The Mighty Kanes: Part Two

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bradley's sobs broke the cold silence of the graveyard as a baby cries in a solemn church; the sound found a way to steal away all the other senses... Oh, if only Bradley was not alone.

He had cried here many times before, but not like this: not with the weight of his mistakes, not with true repentence.

It was only now that death truly listened...

... granting him the one opportunity he longed for.

Her sudden presence was noiseless and motionless, giving Bradley no warning to her coming. And for quite some time, she did not let him know; she only watched as he cried, trying to feel as he might -- emotions, something she had not felt in some time.

It wasn't until his lungs heaved a deep sigh that the ghost of Emerald Greenwood extended her cold, briefly corporeal hand towards Bradley's slacking arm and touched her fingers to his elbow.

"It's okay to cry, Bradley," came softly from her lips, as if an echo across a vast distance of water.

The touch -- the voice -- they startled Bradley so much that he almost stumbled backwards over the grave when he spun around. "What the--" he exclaimed, his voice cracking in fright... But when his eyes suddenly realize what he saw, his entire body froze.

"E... Em?" he asked, disbelieving.

"The one and only," she said, her voice no less eerie than before; but, Brad still couldn't help but find it comforting. "Why, aren't you happy to see me?"

"I, I--" Of course Brad was happy to see her... But wasn't he just still dreaming? "... But are you even real?" He finally asked.

When she only shrugged in reponse, Bradley reached foreward a hand towards her, and there he rested his fingers, drawing them slowly down the cold, icy fog of her temporary state.

His fingers felt strange -- almost as if they were numb -- but that didn't change the fact that he really was touching something. She was there... She was real.

"It really is you, isn't it?" Bradley asked, rhetorically. "Oh, Em..." He wanted to cry, but the joy that overcame him from holding her hands in his was so much that not another tear could leave his eye. "I missed you. I've... I've really missed you."

"I know," she responded softly, smiling so sweetly and yet so sadly. "I know."

The quiet breeze in Twinbrook's graveyard was a stark contrast to the sudden noise that bellowed from Jebidiah Kane's lungs in the depths of the railroad warehouse; it had been quite some time since Jeb had shown such fury, for he was usually such a contemplative man...

... Yet there was little about Carolina Leman that was not worth screaming about.

"How dare you bring my wife into this, Carolina! She has done nothing wrong... Nothing against you! She doesn't deserve to be a part of your foolish, stupid games!"

"Ah, but... You aren't really giving me much of a choice, are you, Mr. Kane?" she responded tiredly, as if a cat quite boredly playing with a mouse.

"So, that's really how you want to settle this, hmm, Carolina? A battle of blackmail?" Jebidiah was quite tempted to spit at the woman's leather shoes, but with his wife standing next to him, such crudeness would probably not be seen as chivalrous as he'd mean it to be.

Carolina simply rolled her eyes back at him. "That's how I do business, Kane. You should have known who you were dealing with before you tried to stick your hands where they didn't belong. Twinbrook is Leman territory, now!"

Jeb opened his mouth to offer a sour retort, but his teeth clamped shut when he noticed that Meredith had begun to cry. Under his breath he muttered curses; she'd made this unduly complicated, but he wasn't just about to let her stand there alone.

When he took her into his arms, she whispered a muffled, "I'm so sorry, Jeb," but he only shook his head at her. If only she'd understand how such a not big deal it was... Yet for some reason, their family was held on a leash by this secret. Well -- Meredith and the kids. He couldn't care less about it, anymore. Not now.

"Man, are ye done wich yer bickerin' already?" Max Racket finally piped up. "They just wastin' ar' time, Mrs. Leman. Why don't we just pack up these crates'n git outta here? M'tired of this bull crap."

But it was Max Racket that was the first to jump when a sudden voice of husky alto erupted from the shadows behind them:

"Bull crap... Seems like there's a lot of that floating around in here, tonight." And with the sultry words came a small laugh, and an even more poisonous smile.

