Season 4: A Synopsis

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Season 4 Synopsis
At the end of Season 3, Emerald Greenwood--a person of affection for both Travis and Bradley Kane--has died in a car crash, leaving the entire family shaken up. No one is more traumatized than Bradley, though, who feels he is responsible (though he blames everyone else), and therefore is on a quest to try to bring her back.

As there are many different plotlines throughout this Season, I decided in this Synopsis to cover them all seperately in order for things to not seem so chaotic. However, please note that these are all happening simultaneously. Hopefully as you read, you will see where each of the stories overlap with one another.

Post in the comments if you have any questions!

Travis's Plotline

Although Travis had broken up with Emerald only minutes before she died, in the wake of Emerald's funeral Travis has coped incredibly well... Probably because her sister Jade, the girl he really loved, was willing to get back into a relationship with him, now.

Bradley, however, seeing this as insensitive, berates Travis's disrespect for the dead; their "fued" from Season 3 continues, except it's even worse than before.

Travis, wanting to get back at Brad, decides to play a bit of a prank on him.

Their cousin June just discovered that July, her sister, and Bradley were planning a camping trip to try to spy some ghosts. Thinking it absolutely clever of them, they dress up in all black, sneak to the campsite, and scare the living bejesus out of Brad and July.

Unfortunately, what Travis and June couldn't predict was that there really was a ghost there that night; it turns out to be the Ghost of Chandra Hawkins, the woman that their mother accidentally murdered in Season 1.

Though Travis is taught his lesson, so to speak, he doesn't really think much of the existence of this ghost--or even the fact that his mother killed her--because he's got a lot more on his mind and he simply doesn't care.

This is because his own birthday to Young Adult is right around the corner, and he's got his own future to worry about.

Surprisingly his now-girlfriend Jade does not show up at the party; instead, one of his ex-girlfriends, Lolly Racket, turns up... and things get a little bit hot between them. Clearly, there is unresolved feelings, but Travis brushes it off because he's still madly in love with Jade.

Unfortunately, Jade seems to be having some problems. Since her sister's death and she and Travis got together, she's been feeling increasingly guilty and paranoid. So, when Travis suggests that they take their relationship to the next level--the er, "woohoo" level--she frantically declines.

Some time passes, and things for Travis have continued to go really well. He got recruited for Twinbrook's baseball team, the Llamas, and with his parents help he just purchased his own house.

Jade is not getting any better, though--in fact, she's getting worse. Not only does she continue to decline his attempts to sleep with her, she's begun to have emotional breakdowns all the time, and is hardly ever not crying. Travis, not really being equipped to deal with this, has no idea what to do.

Because of Jade's unhappiness, Travis has begun to start drinking--a lot. On one of his escapades to the bar, he runs into Lolly yet again--and now, she's looking quite attractive.

Travis is both frustrated with his relationship and frustrated with his lack of intimacy with Jade, so, with the drink in his system, he's easily persuaded to sleep with Lolly... But the morning-after is not so good. Travis screams at Lolly for putting him in such an awkward position, but Lolly feels no remorse, as Travis was perfectly willing the night before.

Unfortunately, things aren't looking up. Travis comes home to find Jade on his doorstep, crying; because she feels so guilty, and because Travis isn't willing to make a real "commitment" out of their relationship, she wants to break up. He's able to convince her not to leave, but he's still in a very poor position, and is honestly considering leaving Jade for Lolly if Jade continues to be as unhappy as she is.

This idea crashes violently when Lolly confesses to Travis that she's pregnant--and she doesn't know who the father is, because Travis was not her only 'liason', but she suspects that it's his child.

In a tailspin of unsurity and now the unwillingness to get tied down with Lolly, who he fears only wants him in order to take care of the child, he finally pushes through his unwillingness to really move things forward and asks Jade to move in with him... Abandoning Lolly to her own fate.

Although it is off-screen and between Seasons, Travis and Jade end up eloping shortly afterwards.

Amelia's Plotline

When Season 4 begins, Amelia and Alesha Drudge are still the best of friends; Alesha is almost constantly over at the Kane's house. But, in the very first post of the Season, Alesha confesses that part of the reason why that is is because she has a very large crush on Amelia's older brother, Bradley.

