Unrequited Love

Sunday, November 20, 2011

If there's anything about school kids love more than snow days, it's field trips. There's nothing quite like a day of school spent out of school--and even though the bus rides can be long and hellish, it's almost always worth it.

After over an hour of watching the flat swamps of Twinbrook turn into the rolling hills of Appaloosa Plains through the windows of the school bus, two dozen kids escaped to the solid ground with wobbly but thankful legs--and it took everything in Alesha's power to keep them from running off the second they filed onto the sidewalk. Luckily, most of them were too afraid of losing their field trip privileges to do anything stupid.

"Well, class--this is the Lawrence Equestrian Center!" she said brightly as the kids gathered around her, their faces hopeful that she wouldn't waste too much time talking. "This week we're going to be learning about the early domestication of animals, so I decided we'd kick it off by seeing a bit of what it's like in present day."

"Now, we're here a little bit earlier than planned, so Ms. Christina's given us permission to go and meet some of the horses before she talks to us about how they're trained--please behave yourselves. I don't want to have to.... phone... field trip... LEC... can't... allowed..."

Margo didn't pay much attention once her mother said they could wander off on their own. For once in her life, Margo cared very little about the rules were--all she wanted was to escape and explore. She even wandered away from Kenzie and Veronica, who seemed pretty content to stick with the majority of the class--but with so much going on around them, Margo was easily pulled away. Her curiousity got the best of her, for once.

She'd never seen a horse before... at least, not this close. A few people in Twinbrook owned then, but the nearest she'd been to a horse in Twinbrook was knee deep in one of her fantasies. What was a princess without her beautiful steed, right?

But a real one? The bridge between reality and fantasy never felt closer.

All she needed now was for Prince Charming to appear.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Josh asked as he walked up to the fence next to Margo, his lips drawn into a broad, boyish smile.

"Uh huh," Margo mumbled in response, too awe-struck to recognize who had spoken to her.

Josh had never been able to speak to Margo before without her bolting off with her face completely red, so he took the opportunity to try and get more than a few words out of her. "You ever ridden one before? My parents let me try, once--it was amazing."

Margo opened her mouth to respond, but once she caught a glance of who was next to her, her entire face flushed.

Josh?! The most popular and cutest boy in school? Margo couldn't tell if her heart stopped or was just beating too fast to tell; she was far too distracted with what she was seeing and feeling that for a moment, she completely forgot he'd even asked a question.

"I, uh, er," she stuttered as she tried to remember if she had or not. "No... No, I've never ridden one before."

"Aww, that's too bad," he responded with a small shrug, looking over at the horse slowly jumping hurdles in front of them. "Seems like the sorta thing you'd like."

Margo's eyes grew even bigger. How would he have any idea what she would like?! Did he actually pay attention to her?

Thoughts swarmed in her mind, but before she could even think to ask him, he gave a small shrug and sent her a whimsical smile. "Well, I'm gonna go look at the babies with the rest of the class. See ya later, Margo!"

After he was gone, Margo blinked in disbelief. There was no way that just happened... but soon enough, she got her reality check.

"What was that about, pigtails?" said a snobby voice over Margo's shoulder, sending all the good feelings that had ballooned in her chest deflating in an instant.

If Josh was the 'King' of Twinbrook Elementary, then Natasha was his 'Queen'. There was hardly any time when they weren't seen together--but where Josh was pretty oblivious to how cool he was, Natasha flourished off of it. For the most part, she seemed not to care much about Margo's existence--which is what Margo preferred--but occasionally, her territorial instincts got the better of her.

"It--it was nuffing... He was j-just asking me if I'd ever ridden a horse before."

"Uh huh." Natasha looked totally unconvinced. "Well, you just stay away from him, okay? He doesn't like you, and he never will--so just leave him alone."

"But I--"

"I've seen the way you stare at him. It's gross. So just keep to yourself, and we don't have a problem. Alright?"

"I... I... Alright. No talking. I got it."

With her nose scrunched--both at Margo and the horrible smell of the stables--Natasha nodded quickly and turned away. "Good."

