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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bradley's head felt like it was spinning; in one moment, everything he had ever assumed about his wife had come crashing to its knees. Alesha had always been such a good, caring, selfless person... heck, they probably wouldn't be having so many bill troubles if she hadn't convinced him to donate as much as they could to those less fortunate. She was more giving than anyone else he had ever met.

Why then, had she been possessed to steal? Why, like a squirrel preparing for winter,  had she packed away so many things--things that weren't rightfully theirs? Had this been a recent habit, formed out of boredom or neurosis or who-knows-what, or had she always been like this... had she always lied?

"And if she's lied about this," Bradley murmured to himself, furiously rubbing his head to try and soothe the ache growing there. "What else has she lied about to me?"

There were too many conclusions to jump to, and Brad knew he was doing neither himself nor his wife any favors letting them boil away as he waited for Alesha to come home--but it was already too late. His shock grew to suspicion, and his suspicion to anger; he had trusted her, her alone... and this is what she did?

He was thickly buried in his thoughts when he heard a car pulling into the garage and shut off its engine: she was home.

Alesha had no idea what she was coming home to.

"Oh hey honey, I thought you and Margo would be in the thick of painting, by now!" she erupted as she walked through the front door, a bounce in her step. "Was your mom able to get you the paints.. you..." Alesha froze. Something was clearly wrong. "... Bradley? Are you alright?"

"No, Alesha. I'm not." Though his voice was cold, he didn't start off yelling--but it didn't take long for that to change. "Would you like to explain why there's a very large pile of stuff outside that doesn't happen to be ours?! Stuff that Lilobot saw you carrying into our house herself?!"

A rock sunk into Alesha's stomach. No... No, this couldn't be happening. "B-Brad," she tried to begin. "I can explain--"

"I'm not sure I want to hear your explanation, Alesha! This is... this is beyond explaining! You're--" Brad felt himself pausing on the word, it felt so wrong on the edge of his tongue; and yet, it was true. "--a hypocrite, Alesha. A complete and utter hypocrite."

"No, Brad, I--"

"No? No?! Alesha, ever since you found out about what my father does for a living, you won't let him anywhere near this house! You practically won't even let him see our daughter! You said yourself, you didn't want someone so morally corrupt near our children--which I agree with--and yet here you are, doing the exact same thing?! Do I need to take our daughter away from you, too? By your own freaking standards?!"

That did it--Brad could feel, as the last words left his mouth, that he'd reached the end of the line... and gone several steps past it. Alesha had long since begun to cry, but after he brought up Margo, she'd broken into heaving sobs; as angry as he was, the sight of them finally sent him quiet.

"I... I just... I can't help it, Brad! I didn't want--I didn't want any of it! I certainly didn't want to take it all!"

Brad gave her a 'look'; he was skeptical, and she wasn't making a whole lot of sense. "Then... why did you?"

"Y-y-you don't understand, Brad... E-even I don't understand. We're s-so well off, s-so much better even than most of my friends, but it's  never enough... I've just been s-so afraid of what happened to my parents, los-s-sing everything, and it makes me... it makes me..."

Even though he couldn't fully interpret what Alesha was saying--not that she was even explaining it well to begin with--as she cried, Brad felt a surge of guilt welling up from within him. He understood--this wasn't greed or malice, this was fear leftover from life before him, the life she never talked about. And now he understood why.

And now, he also felt terrible. 'I can't believe I actually thought she... oh, you're so stupid,' Brad thought to himself as he extended a hand to touch her arm, trying to draw her hands away from her tear-streaked face. "Alesha, what I said--I'm sorry... I didn't mean it... I was just, confused."

"N-no, you're right," Alesha continued to bawl, now collapsing into Bradley's arms to cry deeply into his shoulder. "I'm a hypocrite! I've lied and h-hid this from you, and h-haven't tried to fix it b-because I was so ashamed. I d-don't deserve you!"

