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Firstly, Desperate Sims is a blog following the lives of my very first (and only, actually) family within the Sims3. While these are not the initial sims I began playing with, this blog follows the story of the descendants of those sims: I began telling the tale with the 6th generation, to be exact.

Chandra Hawkins & Meredith Kane, Season One (Not Shown Until Season Two)

If you're curious about the previous generations, I have all of my screenshots uploaded onto Picasa Web Albums here, and the Family Tree on the linkbar shows the who's-and-when's.

The story begins by following the story of the Kanes, a family which on the outside may seem like a very 'normal' family, but on the inside is anything but.

Their figurehead is Jebidiah Kane, a renown criminal; his wife, Meredith, a neurotic basket case; and their children, a sports star, a scientist, and a musician. Over the course of each Season they each begin to fall victim the the Kane 'curse'--a very strong aptitude for making mistakes--and from that, we have the foundation for the story of the Kanes.

Jebidiah Kane & Jerod Grant, Season Five
Although in the beginning I intended this to be a blog that more or less documented the lives of my simamily--with some minor 'staging' to give the story more of a plot--over time Desperate Sims has evolved into much more of a segmented, story-oriented production. Each Season features it's own plotline, some with other minor storylines, that aim to conclude with a big finale that will either resolve--or twist--the story.

Desperate Sims was initially loosely inspired by the style of the TV Show Desperate Housewives, but since then it's taken a much different approach. I'd still classify the blog as a 'drama', as it's certainly not a Legacy--it doesn't move fast enough--and the nature of the storylines are often more negative than optimistic. Because of this and other mature themes that may cycle through the blog, I would definitely give my blog a PG-13+ rating.

Brad & Emerald, Season Four
While it's important to me to write a story that's climactic and engaging, it's equally important to me to also present characters that are truly human, with flaws, strengths, memories, and the capacity to make mistakes. No sim is morally either 'black' or 'white'; they are all shades of grey.

My hope is to show why the Sims become who they are and make the decisions they make--and to hopefully make them as realistic as possible, and possibly even relatable. To me, the Kanes are more than just sims--they're each a tiny fragment of myself that's been transformed and brought to life. Nothing makes me happier than to be able to write their tale and share it with all of you.

Amelia Kane & Naomi Leman, Season Six
All in all, I've found them exceedingly wonderful to write about, and I hope that you find reading about them just as enjoyable. They often are frustrating and often don't make much sense--but in the end, that's life. I hope you stay and read, but if not, that's okay. I write this for me, and any readers I get are just a plus--but, appreciated all the same. :-)

If you would like to start reading, I suggest you start at the beginning of any of the Seasons listed here in the archive, but I personally would suggest starting at Season 3. The archive also has a link to a synopsis of each Season, which I've also listed below here:
Synopses of All Seasons:
Season One ~ Season Two ~ Season Three ~ Season Four ~ Seasons Five/Six Under Construction
Margo Kane rescued after kidnapped by Carolina Leman, Season Six
Thanks for stopping by, and as always: Happy Simming!

Some Random Notes:
  •  I run many mods, but most for convenience; many if not all of Twallan's Mods (most notably Story Progression, Master Controller, Relativity, and Debug Enabler) as well as Pregnancy Length Mod, and some minor mods that effect moodlet length, mood difficulty, curfew restrictions, etc etc.
  • I currently run my sims on ~500 day lifespans.
  • I am very picky about how I assign traits to my Sims. I've even posted up a Chart that shows how I make sure to balance them.
  • The Custom Music station in my game is filled with soundtrack music from movies, so that I get into the dramatic mood while playing with my Sims.
  • Totally random: my Sims aren't allowed to eat non-breakfast leftovers first thing in the morning, unless it's Pizza. It just makes more sense that way!

storyline - All happenings in the lives of the Kanes and Co. sims.
season (#) - All posts that fall under 'storyline', but broken up into segments for easier distinction between the the beginning and end of each storyline.
ramblings - Non-Narrative talkings of me, the writer, to talk about game, blog, or real-life related stuff.
creations - Posts that have links to buildings/sims I've put up on the Exchange.
character bio- A biography on one of the main characters featured in the story.
synopsis - Overviews of the major events during the course of a season, so you can skip parts but still know what's going on.
machinima - Posts that contain a Sim-video created by me, usually as a major storyline event or a summary of a season.
prologue - Oh please, c'mon! *rings the obvious bell*

If you have any questions, comments, etc., feel free to write me a note at kaleeko@gmail.com, leave a comment here, or contact me via the username kaleeko on the Twitter! Let me know what you think! Your dreams! Your desires! Your urges! ... Okay, maybe not urges. ;)


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