Kaleeko's Fancy Schmancy Trait Chart

Forget open neighborhood. Forget better graphics, improved conversation typing and forget Create a Style. My favorite thing about Sims 3 has been, from the moment of release, Traits.

I take what traits I give my Sims almost too seriously; I can't have them too perfect, too happy, too easy. The second things become too smooth, they become boring. I like a little bit of zest, but it was annoying for me to figure out how in the beginning.

So. I developed this here chart!

What is it's purpose? Basically, it's just a way I seperate out traits by type to make picking them for Sims easier. I first seperate by age, so I know when I can assign it, and then I make sure I have at least:

1.) One Core trait
2.) One Negative trait
3.) One Social trait

There's also Fluff and Skill traits, but they don't necessarily get those -- but I only allow a max of one Skill trait per sim, if I can help it.

Why not use the EA rules of trait-typing? Because some traits fall into multiple categories, I believe. And I just don't like the way they have them sorted. So there.

Isn't this pointless? Completely. So what? ;)


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