A Sketchy Proposition

Sunday, May 16, 2010

As new residents on Dogwood Lane, Meredith and Jebidiah were expected to invite all manner of friends, family, and neighbors into their home for a "social initiation" that must be endured whenever a couple decides to start their new lives together. As tired and worn out as they were from the move, they realized that there could be worse things to handle, and allowed what seemed like an endless barrage of acquaintances into their house for it's christening... if only to get the whole ordeal overwith.

One of the latest of these guests was Meredith's sister, Tana Larson. Meredith was surprised to find that her sister was not among the random knocks and rings they received over the first week or so of living in their new residence on Dogwood. She decided that, having not seen Tana since the wedding, it was high time to head to the old Remington mansion where her sister still lived, and invite her over to the new place. It was, of course, what would be expected of a couple excited about their new purchase.

While the Jones sisters had been quite different from each other while growing up, they had grown a lot closer since reaching adulthood. With both girls now married and more aspects of their lives continuing in sync, the traits they shared were becoming readily apparent, even if the ones that separated them were as well. Since both were artistically minded, their conversations seemed to focus mostly on the latest paintings they'd completed, or the latest illustration Meredith had had published -- it gave them something to share rather than just their close age. But occasionally, Tana would let slip hints of the dark mind that brooded beneath her polished Law Enforcement mask, and it was all Meredith could do to brush off the idea that her sister might just be one more corrupt cop patrolling the streets at night.

That night, Jebidiah worked later than usual, so the girls found themselves talking far later into the evening than either had expected. As the old mansion where Tana lived was all the way across town and Tana had not brought her own car, Meredith insisted she stay the night -- so Tana became the first to break in their new guest bedroom.

For an athletically minded person, Tana had fallen far out of shape; Meredith had noticed Tana eating rather unfortunate amounts of cake at her wedding reception, but had chosen to ignore her sister's expanding thighs at the time. She wasn't surprised, then, to find her sister working out to the television first thing in the morning... Meredith decided that, although she didn't need it, she'd join in for encouragement.  Working out just isn't Meredith's thing, though. (And I still chuckle to think that it is Tana's, considering her shoe choice before I fixed her outfit.)

By the time Jebidiah arrived home, Meredith was ready to get started with her day, and was already exhausted from their short cardio routine. Tana, on the other hand, was still intent on changing her figure -- saying something about being taken a bit more seriously at the station. She was just about to head out the door to the gym when Jebidiah stopped her to chat...He seemed quite interested in her work as a police officer.

Well, the gears in Jeb's mind were ticking, now realizing he finally might have a way of getting on his sister-in-law's good side. Having quite the skill in athleticism, he offered to take her to the gym and train her himself... Now that she was in proper work-out attire, thank goodness. Reluctantly, she accepted -- if only because her sister was still nearby.

With some encouragement and persistence, Jeb stayed with Tana until she was fatigued and could barely stand any longer. But in his sneaky fashion, all throughout her training various things "slipped" out in their conversation. How he'd heard things were getting a bit rough for Tana at the station... How there had been rumors going around of a cop at the station being a bit too lenient on some of the more renown criminals... How there had even been rumors that Tana might actually get fired, if she didn't give some concrete evidence that she was actually trying to step up in the game.

This was a little too much for Tana to take. Disgusted with what she felt was Jeb's way of taunting her, Tana quickly changed clothes and started towards the door without saying goodbye. But Jeb was quicker than that, and stopped her so they could continue their little "talk".

'Look, I don't know where you're hearing that from, but I'd appreciate if you'd mind you're own business', she'd whispered to him, infuriated as well as paranoid that someone may overhear. But Jebidiah had a proposition. He knew people that could help her... Knew things that she could follow up on, and leads that would earn her solid promotions. And he also knew that deep down, she didn't like the department -- that Tana had learned information about the Company she still hadn't chosen to disclose to the rest of the police force... And there had to be a reason for that. He thought he knew what it might be.

As much as Tana didn't like Jeb, it was too much to refuse. Careful to avoid anyone overhearing, he laid out his proposition: He'd give her all the information she needed, earning her all the leverage in the police department she'd ever want, in exchange for keeping one crime organization off the map. It would keep his competition out of the game, and provide her the satisfaction -- and the salary -- that she had been lacking. Well... There was only one honest answer she could give him.

'Cut me a percentage, and you've got yourself a deal.'


Jen July 19, 2010 at 6:11 PM  

It seems that Tana is playing both sides of the field. If Meredith has some suspicions about her sister then she may soon find out what her husband is up too.
I look forward to seeing what these two get up to. ;)

Tommiegirl_ca,  November 28, 2011 at 6:13 PM  

Murphy's Law Legacy brought me here and you're off to a great start so far! Off to read the next chapter.

Fee free to check mine out as well:
Memoirs Of A City Girl

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