A few days later, Amelia ends up running into a girl she's never met before: Naomi Leman. The Lemans have just moved into town, and although Naomi seems fairly shy, they hit it off as friends almost immediately.

Amelia begins to notice that some suspicious things are going on with Alesha; what nights she doesn't spend over she's been running away from home, and she still refuses to let Amelia come over and see her house and her family.

Getting the address from her mom, Amelia comes over, and Alesha finally confesses that she's been acting that way because she didn't want Mia to be ashamed that her best friend was poor. And, she's been running away because her parents can't stop fighting. Mia is as sympathetic as she can be, all things considered.

Amelia's been starting to spend a lot more time with Naomi lately, though. She spends the night at her house a numerous times, and the two begin to become very close.

On one of these occasions, Naomi's father, Thomas Leman, questions her about her family--and more specifically, about her father. Amelia, not knowing that Thomas was her father's rival, answered all his questions easily and gladly.

Two worlds collide when Alesha discovers that she's started to become left out of Amelia's life. Naomi tells her to get lost, and all but forces Amelia to abandon Alesha as a friend.

Why she does this becomes apparently very quickly--it turns out that the more time Naomi has been spending at the Kanes, she's been following her parents' orders and has been hacking into Jebidiah's computer, trying to gain information on what he's up to, and possible information to blackmail him.

Because Alesha would only get in the way of that, Naomi pushes her away from Amelia.

However, Naomi can't keep Amelia and Alesha apart for along. As the the three of them all cross over and become teenagers, Amelia apologizes to Alesha and asks her to be her friend again--Alesha, naturally, forgives Mia for everything.

At this point, Naomi couldn't care less. She's becoming more and more distant with her family--particularly her mother--for forcing her to spy on her friend. As Naomi is growing to care about Amelia more and more each day, she refuses to continue doing what she's doing--much to the chagrin of her mother, Carolina.

It appears that Naomi's mother hasn't been 'good' in a lot of ways, lately; Alesha discovers that Carolina has been having an affair with her father. Brought together by their mutual dislike of Carolina and mutual love for Amelia, Naomi and Alesha put aside their differences and also become friends.

With things now going fairly smoothly for the Three Amigos, Alesha decides to ask Amelia for help getting a date with Bradley. She's still got an incredibly huge crush on Amelia's brother, and really just wants one chance with him.

Amelia asks Bradley to get over Emerald and give Alesha a chance, but Bradley refuses, angry that people keep pushing him to move on. Amelia gives up (but luckily, Alesha does not.)

The burden of guilt on Naomi finally becomes too much, especially when she learns what her parents plan to do with the information she stole from Amelia's father. In an act of selfless bravery, Naomi confesses to Amelia what she's done--and immediately afterward, Amelia calls her father to tell him as well, giving him a last minutes heads-up that Naomi's parents are up to something dirty.

(Amelia, however, believes that this has to do with him being a Private Investigator; at this point, she still has no idea he's actually an Evil Mastermind, and that he will kidnap Naomi right after this phone-call.)

Though this is where Amelia's story leaves off, the Season ends with the implication that many things are yet to come for Amelia, who's future has only just begun.

Jebidiah and Meredith's Plotline

Since the Kanes first arrived in Twinbrook at the beginning of Season 2, Jebidiah Kane has been working as a Private Investigator. Although it's not his preferred job, he must do it in order to keep his family happy--particularly his wife, who was unhappy with his life of crime.

However, during one of his investigations he had a run in with one of the town gang's safe crackers, Marta Tomasi. During her interrogation, she reveals that she knows who Jebidiah is, and about his past as "Blackjack", the notorious computer hacker... And she accuses him of betraying his own kind, as well as taunting him at what a low life he's become.

For the first time since coming to Twinbrook, Jebidiah really begins to regret his new life and new career, and starts to ponder whether it's not better to go back to the way things used to be.

It doesn't take long for Jebidiah to make the decision to get back into crime. Discovering that the new family in town--the Lemans--are tearing apart the foundations of the criminal rings and splitting them into sides, he brings together three accomplices (Marta, Sinbad, and Shark) and begins to put together a plan not only to remove Lemans from power, but also to usurp it from them and reunite all the gangs of Twinbrook.