Even though Natasha had quickly disappeared and didn't look like she was coming back, Margo wanted out of there as fast as possible. For a moment she considered trying to find Kenzie and Veronica, but the disappearance of the lady riding over the hurdles had sparked Margo's curiosity again. Besides, she didn't want Natasha to think she was chasing after Josh.

She wasn't sure if she was allowed inside the barn, but what she saw once she was in was enough to make up for any possibility she'd get in trouble. Quietly, Margo watched the woman remove her horse's saddle, then stood on her tip-toes to peek inside the stall beside her.

The second she did, a small face appeared between the bars. Margo opened her mouth to gasp, but the animal looked at her so curiously and so sweetly than Margo wasn't overcome with the fear that she expected. In fact, even the small whuffle it made towards her sounded friendly.

Margo approached, slowly; when it didn't back away, she reached out her hands. The foal's nose was soft under her fingertips, but unlike what she would have imagined. She smiled, almost breaking out in giggles with the overwhelming joy she suddenly felt. Her confrontation with Natasha was immediately forgotten.

"I see you've met Dusty," the woman said from behind her, a small smile of satisfaction on her face from watching the way Margo pet the foal's nose. "Or Dusty Dame, to be more precise. I think she likes you," she said added with a chuckle.

"She's pretty," Margo mumbled, not taking her eyes off of Dusty's face. "Where's her mom?"

"Up in Riverview, unfortunately. Dusty's just with us temporarily while she's looking for a new home. She's actually been a bit homesick since she got here--this is the first I've seen her get up to greet anyone."

Margo frowned a little as she looked between the woman and the horse. "I'm sorry, Dusty. I'd miss my mommy, too."

The woman chuckled again. "I'm Christina, by the way," she said as she watched Dusty playfully sniff the tips of Margo's hair.

"Heheh! Stop it!" Margo giggled, but she did manage to turn a small glance up at Christina between nosy nuzzles from the filly. "Oh--I'm Margo."

"Well, Margo--would you like me to take her out for you?"

"You--you would?!" Margo bounced up and down on her toes. "I promise, I promise, I'll be good!"

"I'm sure you will," Christina laughed. "Just step back so I can slide open the door, mmkay?"

You didn't have to tell Margo twice to get out of the way; she stood clear as far as she could, but still get a good view of Dusty timidly, yet curiously walking out of her stall.

She really was the most beautiful thing that Margo had ever seen. Maybe she wasn't the strongest or fastest looking horse, nor the sleekest or the most perfectly marked, but something about the way she looked at Margo made none of that matter.

"Christiiiiinaaaaa!" The sudden voice made all three of them jump and turn in the direction of the other side of the barn. "You in here?!"

"Yeah, I'm here," Christina responded with a small sigh. "What's up, Rachel?"

"Kasmo's escaped from his box--he's running loose with the kids, it's making him practically impossible to catch," Rachel called back, but she didn't seem very upset by it; in fact, she seemed to be struggling to keep herself from laughing.

"Again?!" Christina, however, did not look at all pleased. "That's the third time this week! Eastwind better come and pick him up by Saturday, I'm not sure how much longer I can put up with him... At this rate we're going to have to electrify all the fences," she said with a worried shake of her head. "That colt is more trouble than he's worth."

"So you're--you're leaving?" Margo stuttered, her eyes growing wider once Rachel disappeared around the corner.

"Yes dear, but I'll be right back. You can make sure that Dusty stays here in the barn, can't you?"

"I... I guess."

A few minutes after Christina was gone, things seemed to still be going alright. Dusty seemed about as friendly as could be, despite her nagging desire to eat Margo's hair; Margo was having trouble deciding whether it was  because she was hungry, or just trying to play.

Things never seem to stay peaceful for Margo for long, though--and today just wasn't her lucky day. Not five minutes after both adults had vanished, two blonde haired kids appeared in the open doorway.

"There she is," the girl on the left--whom Margo now knew as Daisy--said in a low hiss. "Just as I expected. Hiding."

The boy next to her, her brother Jackson, smirked as he looked from Margo to Daisy and back again. "Are you sure you wanna do this right now, sis? I really don' wanna get caught."

