A Kane Christmas

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Well, Margo and Korva may not be getting along well, but I hope that all of you guys are having a wonderful day (or day after, depending on your part of the world!) anyways!

Some brief news: yes, I'm all moved in!! Everything went very smoothly with the move, outside of a collision we almost had just a few miles outside of Winnipeg--but I'm going to assume that all you guys' wishes of good luck kept us out of harm's way. :)

I did only just get internet 3 days ago, though, since our landlords never got the house connected to the phone line--so I am incredibly behind on all my blog reading, tumblr-sifting, youtube immersing, and everything else that keeps me connected with the community. It'll take me a while to get on top of that, so please, hang tight. Not only do I have a mound of stuff to do (including being drafted by my guild into SWTOR and will unlikely be spending as much time in the Sims community as y'all have gotten used to lately), I'm fighting a bit of a re-emergence of my depression and so being social and productive are quite difficult for me right now.

As for Desperate Sims and Dipped? DS Season 7 will wrap up rather quickly--I have all my screenshots taken, I just need to write a couple of the episodes and then they'll be all finished. After that's done, I will be focusing exclusively on Dipped and Yours Truly, Margo for a while to get them to the points they need to be.

I really, really hope that you guys' Holiday season ends up being a wonderful, safe, and cozy one--you guys have been in my thoughts a lot the past month, and I'm glad I was able to get my internet in time so I could tell you all how amazing and loved you all are.

Until next time--Happy Holidays~!


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