Despite Sinbad's hesitations, the plan is set in place--though Marta makes sure to warn Jebidiah of Sinbad's uncertainties.

Surprisingly, Meredith meets Marta and befriends her--believing her to be one of her husband's clients, instead of one his new fellow accomplices in crime.

As the plan begins to become more concrete and the timeline draws closer, Jebidiah decides to bring in more allies. Along with Marta, he recruits his Sister-in-Law Tana (a police officer) and his old arch-nemesis Tatianna (a bounty hunter).

With their combined skills, Jebidiah is confident his plan to usurp them will succeed.

Unaware of her husband's broken promise, Meredith continues to remain cheerful and rather drama-free; that is, until her sons discover the ghost of Chandra, the woman she killed in Season 1.

Bradley comes to her asking questions, and finally for the first time, she confesses to  her children what happened; how Chandra framed their father for murder, and how she tried to kill their mother out of revenge.

Although revealing this gives Meredith a great deal of stress--as she believed the memory to be long behind her, now--her boys are both very accepting and forgiving... or at least, they don't really seem to care.

The day of the "Plan", Meredith meets Marta for one last drink in the Red Rendezvous, but Marta accidentally slips the nature of the night's following events, because she believed Meredith knew her husband was a criminal.

Outraged at her husband's betrayal, Meredith makes Marta tell her everything, then goes to the Warehouse that evening where the Plan is taking place.

Unfortunately, Meredith has no idea what she's walking into--and luckily, Jebidiah tugs her back before she's discovered by the band of thugs working inside the warehouse.

Though Meredith is still angry with him, she knows she can't interfere; so, Jebidiah ends up going within, finding the Lemans and their band of cronies stealing numerous crates and loading them into trucks outside.

Alone, Jebidiah confronts them, giving them one last chance to "back out" before things get ugly. However, the Lemans have no interest in taking such a deal. They reveal that not only has Sinbad betrayed Jebidiah, but that they found evidence on Jebidiah's computer of how Meredith murdered Chandra, and they were going to reveal it to the press if the Kanes didn't back down.

However, having been tipped off from Amelia that Naomi had hacked his computer, and being aware that Sinbad was a traitor, Jebidiah had put an entirely new plan into effect without them knowing.

Very quickly, it becomes apparent that instead of rallying more criminals to his cause, Jebidiah took influence over the police department. Cops coming pouring in, as well as Tatianna Solez--who, being a bounty hunter, had plenty of past evidence on the Lemans that could put them behind bars.

A fight breaks out, but things get dirty and Carolina threatens to kill Meredith if she's not allowed to escape. However, Jebidiah--being the oh-so-brilliant man he is--had a safety net. He reveals to the Lemans that he's kidnapped Naomi, and will not release her until the Lemans submit to arrest.

Thomas, having great love for his daughter, pleads with Jebidiah to spare her, and convinces his Carolina to submit to Jebidiah's wishes in order to save Naomi.

The remaining members of the Leman's gang are led away, leaving just Jebidiah and Meredith to talk. Meredith admits that, despite how much she disapproves of how Jebidiah wishes to lead his life, she would rather put up with it than lose him, because she loves him dearly.

Finally, as the cops conform to Jebidiah's will and Marta makes promises that the government will be soon to follow, Jebidiah is 'crowned' Twinbrook's newest Emperor of Evil.

Bradley's Plotline

At the beginning of the Season, it's been several weeks since Emerald's death, but Bradley Kane is still having a terrible time coping. He feels guilty--believing that it was all his fault that she died--and so when his sadness begins to get the better of him, Brad decides to take a different approach.

Having heard rumors of the ability to communicate with spirits--and even a way to turn spirits back into mortal sims--he desperately searches for answers and stumbles upon Milly Pidgin, who appears to know quite a lot about that sort of thing. When Brad comes to her for help, she tells him that she cannot help him--but she knows someone who can.

She reveals that this person she speaks of his Brad's own grandmother, Farah. Outraged that his grandmother didn't share this knowledge with him before, he goes to her and begs for it. However, Farah denies him; she invented a way to bring back the dead, but she discovered too late that all the time she wasted doing so had robbed her of her life, only to find that those she could raise would never be fully human again. Farah tells her grandson to move on, before life moves on without him.