The woman in boots had arrived.

As the gang suddenly wheeled around to see their new opponent, Sinbad Rotter's eyes grew even larger than if he'd seen a ghost; and at this moment, that's probably what he would have preferred it to be.


The graveyard again went quiet. Everything seemed to fall into stillness, even though the wind still blew and the fog continued to circle the trees around them.

Them. Not 'him'. Brad never thought he'd be here with someone... Especially not his love. His Emerald.

For the longest time neither of them spoke, only gazing into each others' eyes and grasping tightly each others' hands; for Brad she felt cold; for Emerald, he felt like fire to her skin... Well, whatever it was that she was made of.

Bradley couldn't understand what was going on, but he really didn't even want to -- all that mattered was that she was there.

But, without warning, she drew her hands away. His brows furrowed in confusion; what was going on?

"Brad, I don't have much time. I'm sorry... I would love to sit here with you, to just hold hands, but... I can't," Emerald said, her voice sounding shaky even overtop the natural cascading sound of her ghostly words.

"What do you mean, you 'don't have much time'? You're here, aren't you?"

"I am, yes, but only for a moment," Emerald said, and continued with a shrug. "I'm not sure how long I have."

Brad still looked confused. A moment? Why only a moment?! She was here... He could touch her! Hear her!

"What's going on, Em?" Brad's voice began to shake now as well, and his nerves felt like they were on ice. He couldn't lose her again... Not only after a few moments. "How are you even here?"

"I'm here to give you a message," Emerald said slowly. "Well, sort of. Death heard you, Brad. I heard you. About your sorrow, about what you've done... And it needs to stop. You're going down a terrible path, Bradley, one that can only end in more sorrow and more pain."

Bradley's eyes closed; he could feel the corners of his eyes growing stiff from his dried tears, but it was quickly becoming less and less dry again. "But I had to save you, Em... I was only doing it for you."

"Bradley, that's not what I wanted. This isn't what I wanted, not for you, for anyone." Emerald shook her head, and then made a quick, decisive movement with both hands. "It needs to stop."

"But it can, now... It can, Em! You're here! I don't have to do it anymore if--"

"Brad..." The ghostly echoes in Emerald's voice carried away like waves, a painful euphoria to Bradley's ears.

"Bradley," she said, finally continuing. "I'm no longer meant for this world. For life. My life is in the Reaper's hands, now. Even if I wished to stay, I cannot. I was sent for one chance, Brad... Just one chance to try to help you."


"Brad," Emerald said, insistent. "For once, it's time for you to listen."

Sinbad Rotter barely had time to turn around before the woman in boots made her way across the warehouse floor, her high-heels clicking and her anger growing stronger by the second -- so the moment that Sinbad was facing her, that face was hers for the smacking.

Her being none other than Tatianna Solez: Bounty Hunter.

"I. CAN'T. BELIEVE. YOU!" Tatianna screamed as her hand made sharp contact with Sinbad's face. "I could understand dumping me for Marta, but then you dumped her for Rosy?! And then you betrayed Jeb for someone as slimy as the Lemans?! I knew you were stupid, Sinbad, but this is just disgusting!"

The poor boy couldn't get any words out until his face was done being swatted by Tat's Flail of Fury, but the only ones he could manage were, "Aagh, I'm sorry!" before stumbling away from her.

"That doesn't cut it! You always were so thick!"

It was at that moment that Thomas finally broke free of the trance of Tatianna's distraction -- and what he saw was not something to be amused about.

Four cops clad in black emerged from all sides of the building, creeping up around them. They were locked in -- all of them.

"Tatianna-- What have you done?" Thomas whispered, angry.

"Only giving you what you deserve. You two have been giving me the slip for quite some time... It was only fair that I give up on one bounty for a much, much larger prize."

"You're a rotten liar, Tatianna! When we left Sunset Valley, you told me you'd given up trying to bring us in! You told me you were going to leave us be!"