Bradley scowled. "Alesha, that isn't true and you know it. You made some mistakes, but it's me who should be sorry. You knew I'd react like this--if I weren't so unbending, you might've been able to tell me... It's my fault, okay?"

He felt her nod into his shoulder; Brad knew she probably didn't believe him, but at this point, Brad didn't think it was wise to press the issue any further. She was upset enough as it is.

"You... going to be okay?" he asked, uneasily.

"I'm--" Alesha pulled away, shaking her head with her gaze still averted towards the floor. "I'm going to return it. All of it. I only kept it because I didn't have the courage to give it back--but I should. I need to."

Brad began to nod, but mid-way through he stopped and frowned. "No. No... we're just going to get rid of it. No one else needs to know, okay? I know you want to make it right, but honestly, I don't think anyone else is going to be as understanding. Let's just... try and figure out a way to stop this, okay? Maybe we'll get you to see a counselor or something--okay?"

With a weak smile, Alesha wiped away some of her tears and nodded. "Alright," she agreed half-heartedly. "I guess that would probably be best."

Brad grabbed Alesha'a hands and squeezed tightly, looking into her eyes with the fondest--and most apologetic--of gazes. "Just trust me, okay? I love you--and I love our baby. This isn't something I should've gotten us both stressed over... Especially in your condition. You're perfect the way you are--okay?"

Though she knew he spoke out of guilt, in the end, she did trust him; he did love her, and she loved him... So, with a smile and a nod, she squeezed his hands back and answered, softly... "Okay."

And if there was anyone that could help her through this, it was him.

... "... and it's not like it's a totally big deal, but I really don't remember her hogging the covers this much back when we lived in Bridgeport. Maybe she's taking advantage of the fact I've agreed to be her partner now? I don't know, but it just seems awfully--"
... "Amelia."
"--rude of her. Don't get me wrong, I completely adore her, but she's just been so much more lax about things like that lately, and it really is just starting to get on my--"
... "Amelia."
... "What?!"

"I understand that you find this important, but... when I asked you about your feelings for Naomi, I didn't mean about her general habits. I meant specifically about your romantic relationship."

"But... the two are sort of inter-connected, don't you think?"

"In a way, yes, but not quite, Amelia." Dr. de Wynter sighed, his hands raising in defeat. "Look, it seems as if you're open to talk, now, but unless you're willing to take this a bit more seriously, Amelia, I'm afraid we're going to have to call it a day."

"What do you mean? I'm totally taking this seriously!"

At that, Dr. de Wynter just scowled his eyes and cleared his throat. "You've been diverting my questions as much as possible since we've started these sessions, Amelia. It's your sixth visit to see me, and you aren't even sitting in your chair properly. Perhaps if you sat up, we could continue this discussion in a bit more... civilized fashion?"

"Uuugggh, fine," Amelia grumbled, rolling her eyes as she rotated around and dropped her feet to the floor. "If I gotta."

"Look, Amelia," de Wynter began, putting his clipboard on the coffee table as he started to speak to Amelia frankly. "I am here to help you. I'll gladly continue to let you pay me for our little chit-chat sessions, but if you really want to get to the bottom of things, and get better, I suggest you start delving a little deeper into your emotions."

"I dunno, Doc, it's just," Amelia said with a shrug to the wall. "There's not much to say. Naomi makes me happy--she keeps me sane, ya know?"

"Yes, I'm sure she does--but are you sure that that's something she couldn't do as just a friend?"

Amelia paused. "What do you mean?"

"I'm going to be blunt with you, Amelia--a lot of women I've encountered in similar situations have briefly 'experimented' with their sexuality to try to escape what they see as the enemy: men. I want you to understand and accept the fact that your feelings for Naomi may simply be feelings of securi--"

"Wait--" Amelia cut him off, abruptly standing from her seat. "Are you tryin' to say that you don't actually think I love her?"