Brad, however, ignores this advice. Emerald meant everything to him, and he's not about to give up--but his obsession with bringing her back is making it impossible for him to sleep. So, he begins to take to the habit of sneaking out of the house at night and sleeping on a bench next to Emerald's grave, where he has exquisite and sad dreams about what their life would have been like if she'd lived.

In a moment of inspiration, Bradley suddenly comes up with an idea of how to bring her back--so he begins to lock himself away in his inventing shed, and gets to work.

After weeks of working on this invention, Brad's cousin and best friend, July, begins to worry for his sanity and begs him to come out with her on a fishing trip. Brad begins to relax, until he discovers a mysterious grave on the side of the pond--one that July swears she heard a scream come from.

Curious about what it is, and if a spirit lies within it, he and July camp there overnight to see if they see anything. Despite Travis' plan to scare them, the ghost from the grave still appears, and it's Chandra Hawkins. Chandra spins horrible lies about their mother to them before she disappears...

... but even though Brad talks to his mother and discovers the truth about Chandra's death, he's not very interested in how she died--he's interested in the fact he actually saw a ghost. Hope to at least see Emerald again is rekindled within him.

Work continues on his new invention, and after a few more weeks, it's finally finished: a Time Machine.

Bradley travels back to just moments before Emerald's fatal car crash and tries to convince her not to leave--but she rebukes him, and leaves anyways. Brad is forced to return, but now he's had to experience Emerald's death all over again, leaving him grieving even worse than before.

He continues trying over and over again, trying to find a way to prevent it from happening, but everything he does has absolutely no effect.

The only effect it has is on Bradley's mind. Brad, having dropped deep within the depths of guilt and despair, continues to not only ignore Alesha's continued advances on him, but he begins to believe that by killing Travis, who he believed to be the one who really killed his love, he would finally be able to bring her back.

Luckily, Alesha discovers Brad trying to sabotage Travis' motorcycle, and stops him. She tells him that it's no use--she explains that nothing he does has any effect because everything he did already happened. She had seen him the night he came back in time to save Em. She had seen him try to save her, and fail.

But, Alesha also confesses to Brad that she is in love with him. Brad is furious and tells her that he could never love her--but, at the very least, he's stopped from doing something incredibly stupid.

Left without a shred of hope, Brad does the only thing left he knows what to do: he goes to Emerald's grave and weeps, pleading with Death to return her to him.

And Death does... in a way. In the midst of his cries, Emerald's ghost appears to him, explaining she's been sent to tell him something.

Confused, Bradley asks her to explain: he the discovers that because of his inability to let her go, her soul cannot rest. She's stuck in-between two worlds, as distraught and in pain as him... And she begs him to move on, not only for his sake, but for hers.

Although it's the hardest goodbye he's ever had to make, Bradley finally agrees to move on. As they gaze into each others' eyes for the last time, they each desire desperately to say "I Love You"... but they know they cannot, for it would do nothing but break each others' heart.

With his pain finally beginning to lift, Bradley turns and leaves, without looking back... as behind him, Emerald's ghost disappears, never to be seen again.

Bradley, finally beginning to move on and think straight again, seeks out Alesha. He apologizes for the way he treated her, and begs her to give him a chance to make it right.

Alesha, still loving Brad with all her heart, agrees; they share their first kiss, and start a new beginning with each other, where Brad is finally able to recover from despair, and Emerald is able to rest in peace.

Brad's experience this Season was also chronicled in the Machinima, "Not As We", seen below.

And that's it for Season 4!


Sara March 22, 2011 at 9:14 PM  

D'aww, I loved this season. So much juicy stuff going on, and it was so well crafted!

Unknown March 22, 2011 at 9:30 PM  

I have a feeling that this season will always remain my favorite. I do feel I could've done a little better crafting it so it was all over the place in some respects, but, Brad's story is my <3.

I'm gonna have a heck of a time trying to improve after these last couple storylines! XD

Jen March 23, 2011 at 2:28 AM  

*sigh* I love that video so much. It's just so tragically beautiful. :)

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