"Well..." Tatianna looked into Carolina's eyes without remorse. "Turns out the pay for bringing criminals in is a lot more than being empty handed."

"Then you've--"

"I've made a deal, yes," Tatianna said with a sickened smile. "One that would make any amount of Simolie's you could ever offer me look veerrryy, very small. I'm afraid it's time for the Leman's life of crime to finally catch up with them!"

As Tatianna spoke the magic words, the entire building was flooded with darkness; the doors slammed shut, the window shutters closed, the lights went out; and as their eyes all suddenly became useless, an indistinguishable voice cried out into the void:

"Get them!"

Emerald's words stung Bradley's heart -- she'd said many things to him in life that hurt him, but somehow, them coming from her ghost was even worse. Now was the one opportunity to see her after she'd passed away, and she was refusing him all over again. Why?!

"I don't get it. So... The Grim Reaper, like, made you a ghost so that you could tell me to stop going back in time to save you?"

"In a way, I suppose yes," Emerald began, though her voice didn't sound so certain. "To be honest, I know very little. I know he heard your pleas. Death knows little mercy, but you've shown him far more respect than many that walk these grounds. But maybe he just heard mine, that I wanted to stop you before he took you for his own."

Bradley shook his head. This didn't make any sense... The Grim Reaper was just a fairy tale -- like Santa, the Easter Bunny... But then, Ghosts had always been fairy tales, too.

"I... reeaaaallly don't understand what's going on, Em," Brad said in disbelief. "But... You are right. I don't know what I've been doing, lately. I've just been so lost. Ever since you died, I felt like part of me died, too. You were everything to me, and I never told you that. All I wanted was to tell you, Em."

"I always knew, Brad. You never had to tell me." She smiled briefly, but then continued, "We both made mistakes... But they're mistakes you shouldn't have to pay for anymore." Emerald paused for a moment, taking a breath even though she didn't need it.

"So... What now?" Bradley asked. "I stop trying to save you and I stop trying to bring you back... What purpose is there left in my life?"

"Oh, Brad," Emerald said, her voice sad yet amused. "I was only one girl in your entire life. There will be others. And, there already is another. You can't spend your entire life obsessing over a dead girl. I mean... Look at me. This is all that's left of me. A shadow. You can't love this, Brad. You have to realize that there are better things than this."

"But.. But Em..." Bradley began to plead, his voice rhaspy. "I want you. I just want you. There's no one else in this world I could care for as much as you."

"Yes, Brad, there is. You're just lying to protect me, and to protect yourself." Emerald's face became cold, yet her eyes still seemed so full of caring.

"I know your heart, Brad. I know there is someone else out there you could care for, even more than me if you really tried. You're just afraid." Bradley could feel his heart sting as she began to finally speak what he knew to be the truth -- he just had never understood it until now. "You're afraid of losing someone else you love. You know I can't break your heart again, so you cling to me... But you need to let go, Brad. You need to let go, for both of us."

"W.. What do you mean?"

"Brad... There's something else that you don't seem to understand; until you let go, neither of us can rest in peace."

As those two words -- 'Get them!' -- resounded through the empty, lightless warehouse, a sudden eruption of noise suddenly surrounded them.

At first it was mostly scuffling, but as people fell over boxes, others cursed, punches were thrown and hair was grabbed, the darkness of the building became a myriad of other sensations... Most of which incredibly unpleasant.

The noise was nothing compared to when the power breaker was flipped again, though.

The hum of the lights returned, the rolling doors flew up, the window shutters reopened; and the sight that anyone lucky enough not to have a fist in their face saw was quite something to be seen.

The entire warehouse was full of flying dust, as cops battled criminals... And criminals battled criminals.

With everyone now able to fully see, the fights got even more destructive -- and the yelling even more desperate when certainly Sinbad Rotters realized they were having their butt kicked by certain Tatianna Solezes.