"No, I just--" Dr. de Wynter sighed. "I'm trying to get you to explore whether or not that is the case, but your unwillingness to talk about your partnership with Naomi is leading me to believe that there may be a lack of intimate feelings on your part... And frankly," he continued, realizing that this was the first real moment he'd had to offer Amelia any insight. "If that's the case, I'd wish to advise you to back out of that relationship before you both end up hurt. Do you understand?"

"Of--of course I understand.. You... you... you TWAT!"

"Amelia, please, why don't you sit back down..." Harris stood up from his seat, his hands raised slightly in surrender--he clearly did not want to start this type of confrontation with his patient, but at this point, he'd had little choice.

"No! I will NOT! What you're trying to say is that because I've only been with guys until now, that I can't possibly be in love with a girl! You're sayin' I'm using her!"

"No, Amelia, that's not what I--"

"Yes, it is. And you're a liar--or an idiot. I love Naomi, and no nanny-suckling inverter... inverta... invertibate like you is gonna tell me otherwise!"

"Well... alright then!" Dr. de Wynter said with a bit of a smile. "I guess we've made some progress then! If you'll sit back down, then we can--"

"Nu UH. I ain't doin' no such thing. I am outta here, Mister--and you're fired. Got it? F. I... Erd. Fired."

"Amelia..." Dr. de Wynter grabbed his nose in frustration--she seriously wasn't doing this, was she? "We're only just beginning to touch on your problems and your coping solutions--if you leave now, you're just going to lose all the progress we could have made..."

"Well... I guess I'm just gonna have to handle it on my own then, huh? 'Cause I'd rather stuff a horse pill down my throat then deal with your homophobia!"


Unfortunately, Dr. de Wynter was left standing, mouth agape, in the dust of Amelia's wake; not even bothering to close the door behind her, she stormed out into the hall... but as she looked back, a queasy feeling in her stomach began to surface, and her mind began to wander, briefly considering...

What if he's right?


"Wait--what?" Amelia looked up, then blinked her eyes several times as they came into focus on the gray of Naomi's irises. The surface of the hottub water bubbling around her slowly brought her back to her senses, fading away the last remnants of her daydream.  "Oh. Sorry," she muttered. "Just lost my train of thought, there."

"Something's wrong," Naomi commented, pulling Amelia closer, a concerned look in her eyes. "I can tell. Want to talk to me about it?"

"Yeah, I--" Though she began confidently, Amelia's words cut off as she turned her gaze directly into Naomi's, where her compassion broke down all of Mia's defenses and left her naked, and invulnerable. "Naomi... Can I ask you something?" she asked, her voice weak.

"Anything," Naomi answered, unphased.

"Do you think... that this is real?" Even in the heat of the tub, Amelia could feel herself trembling nervously, mortified of how Naomi might react--but, she knew, she had to know. "That we'll last?"

"Well..." Naomi took a long breath; her gaze fell a little to one side for a moment in thought, before turning back to join with Amelia's. "Do you want it to be real? And do you want it to last?"

Amelia furrowed her brows a little at Naomi's response. "Of course I do," she grumbled. What kind of question was that?

Naomi couldn't help but smile at the goofy, defensive way that Amelia reacted. She really was too cute, sometimes. "Then yeah," she said with a grin and a nod. "I think it will."

As countless emotions welled up inside of Amelia, she opened her mouth to try to utter something poignant and loving in response--but instead, was silenced by the gentle force of Naomi's lips. The swimming pool's lamplight buzzed irratically above them, and the last family's cars pulled noisily from the parking lot, but all that Amelia could hear was the sound of her own heart, beating faster than she swore it'd ever beaten before.

And yet, in the end... all good things still come at a price.

Long after the lights at the swimming pool had shut off--so long that even the morning birds were beginning to awaken and stir perkily in their nests--the entirety of Twinbrook rested peacefully in their beds...

... well. Almost everyone.

