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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm not exactly much of a builder, but I do enjoy making houses -- I don't do it all that often, though, since I'm too much of a perfectionist, and end up spending 4 days on one house when I could be doing something a bit more productive with my time. However, I built this house specifically for use in the future when I begin playing in the new town included with Ambitions (Twin Brooks, yay!), so I tried to pay attention to the little details.

I give you...

House on Oak Grove

This house has a bit more of a 'rustic' approach; I tried to use very few 'modern' items, and pointedly made some of the items like the dishwasher, living/dining furniture, and beds for example, be of a lower quality to try and throw off any 'rich' visual the house may have. It's still a rather pricey home, but I strived to get more of a middle-class appeal in the house, since not all Sims are rich.
 The main features of the outside of the home are a wrap-around porch, a 2-tier deck, climbing ivy, and doors leading into entryway, kitchen, and study area of living room. The yard is large, but left mainly un-filled for future additions such as pool, pond, or new items included in Ambitions such as trampoline or yard games (I particularly like having lots of room to play catch with too, so). Yard does not have trees in my personal version because I am waiting to see what kind of foliage is in Twin Brooks, but I added some in for the exchange item. There are also two parking spaces, and two bike racks.

Entryway features windows into living room; dining room has bar as well as large windows overlooking the yard. Kitchen is small but not crowded, with as much light let in with windows as possible -- doors lead down towards trash bin, then to bikes and cars.

The living room on the main floor is mainly for study purposes, with bookcases and a desk for homework or portable computer. Doors lead outside to the two-level deck, where the chess board and telescope are located. 

The bedroom on the main floor is inteded as a guest bedroom, but could be a bedroom for elders or other extra family. Nursery features bed, highchair, potty chair, and xylophone.

Stairs lead from dining room up to the landing/hallway, with branches off at the end to the (future) laundry room. Upstairs bathroom is located at the end of the hallway, while the basement bath is -- no joke -- in the basement.

The Master bedroom/bath are themed with rose colors and an attempt at antique-y-ness. Bedroom/bath are open concept; bathroom also features a shower stall around the corner (on the bottom-right image).

The kid's bedrooms are located on doors opposite from each other in the laundry hallway. The boy's room holds two single beds, but since the room is an L-shape, it was hard to show that.

The basement is the one room I consented to some more 'modern' furniture, as they deserve at least a nice TV and game system. Desk is located in alcove at the back of the room, bathroom is located in the corner.
Some notes:
  •  While I tried to use minimal CC, a few items slipped past me while I was "cleaning them out", persay, so there may be a few things missing. Most of the textures used in the house are CC, but I believe that textures are included with the download, so I'm not worried about that.
  • Many Store items were used, but mostly just the free items. There are a few that I purchased, but they should make no difference overall to the house.
  • There are very few decorations in the house -- this is because I intend to decorate it mostly with Sim photos, and I felt it would be odd to upload an item with photos of someone else's Sims. Overall, though, I think the house looks pretty nice without 'em anyways.
  • The house is tested, so there shouldn't be any problems with Sims getting to objects and such.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, yard is left unfinished on purpose, too. Leave it open, or fill it full o' stuff! I don't care. :)
All I ask is that you clicky the images so you can see the larger versions, and 'recommend' if you like it! Thanks!

Download it HERE! Do not be fooled by the other version; it does not install correctly!


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