But, the fighting couldn't last forever; as the dust began to clear, the final battle was finally won... And it ended brilliantly with Thomas Leman being skyrocketed up away from the floor, with Jebidiah Kane smiling devilishly at his handiwork.

He may be gray, but Jebidiah still hadn't lost his touch.

However, in the clamor of the fight he'd lost something a little bit more precious to him... His wife.

"Hold it! Hold it all of you!" Carolina's voice cried from the corner of the room. "I've got the woman! Don't anyone move, or I swear, you'll regret it!"

The entire room froze as they realized that in the scuffle, Carolina had escaped -- with Meredith. Meredith struggled to get away, but she was having no success; she was both too frightened and too weak to get away from Thomas' wife.

As Carolina strongly dragged Meredith towards the exit, she yelled, "Let Thomas go, and she won't be harmed!"

"Carolin--"  A cop began, his voice wheezy.

"Just shut up! The woman's mine until both I and my husband are free to go!"

"Don't listen to her, Thomas -- honey," Jebidiah spoke, this directed at Meredith. "You're going to be fine. Just stay calm."

Each police officer had their grasp on at least one criminal -- all but Thomas, who stood opposite his wife, with Jeb the only thing standing between them.

"And why would I listen to you, Jeb?" Thomas growled. "Carolina isn't going to give up your wife until she has me. Only one way out of this, Kane."

"No, I think not," Jeb said, his eyes looking back towards his struggling wife. "As I think I have suitable leverage to ensure both you and your wife make it safely to prison." Thomas looked at Jeb quizzically, but it was soon explained when Jeb pulled a thick computer tablet from inside of his jacket.

"What is--" Thomas began, but was cut off when Jeb tossed the computer (iPad? Gasp!) to the floor, which skidded up to Thomas's feet.

Thomas was still confused, his glare turning from Jeb to the floor; slowly, he bent down to begin picking it up...

... but he stopped once he suddenly realized what was on the screen.

The small speaker on the front of the device rattled as the sounds of crying began to pour out of it.

"D-d-daddy... Please... Help me!" The face of Naomi Leman stared back at Thomas through the screen, but she immediately hid it behind her hands as she began to sob. "I'm s-s-so scared," she stuttered, her voice still muffled through her cries.

The image of Naomi faded away for a moment as the camera apparently was moved -- and this time, a different voice came through the speaker.

"I got her hear just liked you asked, Kane," said Shark Racket, smiling evilly. "Just gimme the word when yer ready."

"N..No, you couldn't... You wouldn't!" Thomas yelled, his reddened face turning towards Jebidiah Kane -- but he was only met with a cool, calculated expression. No words; no emotion.

Thomas looked from his daughter's face to Jebidiah's, but as his momentary anger wore off, he felt his knees collapse to the ground.

"Please... Please, I'll do anything you ask, Kane... Anything... Just don't hurt my daughter!"

Jebidiah didn't move. He continued to stare at Thomas down his nose, but he stood, motionless, arms crossed. "You know what I want, Leman. I'll only ask once."

"Don't listen to him, Thomas! He's bluffing! Just get up and c'mon! Let's go!" Carolina screamed, her hand still clutching Meredith's arm so tight that she could feel her nails coming through her gloves into her skin.

Meredith was horrified -- but not as horrified of her husband as she was of being taken away by this... This woman. At this point, she didn't care what was going on as long as she got out of it -- soon.

But, Thomas ignored his wife. "Please... My daughter is everything to me. You know, Kane. You know what it's like, your daughter, she--"

"You mean the one that was used, by your daughter, to get information on me? Good thing I know how to plant false evidence, hmm? False trails? You have nothing, Leman."

"Al...Alright, Kane. The shipment... The files... They're all yours," Thomas stuttered, his hands breaking open in pleading gasps to the man standing coldly before him. "This town is yours. I-- I don't care, anymore. I just beg you... Please, let my daughter go."