... "Jeb... Jeb, wake up," Meredith mumbled, one eye cracking open to glare at the blurry man beside her.
... "Nnnngh," he responded, barely stirring.
... "Your phone, Jeb," she insisted, now giving her husband a soft push.
... "Nnnn... Yeah, I got it," Jebidiah finally groaned, heaving a deep breath of frustration at being awoken from his sleep. He didn't take kindly to being interrupted.

Jebidiah could almost hear his bones creaking as he sat upright--and definitely could hear a few cracking as he straightened his back. Getting old didn't come without it's 'benefits', and being constantly reminded of them was not something that made Jeb particularly pleasant in the morning.

However, after a brief glance at the clock--4:30am? fudge buckets--Jeb finally managed to shift his weight onto his aching toes and walked over to his dresser to pick up and answer his phone.

"This had better be important," he grumbled, but fortunately--or unfortunately, depending on your outlook--Jeb was not  disappointed.

"Uh huh... How long ago... How many people know? ... Yes, yes of course. We'll both be there shortly."

Weariness--weariness that made his elderliness seem pale in comparison--flooded Jebidiah's bones as he watched the lights on his cellphone go dim, and his sister-in-law's name vanish from the screen.

He knew something would happen... but this. This, he did not expect.

"Jeb... Jeb, what's wrong?" Meredith grumbled as she pushed herself up, only to see her husband sitting on the corner of the bed, his head bowed.

"I knew she was going to come after me... But I underestimated her, Meredith. I completely underestimated her. And now..." Jebidiah shook his head, his eyes clamping shut from sheer rage.

"Honey... Who was that?" she asked, now worried.

"It was your sister," Jebidiah responded coolly, taking another deep breath in order to keep himself composed.

There was a slight gasp behind him as Meredith pulled herself free of the blankets, almost shivering at the realization that this could mean nothing but the worst of news. "Jeb... What's happened."

"You need to get dressed," was his response, his voice vapid and emotionless. "Someone's broken in to the Bottega... And they left us a message." Breath. "A murder."


Jen May 14, 2011 at 2:36 AM  

Ooohhh fantastic chapter!

Alesha looked so sweet and innocent as she came through the front door and said hello to Brad. Awww, then she got totally yelled at. lol
I feel for her though because obviously something is not right there. And it could well have a lot to do with her up-bringing, her family being poor and all.

I thought Dr. de Wynter was just doing his job pushing Amelia for more info. Even if she doesn't go back to see him at least she made a little bit of progress before she left. lol
Very sweet scenes of Amelia & Naomi in the hot tub too. ;)

Okay so on the ending. Omg woman, talk about a cliffhanger! lol Now I'm just dying to know what has happened. Who has been murdered? Yikes! Another murder.

Can't wait to find out! :)

PiB - Nicarra May 14, 2011 at 3:55 AM  

Poor Alesha, nothing like having anger build for hours for a really good explosion, which is what you ran into when you got home.

I did think way back when you asked about why Alesha might be crying that her klepto tendencies would be the cause. :) Brad does have a point that their daughter should certainly be allowed near Jeb though. Klepto is a hard thing to shake though. Good luck with that.

Well, I still hope Mia and Naomi manage to pull it off as a couple, they are very sweet together. But first they have to survive the season and second survive the whims of Mia.

Wow, a murder? Hmm, and we aren't that near the finale yet to reach our first fatality. Who was found dead? I have a theory but only a theory.

LordCharles May 14, 2011 at 6:30 AM  

OHMYGOD WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!!!! I'm not sure I can wait for the next chapter!!!!

I thought for sure that Brad would leave Alesha, which did not make me happy. I'm glad they got things worked out.

I can't describe how much I love Amelia and Naomi! Do you think they'll ever get married an adopt, or get a donor? If they had kids, they'd be even cuter than they are now!

Great update, can't wait for next one!

Unknown May 14, 2011 at 8:56 AM  


Yeah, Alesha *totally* was not expecting to come home to that. XD Her upbringing definitely is the largest problem; she's always been a bit of a mooch off her friends, turning klepto was just one step further. It both amuses me and saddens me that she's so needy and yet so giving at the same time--poor thing.

