never been closer then after the ordeal Amelia went through. After everything that had happened, having Jebidiah by her side on her wedding day was certainly not something she took for granted.

"I think so," she responded with a weary smile, threading her arm through his.

Somewhere Amelia couldn't see, soft music began to play.

Taking it as her cue, Margo skipped into place and started trotting down the 'aisle', giving Meredith very little time to get in place for pictures. Both Amelia and her father chuckled at the sudden scurry of movement down the aisle.

"You know, if you want, I can call the driver and he'll whisk us away, and dodge you out of all this marriage nonsense--"

"Daddy," Amelia laughed. "You gotta give me up sometime."

"Well... I suppose, if you insist--now's as good a time as any," Jebidiah spoke with a sigh. "... As long as you're sure."

"Never been so sure as anything in my life."

As much as it pained Jeb--as it would any father--he squeezed Amelia's hand tight in his and began to walk, guiding her on the first steps towards her new life.

A voice suddenly broke the trance of everyone in the garden.

"Hey guys," was heard coming from the end of the aisle, from a girl who waved her arms wildly in order to be noticed. It took Amelia a few moments and blinks to see what stood there, but once she did, her eyes grew wide. "Oh bother... Did I miss it?!"

Amelia stood and stared. She didn't recognize the girl at first, but there was something oddly familiar about her. The voice... the cheerful tone... the childish giggle that only came from one person--one robot--she knew.

"L... Lilobot? Is that you?"

A torrent of whispers flooded over the small crowd--but for the first time, having everyone's eyes trained onto her didn't frighten her. Lilobot was ready to shine!

"The one and only," she said, beaming so brightly that even in her shock, Amelia couldn't help smiling back.

"You're a little late," Alesha called from somewhere amidst the bobbing heads, causing everyone around her (especially those that had heard her previous nagging) to begin chuckling themselves.

"Better late than never, though, right?" she said with a girly laugh, bobbing up onto her toes.

A well of joy suddenly overflowed inside of Amelia.

Though everything about today made it the happiest day of her life, something about Lilobot's words struck her. All the hurt and regret she'd suffered from being removed from her life for so long had now flowed away, leaving behind only the peace she'd longed for--everything else no longer mattered. The words of a happy simbot reminded Amelia to cherish what she finally had.

"Yeah," she said with a smile, her hand entwined with Naomi's. "You're right, Lil. Better late than never."


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