A smile slowly crept up on Jebidiah's lips as Thomas Leman finally relented -- and as he heard the cops descending on both their wives behind him, he breathed a deep sigh into his lungs. Though it was a rough beginning, he knew won thing for certain: tonight, he had won.

Tonight, Jebidiah Kane ruled the world.

As he pulled Emerald close to her, Bradley couldn't help but notice the texture of her hair; it was like strands of frost... They felt so fragile, but even the warmth of his hand could not melt them. But, even as he held her, he could feel her growing softer and softer...

She was beginning to fade away.

"I don't want to lose you again, Em," Brad said through the painful tightness of his throat. "I wish... I wish so much you could stay."

"No, Brad. You don't." As Brad pulled away, he could hardly stand to look at her face; she was smiling. She was smiling; why?! "There are so, so many things in life waiting for you. You have an amazing life ahead of you. Things that even I couldn't give you, if I were alive."


"It's okay, dorkbrain. You need to stop feeling guilty about living your life!" Emerald continued to smile, looking deep within his eyes. "After a while, you won't even miss me anymore. Besides... As you find peace... So will I."

Brad's throat closed against his words as he tried to find something to say -- but everything he thought of, he knew it wasn't true. Emerald was right, as much as he hated to admit it.

Her lips still pulled into a sweet smile, Emerald pulled herself up close to him and reached out her hand to grasp his; she leaned in close, and pressed her frozen cheek against his.

After a moment, she closed her eyes and finally found the courage to say, "Brad... It's time to let go."

The moment their eyes locked lasted a century. Bradley knew, he could have lived a lifetime, happily, in that gaze.

There were no words left to say. It was all silence between them -- in their hearts, both wished to say it, to say the words they'd longed to for years. Just three words. 'I love you'. But it was no longer right. No longer fair.

But that didn't change the fact they each knew it in their hearts.

She didn't -- couldn't -- turn to watch him go. Her eyes closed against tears that weren't there, the tears she couldn't make; but they would not have been tears of sorrow.

Emerald Greenwood was finally free.

It was the hardest steps that Bradley Kane had ever taken in his life, but for once he was not afraid to make them. He knew behind him the girl he had loved still stood, but he would not watch her fade away. It wasn't time to look back, anymore.

It was time to look ahead.

 The numbers glowed under his thumb, but he found it hard to press them. 'It's not that hard, Travis. You either do it, or you don't. But you gotta do something.'

He stared at her name on his phone; but, although it drove a sickening pit through his stomach, he had to do it. In a way, Travis felt like he had no choice -- but he did have a choice.

And she was his choice, for better... Or for worse.

"Um... Um hi," he stuttered as he heard her voice on the other end of the line. "So... I think we need to talk."


PiB - Nicarra December 17, 2010 at 3:25 AM  

Ah Bradley, at last your wishes are answered. Em is finally there to talk to.

Ah Jeb, Carolina is so worth yelling at. Poor Meredith, so unready for anything like this. She may love Jeb but she is so far from ready for his games... Good entrance for the woman in boots.

Tat, you hadn't left town. Nice new outfit that you bought at some point. And good distraction while the cops get into position. Tat lied...gosh Carolina like you never do...and the lights go out.

Maybe Brad can finally take that lesson to heart. He needs to let go so they both can go free. Or death may claim him as his own. And face his persistent fears of love.

No wonder this took work. A mass fight scene can't be easy.

Oh my Jeb does have an evil side after all. And Thomas, my sweet flirty boy. I'm glad that in the end, your daughter is more important to than any scheme. Cause I'd be disappointed in you if you weren't a good da, in the end.

But Jeb Kane only rules Twinbrook, not the world. He did good work cleaning up town though.

Urk, what a tearjerker that last scene with Em is. Go forth and live little geek.