"It's fine, dimwit. C'mon."

"D-d-d-daisy... Hi..." Margo already knew what was coming. This wasn't the first, second, or even third time that Daisy had approached her, looking to start a fight--but this time, there was no Kenzie, Veronica, or teachers around to protect her. A heavy rock was forming in her stomach... this couldn't be good.

"Don't 'hi' me, Kane." Daisy smiled wickedly. "So, where's your little friends now, huh? They finally realize how no-good you and your family are?"

"N-no, they're just... outside..."

"Uh-huh. Well, let's see how much good they do you, today!"

Margo continued to back up, barely managing to stay on her feet. "W-what do you want?" she sputtered, almost breaking out into tears. She wanted to prolong receiving Daisy's punches as long as possible.

In the doorway, two more children appeared--but these ones weren't nearly as eager to enter.

"What's Daisy's problem," Ian remarked with an eyeroll as he noticed the commotion, though he clearly was trying to avoid looking directly at it.

"Who cares?" Wren asked, giving him a sour look. "It's Margo, do they need a reason?"

When he said nothing, Wren groaned."Oh--come on, you are not still on about that crap over Halloween, are you?" He still didn't respond, so she kicked him in the shin. "Please tell me you don't feel sorry for her."

Ian pointedly looked away. "I don't," he lied.

"Good. C'mon, let's go... I heard Whitney mention something about a hot tub out back--let's get away from all this... stink."

As Ian and Wren slinked away unnoticed, Margo's dilemma was not getting any better. "What do I want?!" Daisy snarled in response to Margo's whimpered question. "Ha! She wants to know what I want, Jackson. Funny, huh?"


"Fine, I'll tell you what I want. How about that lousy aunt of yours to stay in jail where she belongs? Your dad's tryin' to come up with some stupid cure to free her, and I can't let that happen!"

"What do you--" Margo stuttered, but was quickly cut off.

"Oh, you didn't know? Didn't know your precious little aunt Amelia's in jail for killing my dad?! Well I've got news for you, Margo--your family's nothing but a bunch of murderers and liars! And if I can't have him back... Then I better get revenge!"

Today, though, wouldn't be the day for Daisy; the second that her voice began to raise, Dusty started to paw the ground angrily. Jackson had tried tugging at his sister's shirt to try and get her to stop, but it was no use--Dusty already looked like she was ready to exact some revenge of her own.

"What the--stop it, horsey! Stop, stop!" Daisy said nervously, but it only seemed to make matters worse.

Dusty had had enough. As thin and knobby as her little legs were, she still managed to rear back, whinnying loudly and pawing in the direction of the siblings; as small as she was, an angry filly is still more intimidating than either of the de Wynter children were able to handle.

"Let's get outta here," Jackson squeaked as he grabbed at his sister's shirt, and this time, she didn't disagree. This was one fight they definitely were not going to win.

Margo watched the two children run away with her eyes wide with shock.

This entire day seemed surreal; but nothing quite compared to how, as she started to back away and 'flee' from Dusty herself, the filly had already become calm again. In fact, Margo could almost swear she saw something in those warm, dark eyes that was almost human--that knew what Margo must be feeling.

For a moment she was unsure, but she couldn't deny the look in those eyes--so she reached out a hand and carefully placed it on Dusty's muzzle. "Thank you, Dusty," she said softly, with a smile. Again, she could have sworn, Dusty smiled back.

She wasn't sure she would ever get to see Dusty again, but even if she never did... she had made a friend that day she would never forget.

Alesha paced from one side of the kitchen to the other, again and again. There was still no sign of anyone coming up to the house, but she continued to slip glances through the window. She hoped the rest of their guests weren't as antsy as she was.

Finally, ten minutes after she'd sent Lilobot down to the laboratory, the door to the house rattled open and Alesha's anxiety plummeted... only to peak again when she saw that Lil was alone.

"Where's Brad?" she asked hastily before Lil had a chance to open her mouth; she wasn't able to answer that either, because Alesha cut her off again. "He's... he's not coming, is he."