You're right--even the blunter, more harsh things Dr. de Wynter says are only said to try to provoke Amelia into taking her session seriously and actually talking about her problems. Unfortunately, he seemed to forget what a drama queen she is. ^^

Heeeee--I love dropping cliffhangers; we're reaching the point of the Season where everything is gonna start picking up really fast, too, so that pry won't be the last one! XD

Thank you so so so so much, doll! <3333 *squeeze!*

Unknown May 14, 2011 at 9:01 AM  


I feel sorry for *anyone* who encountered Brad at that point; letting him boil over things is a really really bad idea. Honestly, if Alesha had come home immediately after he found it all, he probably wouldn'tve reacted as poorly.

Oooh--do you mean in the Trailer, PiB? Not sure which 'crying' you're referring to.

Actually--think you misread what Brad said, he actually said he agreed with her decision to cut Jeb off. Him and Jeb's relationship has been pretty tepid lately; ever since Brad's near-Evil experience he's been really wary of turning into his dad or exposing his family to him. I'll have to write that in, at some point.

Bwahaha--yeah, we're about halfway through for the death! I obviously can't say who it is, but if anyone manages to guess it in a hole-in-one... I'd tip my hat to them, certainly. ^^

Thankles, PiB! <3

Unknown May 14, 2011 at 9:14 AM  


Bwahahah!! :D I'm horrible, ain't I? I promise not to make you wait as long for the next episode to go up, though!! <3

Oh nooooo--Brad would never leave Alesha over something like that, thank goodness! He's insanely hurt she never told him anything, but in the end... he's too much of a softie. And like I commented above, he never would've even gotten that angry if he didn't have so much time to simmer over what she'd done.

Hehehehe--already thinking babies for A&N, eh? ;) I can't blame you, I ideally would like them to have some as well. If they DO, they'll adopt, but that's quiiitte a ways in the future, if ever. This Season is really going to put those two through the wringer.

Thank you so much, LC! *uberglomp*!!! <3

PiB - Nicarra May 14, 2011 at 2:43 PM  

Hey Kaleeko, yes I did mean the trailer. I think after you posted it, you asked why Alesha might be crying. :)

Actually, I did read Brad's statement as you intended. He has wanted to avoid turning into his dad since he was a boy. I just forget that and my Sims ultimately get along with family. So I wrote that bit wrong. Gotta make a true rebel sometime.

Sara May 14, 2011 at 3:19 PM  

Fantastic post! Well worth the wait. ;)

Can't say I blame Brad for blowing up at her, given his relationship with his dad. Brad's got a strong sense of ethics (now, at least), and stealing is definitely something he wouldn't tolerate well. Always saw this confrontation being a bit explosive! At the same time, I can definitely see where Alesha's coming from. Hopefully, Brad makes her return the Pesces' stuff! ;)

Amelia, Amelia... Diverting your feelings, as always. Like I said to you before, I definitely think she has some identity issues when it comes to her sexual orientation- it's probably hard for her to talk to a shrink about it! And yet, if he doesn't push her, she'll never open up. Still, can't blame her for storming out, if she's still that touchy about everything. Can't believe she called him a homophobe and a twat XD

As for that last part... hrrm hrrrrm. Very intriguing, woman. I've been plaguing you with my guesses for like ten minutes now, so you know how hooked I am. My main guess is Sam Grant or Junior. I love the action-packed plots you've got brewing!

PiB - Nicarra May 14, 2011 at 3:37 PM  

Sam? Why would Carolina be after Sam? He wasn't part of her downfall. Marta maybe, she was on the wrong side.

My real fear is that it's Thomas. Though I don't think that a husband who gave into blackmail is exactly the kind of message that Carolina wants to leave.

Hmm, Tat?