Anonymous,  December 17, 2010 at 9:16 AM  

So much goodness in this post. Jeb was a badass. Tat returns! Emerald makes Brad see the truth. Tats Flail of Fury!! Marta sneaking in and killing the lights. FIGHT!

Sinbad got his and for that alone I'm happy. I hope Brad is walking towards a certain female's house. Maybe not right at that moment but soon.

Did Travis call Jade or Lolly? That's my new question.

Unknown December 17, 2010 at 1:09 PM  

Dragging Tatianna back into the scene was so satisfying. ^^ I really missed having her about, and this was the perfect opportunity for Jeb to set her up to catch a big fat prize -- as long as it granted his own freedom, still. ;)

I need to nab a better screenshot of her in that outfit too, at some point -- she looks pretty killer in it.

Yep, Brad's finally got a wake-up call from the only person he'd probably listen to -- but is he really ready to move on to a certain someone yet? We'll see.

Mass fight scene was aannooying to do, since everyone kept trying to leave. 16 people in the household at once, agh! Thank gawd for Twallan tools. The 4 family members, 4 cops, 6 Leman gang, Marta and Tat.

It would not really be Jeb without showing some evil -- I hate making him seem like this good dad with good intentions all the time. He cares about his family, but everything else... well. Not really.

Thomas, however, had to keep the personality you'd given him -- I'd be ashamed if I didn't stick to his love for family. Carolina... well. I took some liberties there, but she kicks butt at evil school.

No, Jeb doesn't quite rule the world, but it's 'his' world. :)

Sinbad totally deserved what he got. He dated Tat first, then Marta, then after he dumped her he stole Rich Wheloff's wife. Pry for the money. Such a jerk.

I do hope I jerked some tears with Brad/Em -- it was very hard for me to write. :( So much sadness!

Jade or Lolly, Jade or Lolly... We shall see! >:D

PiB - Nicarra December 17, 2010 at 3:31 PM  

So the new side question from me is how would Amelia react if she finds out from her friend about that night?

I vote that Trav called Jade. Lolly is just too much for him to cope with. :)

Deema316 December 17, 2010 at 4:30 PM  

I am sooooo happy for Bradley. It was really sad when he finally got to see her only to be told that she couldn't stay but at least he got to see her. He now knows that she knows how he feels about her. Finally he will, I hope, start living for the future instead of the past.

Oh Travis, who are you calling? Please let it be Jade.

"in gruff voice" Now, for the rest of the story.
That was awesome. I am so proud of Thomas. Doing anything to save his daughter....who probably wasn't even locked in a cell. She probably went along with it. :)

Carolina. What do I say about Carolina. How could someone as sweet and nice as me, create someone as evil as you. :D :P

Thank you so much Kaleeko. You have shown Carolina the way she was meant to be shown. <3
This had me on the edge of my seat.
I read it this morning and am reading parts of it again. I just didn't have time to comment this morning. I had only planned to read part of it this morning and when I started, I couldn't stop.

PiB - Nicarra December 17, 2010 at 5:02 PM  

Eh, I believe that Jeb would have someone's daughter kidnapped and locked up for this. Even if it is his daughter's best friend.

Mostly because her dad should know the sound of genuine panic and a fake kidnapping might not get the right response.

Jebidiah is actually evil. He just doesn't show it often.

Unknown December 17, 2010 at 5:20 PM  

Well, you'll hear a little bit about what happened with Naomi next post in the aftermath; Jeb probably has a little explaining to do to his wife, mm?

I'm so glad that you enjoyed what I did with Carolina, Dee. ^^ I have a feeling it won't be the last we'll see of her, either.

As much fun the warehouse scene was, the real story is Brad -- and I'm glad that everyone seems to be happy for how things have ended, with him. He's still got a rough road ahead, but at least it's the *right* road.

Monday's gonna be a rather short finale post, but it'll also have the machinima. I warn, the machinima is a tad long because of the song length (I think it's just under 5min), and it's not the huge plot-twist sort of thing Into Dust was, but it still should wrap everything up very nicely. :D

Deema316 December 17, 2010 at 5:51 PM  

Monday seems like a long way off. I'm glad you told me. That way maybe I'll be able to allow more time to read and watch, instead of having to rush.