"I... No." Lilobot looked away and uncomfortably rubbed the back of her head. "He said he is too busy. To be honest, I do not think he understood anything I said to him. He is just... so absorbed in his work. I am sorry, Mrs. Kane."

"No, Lil, don't be sorry--it's not your fault."

"Are you going to be okay?" Lil asked, unsure what else to do.

"I'll be fine, just go keep the guests busy for a few more minutes, alright? I just... I just need a minute."

"Of course--just inform me if you need anything else."

A few minutes later, Alesha emerged from the kitchen composed and smiling, a candle-lit cake in her hands.

Everyone--consisting of grandparents and siblings--began singing the traditional 'Happy Birthday' tune, and after the cake was settled Alesha lifted Korva from her chair and prepared her to blow out the candles.

As Alesha watched the flames flicker away and her daughter go one step closer to leaving her an empty nest, a small seed of doubt sprang to life in her mind.

She had seen a doting, if not romantic, husband devolve into a shell of a man over the last few months--and she was not sure how much longer she could make excuses for him. Korey was able to eat her very first slice of birthday cake, and where was her father? So consumed with his goal that he'd forgotten the reason he had had it in the first place: the love for his family.

She knew Korva, bright and blunt, would ask sooner or later where her father had been... And unfortunately, Alesha could only think of one thing she could truthfully answer:

She didn't know.

Lilobot had put this off for far too long. It had been ages since she had logged into any of her online RPGs, and she'd even taken less and less hours at Mr. Norman's auto shop to avoid the inevitable. She could only keep it up for so long, though. She had to reveal the truth to Tanner.

Surprisingly, he had bought all of her excuses of why they couldn't meet previously. She'd conveniently "been out of town" since he'd been transferred to Twinbrook, but there was only so long she could be visiting pretend family. So, they arranged a date to meet.

Tanner was going to get more than he bargained for, though.

Lilobot walked into the bistro's dining area and immediately saw him. She was late, but only by choice; he had to be the one there first. She felt horrible, making him wait, but she felt even worse when she finally arrived and saw him looking forlornly at the empty chair across from him.

"This is such a bad idea," she uttered to herself, but there was no turning back, now.

She approached the table slowly, waiting for Tanner to notice her--which didn't take long.

"Oh--Lilobot, hi," he said with his usual cocky smile. "Fancy seeing you here... Didn't think simbots needed to eat."

"I--well, it is not important. May I sit down?"

"Actually, I'm kind of waiting for someone--it's my girlfriend, you see... she should be here any minute, and... well, I'd prefer if you weren't here, I'm not exactly sure how she feels about. You know. Your... kind."

Luckily for Tanner, a scowl was hard to read on Lilobot's face. Her kind? Hmph.

"Well... that is sort of what I'm here about, actually," she said slowly, picking her words as carefully as she could.

"You're... here about Lily?" Tanner was quite confused.

After a moment, though, he stood quite suddenly from his chair, a look of panic on his face. "Wait, has something happened to her? Oh, plumbob--please... tell me she's okay."

"Oh, she is fine," Lilobot wheezed. Every motor function in her body slowed drastically, painfully, at the way he continued to remain oblivious. "Don't worry."

"Then... what?" The look of confusion in the lines of his face made every moment anguish for Lilobot. She cared for him--deeply--but the calm before the storm was more than she could bear. The thunder, the lightning, the wind... even the wreckage afterwards she could handle--but no, not the waiting torment.

It was time to end it. "Tanner--I'm Lily."

Tanner froze.

 "That... that isn't possible," he said after several moments. "Lily's a human. A... red-haired, pale, blue-eyed woman. I've seen her--I've seen pictures--"

"... Fake."

"No... No. You're lying. This is a joke--and it's not funny, Lilobot."

"I know it is not funny, Tanner--I... I never meant for this to happen. I was just so scared, I did not know what else to do... and once the lies started, I just could not stop. I am... so sorry."

"This... this can't be happening. I'm--I'm in love with--with someone that doesn't exist?"

"No--no, I do exist... most of what I told you was true! And my feelings for you--they're real!"