Unknown May 14, 2011 at 6:47 PM  


Aaah! Well, Alesha crying in the trailer wasn't this event--it's something that happens a bit closer to the end of the season. ;) Yoouu'll see!

Hehehe... Yeah, my sims have much more complex familial relationships than you're used to. ;) I honestly don't think Jeb and Brad have ever even crossed 'Friend' status.

Well--if it's someone that Carolina could have killed to upset Jeb, Sam *could* have fallen into that bracket purely because it pulls out the pins on Jeb's power struggle... I won't discount any guesses until I get to the next post. ^^

Tat's an interesting guess... but for now, my lips are sealed. ^^

Unknown May 14, 2011 at 6:53 PM  


Thank you, lovely! <333

I think it's safe to say that everyone's feelings in this post are pretty justified... They just aren't necessarily good things to be feeling. It's especially tough seeing things kinda rough between Brad and Alesha, but, the boat has to get rocked somehow. :)

*snicker* M'dear, I think the Pesce's may just have to live without their vase... hee.

Amelia is definitely flip-flopping around on her sexual identity, so she gets SO ultra defensive about it. Her shrink probably could've been more tactful, but... after 6 sessions of getting no where, even a seasoned psychiatrist is going to get frustrated. XD

I'll definitely say, that with your guesses you're on the right track--but I won't say if you're right or not. Definitely a lot warmer than your other ideas. *tease* ^^

Alright--now where's YOUR suspense?! Hurry it up, woman! ... Okay, totally kidding. <3 I'm just excited!

LordCharles May 14, 2011 at 7:38 PM  

Hey, Kaleeko, I have a question... could you maybe use my simself as a character (large or small) in your story. It doesn't have to be soon, it can be far away. It would be great, though!

Here's the link:



Chrysame May 14, 2011 at 9:14 PM  

Who is DEAD???!!!! WHOOOO!!! GAHHHH!

Now that I have that out of my system I can properly comment. Brad is a good husband and a good friend to Alesha. I hope the therapist can help her.

Amelia, Amelia, Amelia. You overreacted to what the doctor had to say which leads me to think there might be a kernal of truth to what he had to say. If that's the case then Naomi has my sympathy.

Back to the death. I wouldn't be surprised if it were Marta but Tat is a great guess.

Unknown May 15, 2011 at 10:54 AM  


Heyhey! Awww, your simself! <3

Well, I'm gonna download him and pop him into my game; I honestly can't promise you that he'll make it into the story, but I always love having player-made sims to stick in my hood so that if I have the need for that type of character, I know just who to use!

But, before I do, I wanna make 100% sure that you know that by lending me your sim, you're giving me permission to treat and mistreat him as much as I please. ;) I especially worry because it's your simself! I don't think I've had anyone's simself, before. ^^

Thanks for giving me a Sim to use, though! I'm always looking for new sims to add to my hood--it can be tough relying on SP to give me the right mix of personalities I need.

Unknown May 15, 2011 at 11:01 AM  



Honestly, Brad really is a good husband--a bit easy to upset, but like, if it were Travis in that situation? He probably would've walked out and slammed the door. I just feel bad for Alesha--she definitely doesn't like being 'pitied'.

Is there a kernal of truth in the doctor's words? Totally--you're spot on, there. Or rather, Amelia THINKS there might be... That girl can't get her head screwed on straight right now, unfortunately--and Naomi is the *least* of her issues, too.

Naomi's a pretty tough cookie, though--and smart. I don't think she reasonably is expecting Amelia to be as in love with her as she is with Mia... In a way it's kind of sad, that Naomi is willing to be in that relationship just to be close to her.

Marta and Tat are good guesses--but still can't say who! I'm going to try to get the next episode out midweekish, so you guys won't have to wait too long to find out! >:D

LordCharles May 15, 2011 at 11:49 AM  

Yay! You have permission to hurt him as much as you please, if you need to. Thanks!

