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Monday, March 21, 2011

Name: Alesha (Drudge) Kane
Current Age: Young Adult
Career: Elementary School Teacher (Education)
Traits: Good, Friendly, Mooch, Hopeless Romantic, Kleptomaniac
Favorites: Turquoise, French Music, Stu Surprise

In the whole of Twinbrook, there are few that are more honest, more caring, more generous, and more sincere than Alesha Kane.

While she may call herself a romantic, some know better: she's an idealist. In her heart, Alesha believes that love is the strongest force in the world, one that can overcome anything as long as you let it. In a way, she's actually succeeded with that cause. Where others hold grudges she will forgive, and where romance sometimes withers away she continues to burn a bonfire in her heart. If anything, this girl doesn't give up.

However, Alesha isn't that way because she had good examples in her life. Growing up, she lived in the epitome of a loveless household; a father who cheated relentlessly on his wife, spending every last penny they had on gambling and women despite the family he had at home. Her mother, Eva, was too soft to let him go, so Alesha was left with a burning desire to never see herself enter a loveless marriage. She was lucky in that regard--both Bradley and herself would do anything to make each other happy.

"You don't get it, Brad!" Alesha tears melted into the rain streaking across her face as her despair overtook her. "You're dwelling so much in the past that you can't see the present anymore! You can't see that there is a future, one where you're loved by someone far more than you ever thought you could be."

"Yeah, who would ever love me that much?" Bradley scoffed, disbelieving. "Who would ever love what I've become?"

"I would, Brad," Alesha choked, a piece of soaked wet hair falling into her eyes. "Because I already do."

-- Alesha Drudge & Bradley Kane
"Dire Decisions"

But unfortunately, the result of her upbringing wasn't just an overreaching desire for the perfect relationship. Living in poverty for most of her life left her with an aching desire and envy for anything that isn't hers. Money and nice things aren't things that she had growing up; and while she's now very well off, her constant worry to end up like she once was has left her with impulses to make sure that never happens...

So, what she can convince others to give her she mooches, and what she can't convince them to give, she takes.

Yet, these desires are so very contrary to her charitable, loving being that an overwhelming shame haunts her every time she receives something that's not rightfully hers. All the money she gets is instantly sent away to charity, and everything she steals is hidden away where no one will ever find--and she is desperate that no one ever find out her secret, and be led to believe she isn't the sweet, giving person that she is.

Because, in every fiber of her being, she is. Alesha may not be the beauty of the ball, skinny, funny or exciting, but she carries a considerable warmth and strength that no one can help but like. There never was a truer friend than her.

When Alesha isn't teaching young children how to read or chasing youngsters around a playground, she likes to sit back with a sheet of paper and design fashion clothing, or sit on the beach until the sun's gone down and the sand's gone cold beneath her feet. She's also not too shabby at making desserts!

Daughter of Shamus and Eva Drudge
Wife of Bradley Kane
Mother of Margo

Alesha can be downloaded here with her husband and first child.


Sara March 21, 2011 at 3:32 AM  

There's a reason why Alesha's my favorite of your characters, but "Penny's Song" just clinched it. LOVE DR. HORRIBLE.

She's such a cute character! I really have a soft spot for her with her family history and her torch for Brad and her kind of stalkerish behavior in season 4 and her guilt and everything. Out of all your characters, I identify with her the most! I'm glad she gets "main character" status.

Unknown March 21, 2011 at 3:50 AM  

I KNOW. I was actually tempted to use Dr. Horrible songs as both Brad/Alesha's songs, but none of them *quite* fit Brad. Close, but not quite.

"Stalkerish"--LOL! So true! I'm glad that you adore Alesha so much. She's always going to have a special place in my heart, and I'm glad she 'spoke' to someone. I'm reallyreally excited about being able to include her more in the story--but it may be another season before she plays a 'pivotal' role, since this upcoming one is going to focus sort of on the family as a whole.

I love her to kittens, though. She's possibly one of the sweetest *looking* sims I've ever had, too.

Jen March 22, 2011 at 5:03 AM  

Awww, Alesha is so cute and sweet and kind and honest and....I could go on! ;)

Seriously though she's such a lovely gal. I can't wait to see more of her and Brad and little Margo.

Love some of the shots you picked out.
Her and Amelia as toddlers, her wedding day, touching her belly, Brad proposing. Awwww.
I'm curious about the one with her on the phone yelling though. Is she on the phone? It looks like it.

Jen March 22, 2011 at 5:07 AM  

Dang it! I forgot to mention that I love the new look. Great color and as usual wonderful banner. :)

How do you do the overlay thing? Is that in photoshop? I'm still on my L's with photoshop. lol

Unknown March 22, 2011 at 12:05 PM  

Alesha really is soooo cute. To me, anyways. Surprising, considering what her parents look like! XD Ha!

Hahaha, the shot on the phone was an entirely random one. I just thought it was amusing so I included it--but it's one that'll probably change if I alter the collage later.

The image I find the most hilarious is the one where she's waving, though--it never appeared in the story because she's actually waving at Brad while he was inside the time machine. *headdesk*

I'm glad that you like the new colors! I decided it was time for a "green" theme. ^^ The header was made by reduing the opacity of all the images, and then smoothing the edges with a big fuzzy eraser... and then adding a bold color beneath and as an overlay.

Still wondering if anyone can spot the new character on it. ^^ Bwaahahaha. I'm so meeaaan.

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