"Your feelings? Feelings?! You can't have feelings--you're... you're a machine! A computer inside a walking tin can! Computers, calculators, simbots... they don't have feelings, they can't love!"

"But... what is a brain but the electrical circuits inside it?" Lilobot put simply, trying to remain as calm as she could. "They are the same--what they are made of... it does not matter."

"Yes--yes it does, Lilobot! Even if you can feel the same things I do... How are we supposed to show them? I mean... you're a robot! I want children, Lil! Even the... the act of making children is impossible, with you! Don't you get that?"

"But.. but why is that important, if we love each other--"

"You don't get it! This just... this can't work!"

"But I--"

"No. This... this conversation is over. This relationship is over, if there even was one to begin with. Not only are you... what you are... but you lied to me. Countless times. I... just no.

"I am... so... so... sorry, Tanner," Lilobot wheezed into her hand, hiding what little emotion her hardened face could display. Again, her cold shell failed her; even if she could feel what she said she felt, there was no true way for her to show it.

"You know what--I'm not. You could have done me one last favor, and told me one last lie. 'Cause now, I wish you had come here to tell me she died... I can't imagine it would feel worse than this. This... this is..." Lil looked up into his eyes; they were red, as if he too were on the brink of tears he could not shed. "Unforgivable."

He began to turn to leave, but after a moment, he stopped, as if suddenly remembering something incredibly important.

"It seems stupid, now, but... I got a present for Lily--I mean... I guess, for you. You may as well have it, 'cause I sure as hell don't want it, now." He nodded towards the wicker box several feet away. "It's over there, under the flowers and... and the duck."

The pain in his face was something no machine could misread: pursed lips, watering eyes, and eyes that could find no solace in anything they made contact with. It was forced, but with the gaze of a betrayed man, he looked up into Lilobot's golden optical sensors and uttered his last, "Goodbye, Lil."

She felt no desire to watch him go--especially knowing that she would remember it perfectly, til the end of her days--but it wasn't until she saw his car pull away with the speed of a man who no longer cared for his safety that she was able to peel her eyes off him.

Lilobot's gears made a small tired, sad noise; she was wrong. There was a worse feeling than the calm before the storm. This was all, entirely, her fault.

With nothing else left to do, she turned down and looked at the rather large chest Tanner had brought to the bistro. "You shouldn't have," she muttered to an invisible and still-loving counterpart, but her words came out more bitterly than she intended.

Carefully, she moved the duck and the flowers to the ground, and opened the latch to the box with a heavy mixture of curiosity and dread.



Speechless. Of every gift she had ever been given, this overshadowed them all beyond comparison--so much she almost wished for Tanner's return so she could properly thank him. She knew, she would never be able to--but perhaps, somehow, he knew that this was more than she could ever have asked for.

Carefully, she held the small feline up to her head. The name 'Spot' glistened on the heart-shaped tag on his neck. Simple, but effective. Spot and Lilobot. Lilobot and Spot. Lilospot. ... She could get used to this. "Well, Spot--I guess you will be needing a home," she expressed quaintly, cocking her head to the side. He purred; she purred back. Well... whirred. Same difference, really.

It was bittersweet, but as much as holding him in her arms hurt that inside her which you may call a 'soul', it was one of the happiest moments of her life. Knowing, in that moment, she would no longer be alone.

It's been a while since I've written a post this long, eh? o_o So much crammed in, my gosh!

This was a fun episode to write, for many reasons! First: the debut of pets! WOO! Second: the inclusion of the Lawrence Equestrian Center from Equus Sims! Thank you to Christina and Rachel for letting me use it and their sim-selves! (Though I totally forgot to download the 'lease' horses so the horses in this post are just randoms from AP. I'll have to fix that next time. XD) Margo will be visiting the LEC quite a bit when she gets older, which I'm quite excited about. :3 What can I say, I am a crossover junkie.

