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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Name: Amelia Kane
Current Age: Young Adult
Career: Band Manager (Music Career)
Traits: Virtuoso, Excitable, Over-Emotional, Dramatic, Perfectionist
Favorites: Yellow, Country Music, Fruit Parfait
Star Sign: Virgo
Theme Song: I'm Not So Tough - Mindy McCready

One minute, Amelia is giggling and joking and making a right fool of herself; the next, she's sobbing over a bucket of ice cream and lamenting the tragedy of her life.

If there's one thing that's certain about Amelia, it's how much she changes from moment to moment. Though her emotions are a huge part of it, it's also her opinions, her friendships, her behavior... She's as unpredictable as a raging hurricane--and sometimes, just as destructive.

However, though she may have a flair for the dramatics and gain incredible glee from receiving attention, Amelia--or Mia, as she's often called--is a girl of incredible innocence. Though the world tries to influence her and darken her, she always finds a way to bounce back again, just as excited and ready to take on life as she was before... She just may have to spend a few minutes sobbing to get to that point, first.

When Amelia was young, she began to dream of someday becoming a celebrity: a Rock Star, if you will. Though she did have some aptitude for the guitar, it took a lot of dedication and perseverence during her early years to reach the point where she became notable for the songs that she wrote and performed--in fact, her love for music, Country Music especially, was one of the few things she never changed her mind about.

But, while Amelia is a bit of a goof and often just as naive and air-headed as any stereotypical blonde, this lead to a rather unfortunate flaw: because of her loose mouth and inability to understand even the simplest things at time, the people around her often find the need to hide things from her. Amelia, however, finds this positively insulting. To her, it's a greater crime to lie and to hide the truth than whatever the truth is itself; no excuse is big enough for her to make exception. She's unfortunately too narcissistic and self-centered to realize that she can't be privy to knowing everything... But she still thinks she should.

Still, it is Amelia's passion that often makes her exceedingly likable to those around her. To her, everything in life is seen as remarkable and as beautiful as through a child's eyes; and her innocence, though much has been taken from her, is refreshing in times of darkness. 

'I can't believe I got sick...' Amelia thought to herself. 'Stupid, stupid Amelia! You should've puked on his shoes, you'dve deserved it! Ugh... I probably won't call him anyways... I mean, who dates a man who wears a scarf!? I could probably wear it better, and--'
-- Amelia Kane (to herself)
"Misplaced Memories"

As a musician, Amelia's life is always on the move and unpredictable--though after her experiences trying to make it as the lead guitarist in the band the Yelling Birds, she's decided to instead recede from the public eye and live a peaceful life that any Rock Star would be envious of... if it's even within her reach.

Daughter of Jebidiah and Meredith
Sister of Bradley and Travis

Amelia is available for download here as a single sim, here as a toddler with the rest of her family, or here with the rest of her band, the Yelling Birds.


Jen March 17, 2011 at 12:40 AM  

Amelia is so tragic. lol You've gotta love her though.

She's summed up so well in this bio Kaleeko, well done!

Oh and love the snaps!! :)

Unknown March 17, 2011 at 12:45 AM  

She's my drama queen. :D I'm glad you approve of the summary! I could always go on, and on, and on... But this is pry as long as I could go without going into psychoanaylsis mode. ;)

Thanks, Jen! <3

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