Season 2: A Synopsis

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Below lies the synopsis to Season Two; written so that those who wish to be caught up, but do not want to suffer through 40-odd previous posts, may do so. Warning: I may have forgotten certain things, so... Trust my summary at your own risk!

Season Two

To Meredith's surprise, Jebidiah already had a back-up plan in case things went awry: Twinbrook.

Although it took some getting used to, the family settled down in the house that Jebidiah had purchased years ago, and they tried to get their life back to normal as much as possible. Mere, however, was adamant Jeb change his criminal ways, so he agreed to find a more respectable profession. So, while Meredith picked up portrait painting, Jebidiah became Twinbrook's newest Private Investigator... And, all was well. Though things between them were still rocky -- he had been a lying, cheating scum, ya know -- it looked like their relationship might be getting back to normal, as well.

... Well, it turns out the ghosts of Meredith's past were not the *only* ghosts she was troubled with. As Meredith slowly began to remember what happened the night that Chandra died, she began to have horrific dreams recalling the event; that, coupled with the very real presence of Chandra's ghost slowly began to wear at Meredith's nerves.

She wasn't going to have that as a very good excuse for long, though; before she knew it, she was pregnant with their third child. Travis, the eldest, was now in school, and Bradley was getting very close to being out of diapers, so it wasn't tooo inconvenient... But still was not what either Jeb or Meredith were expecting.

But, to both of their surprise, Meredith's pregnancy helped to soothe their relationship even more. Although Jeb hated his new job, he realized that mending things with Meredith probably made it worth it. However, it did have one very interesting perk -- he discovered that his own mother, who had moved to Twinbrook soon after they had, was getting into some rather suspicious activies.

His exploration into the activities lead to some very interesting revelations about his mother -- how she was trying to discover how to transform ghosts back into the living. Farah recounted the tale of how she'd accidently killed a man by overstressing his heart while seducing him; how she saught the comfort of a pizza delivery man, an act that resulted in Jebidiah's conception and birth; and how, because of her numerous mistakes, she could not win back the man she loved...

So she believed that only the man that'd died in her arms would be the one to take her back. Jebidiah convinced her to stop following false hopes, in exchange for him not divulging her rather 'strange' activity to the public.

Not long after, Bradley aged up into a child, leaving both of Jeb and Meredith's children in Grade School. But, there was still one left on the way. The next day, Meredith met another pregnant woman named Eva Drudge at the gym -- a woman who would later become her best friend. Moments later, Meredith went into labor, and Amelia Kane was born into the world.

Turns out that Eva is the exact opposite of Jebidiah -- so much so that Jeb realizes Meredith likely befriended her because of which. Their relationship takes a sour turn because of this; so, when a hot young man begins hitting on Meredith at the local laundromat, she almost gives in. Almost. Meanwhile, Bradley believes he's met the girl of his dreams: Emerald Greenwood. Travis teases him about how he's too cowardly to kiss her when he wants to.

Meanwhile, Meredith becomes increasingly paranoid. She still cannot quite remember what happened the night Chandra died, but it's become quite clear that the ghost haunting her house does -- the ghost of Chandra herself. Utterly distracted and tense, she continues to push Jebidiah away... Even completely shunning him at his award ceremony at City Hall. Travis, now a teenager, quickly saves the day by convincing his parents to talk... So they reach a small truce, again.

Well, Meredith's had it with Chandra. Finally, Meredith gets the courage to stand up to her, and resolves to ensure that she never has to deal with her, ever again. But... Truth be told, she's not sure how to get rid of her. She takes a visit to her sister's house, and while Tana doesn't have many answers, she believes Chandra's ghost may be tied to something that she gave to Meredith before they left Riverview: a tin can she was told never to open.

Seeing this as her solution, Meredith took the can and buried it near a fishing hole on the other side of town, putting it good and well out of her head and mind. But, that didn't change the fact that she almost completely remembered what had happened to Chandra -- and that did nothing to sit her mind at ease.

Amelia finally reached her birthday and transformed into a toddler -- much to her daddy's joy. Travis, fully embracing his new life as a teenager, was swept into the arms of Lolly Racket. Their parents, however, were back to Square One yet again. Meredith was faced with the flirtations of Eva's husband, Shamus, who she had a hard time turning away despite how she didn't want to hurt her best friend; whereas Jebidiah was confronted with a mysterious woman who claimed to want an interview about his most recent PI cases.

Well, it turns out this 'Mysterious Woman', Tatianna Solez, was actually a Bounty Hunter for the Bond Agency that bailed Jeb out of jail in Riverview; she was adamant that he must return to Riverview with her, or she'd call the police and have them do it themselves. They quarrel, and Jebidiah ends up getting away... Not that that'd do much. There was no where to run, now.

Especially once he realized, once he got home, that Tatianna had snuck into the backseat of his car and travelled with him all the way home. There, she tells Meredith that she must take Jeb away -- but Meredith says that she can't, because Jeb isn't guilty.

Meredith begins to explain what happened: how Jeb was actually framed by Chandra, and how Chandra confessed this to her. Mere then explained how Chandra had went to attack her and kill her, but how she'd managed to turn Chandra's own knife onto herself, and kill Chandra instead.

So, because of which, Meredith was the guilty one -- not Jeb.

Frustrated by this, Tatianna left, giving them 24 hours to decide who was going to take the fall. However, the next day, Tatianna admitted that there was no way that she could take Meredith -- the price was on Jeb's head, not hers. However, she agreed not to turn him in on one condition: if he pay her a 'small price'. As she leaves, it's obvious that they came to an agreement...

... but, while they may be free from the eyes of the law, Jeb realized that they were only held captive by another.


Necolyne Willow Raven,  May 15, 2013 at 1:42 AM  

"Waiting for My Real Life to Begin" by Colin Hay is a perfect song for this story. And certainly perfect to read this synopsis, too. I had it on while reading this post and was overcome with emotion.
VERY nice story you've got going here.

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