As a bit of news: our initial plans for the move have changed a bit. My hubby's gone to Winni to start his new job and look for a place to live, and I'm staying back at our house until then. I'll definitely be gone by the 1st of Dec, since our renters move in then (I'll be staying with my mother in law if we don't have a place by then) so, I am gonna probably whip out one or two more posts for you guys since I don't have much else to do. My goal is to have Margo a teen before Christmas, so... Let's see if I can make it!

PS - Yes, Spot's name is a reference to Data's cat from TNG. No teasing!


thevintagesim,  November 20, 2011 at 5:13 PM  

I feel so so sorry for Lilo. :| *squeezes her* Mwah! Such struggles she faces in a human world.

I was so excited to see the LEC! Glad my sim works for you. She didn't want to work for Rachel. Anyway, if you need some horses, I'd be glad to share a few of mine. I've got several I've been meaning to put up for lease :)

Can't wait for the next update!! <3


James Hobbs,  November 20, 2011 at 5:58 PM  

Sorry I haven't commented in a while!

Great chapter, I hope these bully brats will get over the fact that Margo is so much better than them.

Grrr! When will Brad get out of the lab? He is missing his daughters' lives, as well as his wife's! Pretty soon, if I were Alesha, I would divorce.

You have no idea how much I wish Lil was human! It would all be so much easier...

Cameron Houser,  November 20, 2011 at 6:48 PM  

Data's kitty! I have more to comment on but the Trek geek in me squealed there lol

Amelia_Bedelia,  November 20, 2011 at 6:57 PM  

BOOO JOSH. /said the overly biased Sara

Nah, her crush is actually ridiculously cute, and I'm glad that we're finally getting to see Dusty!

My worries about Brad are only growing... Something bad is happening to Mr. Kane!

I have to say, I'm LOVING the Tanner and Lilo subplot. It's adorable and sad and everything all at once. I felt so sad for her when he told her their relationship was over :( :(

The cat, though, that was really sweet :( At least Lilo has someone to keep her company! I hope she hasn't seen the last of Tanner. I don't think we have. ;)

Also, sparing a moment to express my love for the yellow duckie.

halloweenscones,  November 20, 2011 at 7:22 PM  

Oh good golly - I loved everything in this update. I even loved hating those horrid snot monsters. Your writing sucked me right in - I opened up the page just to take a peek and then couldn't look away. :)

Kaleeko,  November 20, 2011 at 9:38 PM  

Oh gosh, me too. T_T I feel so horrible sometimes for what I put my poor sims through, but it's the challenges that make the victory in the end so sweet. :3 I suppose, at least!

Ugh, that sucks she wouldn't work for Rachel! You can always give her the .sim file from your SavedSims folder, if she drops that into her folder it should work--it just won't show up in her launcher or have any of the CC with it.

I totally look forward to seeing some more lease horses!! I love horses but I think DD is going to be the extent of my creating of them. T_T Not that that matters, that's what places like LEC are for! TO BREED ME PRETTY THINGS. :D

Thanks again, dear! ♥♥

Kaleeko,  November 20, 2011 at 9:48 PM  

Np, dear! Makes me all the more excited to see you around again. :D

Ooooh, I dunno about that. :( The de Wynter kids have quite the grudge... I think eventually they'll realize Margo had nothing to do with their dad's death, but some people just can't let things go. And Daisy's just... a piece of work. :(

Trust me, if Alesha weren't so determined to make everything perfect, she would've kicked his butt into gear or left him by now... but, she's an idealist. I honestly don't think anything could make her leave him.

Gosh, me too. :( But, Lil wouldn't be Lil if she were human--and her struggles will help her, in the end. She deserves someone who likes her for who she is, even if that person is ridiculously hard to find. XD

Thanks, James! ♥

Kaleeko,  November 20, 2011 at 9:50 PM  

Hehehehe!!! I really wanted to make him look a bit more like the real Spot, but I was lazy so I just used one of the preset colors. XD Still cute, though! The orange meshes nicely with her red paint job and bright pink bedroom, lol XDD

Kaleeko,  November 20, 2011 at 9:54 PM  

LOL!! ♥♥ Yes, Margo/Ian shipper to the very end. ;) Josh is a sweetie and a cutie, but... a little out of Margo's playing field right now, lol.

