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Business was now back to normal, but that didn't mean that the Job was the only thing on Jebidiah's mind. While Skip's tip had gotten the gears moving, there was still a lot that needed to be taken care of before he could simply walk in and take the jewel -- a steal of this magnitude involved a lot of planning. But, with the help of his cronies, he was able to take some much needed time away from the Company in order to spend some quality time at home.

 Well, sort-of quality time. With a few days off, his mother decided it was a perfect time to drop by, and... As per what usually happens when Jebidiah's mother comes to visit, they were at a loss for kind words for each other. Farah was still rather displeased at Jeb's choice of career, and what type of home he may be raising his children in -- and she made a point to show that disapproval every opportunity.

But sparring with her son actually gave her some ideas...


She knew there was going to be a major martial arts competition being held in Shang Simla relatively soon. Farah suggested he take the opportunity for a trip, and see how well he fared in the competition. She was curious to see how well he handled a real competition -- and she was hoping a few losses would bring his ego down a few notches, and maybe bring his life back into perspective. She was right to think he'd take the bait well -- a competitive man like Jeb would never turn down the opportunity to show off, and kick @$$.

But there was at least one event worth waiting for before taking off to China: Travis's birthday. Their first son was just about to grow out of his baby stage, and even a fiend like Jeb has strong affection for his firstborn.

Seen here is Farah, Simon, Jeb with Travis, and Meredith. Everyone was too busy dancing to actually "celebrate". Psh!

While neither Jebidiah nor Meredith particularly enjoy parties -- they'd much rather have a quiet family gathering, being Loners -- they still held a respectably sized celebration for their son. Mostly family was invited... Farah of course, and Simon -- technically Jeb's second-cousin, but he always saw him as an uncle -- a few of Farah's close friends, Tana, and Jebidiah's old friend Chandra.

 She in particular was sympathetic to Jebidiah's complaints about holding the party... "I know it's something I'm going to have to get used to, though," he remarked to her. "There's going to be a lot more birthdays to come."

Travis was now a toddler, which particularly excited Meredith -- think of all the fun she'd get to have playing with him! Being Childish is a wonderful trait for a parent, especially a stay-at-home one, because they enjoy doing everything with their kids... Even if the kids don't particularly appreciate it themselves.

As Meredith escaped away from the party with the newly-aged Travis, Jebidiah kept the guests busy with  idle chatter until it was time to send them home. By the end, both parents were exhausted...

... but they still found the time to have some fun of their own. Especially with Jeb leaving in the morning, to be gone until the end of the martial arts competition, they did some "renewing of their affections"... Well. Not that they ever needed renewing.

Jebidiah and Meredith's flame was still growing strong, as far as both of them were concerned. Even Tana, continually skeptical of her sister's marriage, was surprised at how long their romance seemed to carry on past their wedding day -- maybe she was wrong, thinking it wouldn't last... Maybe Jebidiah could be a good husband. Her doubts had subsided... for now.

When Jebidiah arrived in Shang Simla, he was greeted rather... timidly... by the locals. They were suspicious of strangers, even ones that were there to compete in the tournament. Well... especially by ones that had come to compete. It amused many of them, to think that an outsider could actually prove to be better than them, but what they didn't know is that Jebidiah's own grandmother -- Kaylee Kane -- had also competed in their tournament years ago, and had performed admirably enough to earn a great deal of respect. Jeb was out to make his own name, though, and not ride on his grandmother's coattails.

And so the tournament began.

It was a grueling competition; he was matched with some of the newer trainees first, but as he got further and further down the line, win after win, it was easy to see that this man was not just idle braggery. They began throwing their most fierce competitors at him -- and a few times, he lost... But just challenged them again, multiple times, until he was able to beat them, and advance.

Well... He ended up taunting some, flirting with others, and even tried to taunt them BY hitting on them... But in the end, the result was the same. Jebidiah's black belt had wiped the board clean, and he'd won their little "competition". Pah. It really meant nothing to him -- he knew how good he was -- but he earned the locals' respect...

... Sort of.

After a long flight home, Jebidiah was beat -- as beat as those poor Chinese villagers, mwahaha! He was looking forward to flaunting his glory at his wife -- and his mother, the next change he got -- but Jebidiah wasn't the only one with a surprise...

Looks like Meredith had one of her own!


Jen July 19, 2010 at 7:26 PM  

Okay so I just had to read a couple more chapters and then I'll give your recent comments tab a break. :o

I have a feeling that Farah won't be able to persuade her son to change his career no matter what she tries. I think Jebidiah enjoys it too much! lol

Little Travis is too cute. I love sim kids.

That photo on the bedside table of Jeb and Meredith, did you do that yourself? I love it! ;)

Unknown July 19, 2010 at 8:01 PM  

No, I don't think Farah could ever change Jeb's mind... Someone else, maybe, but Farah and Jeb have never really had a great relationship. They love each other, and are civil with each other, but... Sorta ends there. She's not a very maternal person.

And, the wedding photo was taken with Farah's cellphone the moment that Jeb and Meredith got married. I'm very sentimental about stuff like that, I always have Sims with cameras ready when big life moments happen. :D

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