Unknown May 15, 2011 at 12:16 PM  

Teeheehee--well, hopefully that doesn't end up being his fate. We'll see! Unfortunately, I never know when I'll be able to use a Sim, but as long as you don't expect him to pop up anytime soon, I *think* I may have a couple of ideas how to use him. >:D *cackle*

LordCharles May 15, 2011 at 5:06 PM  

Haha, I'll just be happy if I see him in the background of a picture. I can't help but wonder what those ideas might be...

PiB - Nicarra May 15, 2011 at 5:56 PM  

@LordCharles - As someone who has had Sims appear in Desperate Sims - it is fun to see them even if it's rare. Thomas Leman who has had cameo appearances this season and Sam Grant the governor are both mine. Even if they don't appear again, it's good to see them pop up for a moment or two.

Can get a little messy for them though. Last season's villain was one of mine and his removal was very spectacular. :)

Kaleeko's Kanes sometimes pop up in my blogs too. Hopefully she usually finds that entertaining.

Christina May 15, 2011 at 10:06 PM  

Most excellent, my dear! Drama, drama, drama and ending on drama<333

Unknown May 16, 2011 at 12:19 AM  

Haha, PiB--I definitely enjoy seeing my characters running around elsewhere. It's really cool to see what they get up to when I'm not OCDing out on their every move.

The only reason I'm more concerned than usual, LordCharles, is that I don't think I've ever used a sim-self before, and that made me a bit paranoid that if I write the character differently than how you see yourself, you might be unhappy with me! D; I shall carry on as usual, though!

In fact--I've 100% decided what I'm going to do with him, now, but I hope you can live up to your promised patience because it's pry going to be at least a month or two before he'll show up. (At least by then it'll be a surprise!)

PiB knows all about patience in that regard though, eh? ^^ *snicker* <3

Unknown May 16, 2011 at 12:20 AM  

@Christina: *glomp* Thank you, babe!! Drama's what I'm going for, so YAY! ;) <3

Tender Wolf May 16, 2011 at 11:51 AM  

EEK! A murder?! Who was killed?! And in Meredith's studio of all places! Bad Carolina, bad! I assume that's who did it anyway. :D And Amelia and Naomi's relationship might be getting a little rocky...wonder if they'll last? And I'm glad Brad was understanding, I just hope he and Alesha don't get caught destroying that stuff! Another great chapter! can't wait to read more!

Anonymous,  May 18, 2011 at 5:25 AM  

Amelia and Naomi should enjoy their time together now and not get hung up on how long it is going to last--or, maybe they should get really serious and have a kid. Meanwhile, I feel so sorry for Alesha, what a terrible thing to have to face.

LordCharles May 20, 2011 at 6:08 PM  

Ah! The suspense is starting to eat away at me!!! Who got murdered? Do you think that you'll be able to post by the end of the weekend? Thanks!

Unknown May 20, 2011 at 6:27 PM  

Awww--hey Charles. <3 Don't worry, the next post is in the works! It SHOULD be up before the weekend... Unfortunately, just had a rough couple of days this week, had a really hard time getting my muse to write. Gonna work my hardest to get it out asap, though!


LordCharles May 20, 2011 at 6:32 PM  

Thanks! Good to know! Hope those few days weren't too bad.


Di Al Martini May 21, 2011 at 2:15 AM  

A murder?
That's left us with lots of question.

I'm glad that Brad was able to handle the situation. He's a very kind hearted character.

Phew, Amelia was being such dramatic. I'm not even wondering. I hope that she will get to know well about her own feelings. It seems that she has doubts. If she wants to chase her happiness, then she should listen more to her heart than what others told her.

Unknown May 21, 2011 at 7:24 PM  


Amelia, dramatic? Noooo... *sarcasm* Hehe. She really is a piece of work. But you're right--she really isn't sure of her feelings. It's rough, especially when she's with someone that 100% is. I feel bad for both Naomi and Mia, at this point.

Brad really is a sweetie--grumpy, but forgiving. XD

Thanks, MJ! <33

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