Omgyus. You have no idea how glad I am that Dusty is finally in the story... though now I'm like, "oh gawd how am I gonna bring her back?!" Next Season = so not planned yet, at all.

Aww, yay! Yeah... Tanner and Lil's plot didn't really develop much beyond a few posts, but there's a lot to it that really hits me hard. They both aren't perfect, and they both got seriously hurt. It's one of those crappy situations that has no good answer to, and it just... bleh. Bittersweet scenes. They kills meh, but I love writing them.

We may see Tanner again, yes. :) But in what way... well. I cannot say. You'll just have to wait!

Aahahaha--I love the duck, too. I do kinda wish I'd used the unicorn stuffy from the Pets EP though, so I could've worked in "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" somehow. XDD

Thanks, Amelia darlin~! ♥ Also flailing a little you reblogged this on Tumblr. Y MUST YOU BE SO AWESOME. T_T <33

Kaleeko,  November 20, 2011 at 9:56 PM  

Who says a little bit of hatred towards some fictional characters can't be seriously enjoyable? ;) I honestly can say, I love hating them too!

Awwww, this is so sweet to hear T_T Thank you so much! lkhasfljasf I'm so glad you loved it. I hope I can continue to deliver! <33

Tender Wolf,  November 20, 2011 at 10:37 PM  

Aww, what a cute chapter! Poor Margo, so that's who that jerky girl is! It was her father that got killed by Mia. That bites...:( I like Dusty, she's so cute! And good for her, protecting Margo! Brad seems to have turned into a mad scientist - run away!!! What in the world is he up to? And poor Lil, I feel so bad for her! Tanner was very mean to her, but the kitty is a nice touch! Can't wait to read more! Good luck on your move!

Chrysame,  November 20, 2011 at 10:45 PM  

Sweet and sour, a bit of both in this post. There are a lot of mean kids attending Margo's school. And poor Lil. I feel bad for Tanner, too. A bad situation all away around. A lovely mix of sad and happy. What was I thinking in making Wren so evil? *laugh*

Kaleeko,  November 20, 2011 at 10:57 PM  

Aww, thank you! ♥

Yep, they're the kids of Amelia's not-so-helpful psychiatrist, lol. They were pretty spoiled kids to begin with (there's two sets of twins--oy!) but now they're spoiled brats with a grudge. XD Not a good mix.

Hehehe... mad scientist, indeed! ;) Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, mm? He's not up to anything too nefarious... yet. We shall see!

Tanner definitely was pretty cruel, but not all his words were unwarrented. :-/ They both screwed up pretty darn good. I can't really blame Lil for hiding her identity, but they were getting pretty serious. She should have come out sooner. :-/

I'm glad you like the kitty! I knew I had to work one in somehow--what is a robot without her kitty companion?!

Thank you so much, TW! <33

Kaleeko,  November 20, 2011 at 11:02 PM  

Yup! :( I love bittersweetness, but the parts with Lil were particularly hard. She's struggling so much, and nothing seems to be getting better for her. Yet, at least!

Hahaha--I love little evil Wren! She makes the perfect companion for little evil Ian. ;) I'm curious to see what trait she grows up to teenhood with! I'm so happy I finally found a way to work in another one of your sims, now that Marta's part in the story is pretty much retired, now. :(

I know, right?! Who'd wanna miss out on birthday cake! We'll find out what's going on with Brad soon enough, though. :S Hopefully Alesha can hang in a little longer...

Thanks for the comment, sweetie! Hope everything RLly is going well! ♥♥

memoirsofasim November 21, 2011 at 11:54 PM  

Awesome post lovie!
Oh my gosh, Lilobot and Spot--aghhh that is sooooo adorable! But first...

Great job on Josh and Tash! Oh she is such a little snobby... yeah, you know.lol It is seriously the cutest thing seeing Josh in DS and I love the fact that he and Margo talk. The pic where she imagines him being a knight and the love hearts in her eyes, oh my god, SO CUTE!! I can so imagine these two being friends - if that's possible with Tash being around. I want them to be friends though.

Yey for Dusty protecting Margo. Love it!! Geez whiz, Margo having enemies when she hasn't even done anything wrong is so sad. Those two little kids, Daisy & Jackson, need a good hiding. lol

Alesha celebrating Korva's birthday with out Brad, what?! He's going a little cook-coo, isn't he. I know he wants to find a cure for Amelia but it can't be at the expense of his family. :( Really curious as to whats going to happen here. I sense that Alesha will not put up with this for much longer.

Okay, so Lilibot meeting Tanner. Aww, so sad. He was so rude to her but at least he gave her his present. lol
Margo and Lil are so similar and I love how you ended both their scenes the same. Each of them making a new four-legged friend. So sweet.
Tanner is cute too btw. lol Who's his creator? ;)

Can't wait to see what happens next! Hopefully your next update isn't too far away but I totally understand if it is with everything that you've got on ya plant atm.

*big hugs* <3

Elin@EEC November 22, 2011 at 6:11 AM  

Hi! Love your stories! And I'm happy to tell you that Kasmo has been picked up now :D lol


Kaleeko,  November 22, 2011 at 12:16 PM  

Hehehe, thank you darlin! ♥

Yeah, she's definitely a little brat, eh? I imagine she usually wouldn't be confrontational with Margo, since she pry doesn't care much she exists, but she does love her boy, haha. Josh is so adorable to write, though. :3 They may yet be friends, someday! Margo still hasn't gotten out of her 'run away from every conversation' phase, but when they're a little older... we'll have to see. ;)

Margo is horribly unlucky, unfortunately. D: Not a lot of people like her, but those de Wynter kids don't just dislike her--they loathe her. Not unlike a relationship I had on the playground back in my own school days. XD Daisy's a pretty horrible person to begin with, so all this mess just makes it worse. :(

I have to admit, writing Brad like this is a little depressing for me, haha. He always gets a little absorbed in his work, as we've seen with the Time Machine and Lilobot, but this... this is a whole new level. He's gone bonkers, lol. XD

Tanner was definitely rude, but considering how long Lil's been lying to him, I can't say I blame him... but unfortunately, he's just not 'evolved' enough to ever love a robot. :(

Tanner was created for me by Sheyla/Shannachka! I went through several hair colors/styles before using him--couldn't decide how douchey I wanted him to look, haha.

Thank you so much, sweetheart!! Hopefully I can spin out an update sometime in the next couple of days... maybe even two before I have to go to my MILs. Fingers crossed!

*mwah* <3333

Kaleeko,  November 22, 2011 at 12:16 PM  

Awww, thank you so much!!! Hahahaha--yay! I'll have to stop by the EEC website sometime soon and see if you have any pictures of him up--I'd be curious to see! He was such a cutie.


Nicarra November 24, 2011 at 12:39 AM  

Wow, Margo was especially brave, almost immediately leaving the group behind. You'd think she'd want to stay near mum or her friends.

Love the hearts when she finally notices that she's talking to Josh, her knight in shining armor. And with horses in the background because a knight and princess need horses obviously. Poor Margo, one moment delight and the next Natasha brings her crashing back to earth.

awww, how cute is Dusty Dame. :) I wanna install Pets sooooo much.

Why does Margo attract so much attention from the wrong sorts. At least we finally know why Daisy wants to pick a fight. But beating up Margo isn't going to really do much about anything. Bullies - yuck.

Again, Brad, what is your problem and get it fixed!

Poor Lil, Tanner just couldn't make the leap, could he?
He wasn't ready for his love to be a Simbot. You did that bit beautifully but you do all of it beautifully. Tanner's hurt, Lil's hurt and his lovely present. Spot and Lil, a beautiful friendship about to form.

Loved it!

Callie,  December 1, 2011 at 3:41 PM  

Adored adored ADORED this chapter!! I feel so bad for Lilobot though, even if she does have Spot for a little bit of reassurance, she still needs to be loved :(
Yay for Margo's equestrian adventures beginning!! Yay for your awesome editing skills with Josh as the knight and yay for the adorably confused Ian :) I approve of this chapter ^_^

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