I agree. Jeb is evil enough to have his daughters best friend kidnapped. But. I bet he made Shark promise not to hurt her if it is a real kidnapping.

PiB - Nicarra December 17, 2010 at 8:45 PM  

Jebby, you got some 'spainin' to do.
Ok, that's out of my system now.

It wouldn't surprise me if Shark had instructions to scare her as much as possible without actually hurting her at all.

Now I'm curious as to the song that the machinima uses. :)

Unknown December 17, 2010 at 10:49 PM  

Not sure if you'll know the song, but it is by a rather famous artist so it's entirely possible. I think I initially heard it on House, which is the same place I heard Into Dust for the first time.

Monday isn't that far away, at all. :) I honestly could probably whip out the post tonight in a few minutes because it's so short, but I need a break after those last two!

Interesting speculations about Naomi. ;)

PiB - Nicarra December 18, 2010 at 1:11 AM  

Rather famous artist, well now that narrows it down.

My knowledge of music is very sporadic. I'll know quite well one artist, bits and pieces of someone far more famous and completely clueless about the current trend. We do watch House but that's not too helpful either.

:) me want post.

Unknown December 18, 2010 at 1:33 AM  

Hehehe. :) I think it's an amazing song. Once I heard it and read through it's lyrics, I knew it was perfect for this. As I've mentioned before, I really can't make a machinima unless I hear something that really inspires me. Fitting a song to a video idea just doesn't work.

I actually have the post almost finished (I just thought I'd work on it a bit, and it turns out it's *that* short that I'm almost done), but I think I'm still gonna wait until at least Sunday to put it up.

And yes, PiB, I saw you subscribe to my Youtube account -- but I won't be uploading the vid til right before I post. ;) So, no spoiling! Hee!

Unknown December 18, 2010 at 2:34 AM  

Scratch that -- it's done.

I'll post it tomorrow night if I hear from at least one other Simmer by then. I just feel bad dumping a ton of stuff on people who aren't caught up yet! ;D

Also, I think heavy resting and heavy simming has all but cured my throat/lung grossness. I'm feeling much better, now -- knock on wood. Hooray!

PiB - Nicarra December 18, 2010 at 3:51 AM  

Drat, she noticed my cunning plan! I hates it when that happens. LOL

:) I should feel very bad, I've been dropping posts everywhere - but no more than one a day.

Hurray for feeling better.

Anonymous,  December 18, 2010 at 9:25 AM  

Caught up and ready for more, Kaleeko! Post when you're ready! *waits anxiously*

Unknown December 18, 2010 at 12:16 PM  

Aw, screw it. I'm even more impatient than the rest of ye. ;D Post is going up momentarily, just waiting for the video to finish uploading to Youtube.

I think it's possible I'm more nervous about this video than the last one. >.> Gah.

Deema316 December 18, 2010 at 12:48 PM  

I was just about to say how happy I am that you are going to post now....but... instead I'll say....IT'S UP!!! IT'S UP!!! HURRY!!! IT'S UP!!!

Di Al Martini December 20, 2010 at 2:19 AM  

Wow, it's amazing update. Even the cops seemed oblivious to Jeb's trickery. He's a really smart guy.
Love the part of Em and Brad. I felt sorry for them for not be together, but Bradley has to let her go.

Unknown December 20, 2010 at 6:53 PM  

Thanks, MJ. <3

Jeb's still got a great cover of being a PI, so he can get away with a lot of stuff -- even though, a smart cop would worry about how Jeb "kidnapped" a man's daughter as leverage, even if she was cooperating.

I think Twinbrook is short a few smart cops, though. :P

Jen December 23, 2010 at 4:13 AM  

This was awesome!
16 sims, arghhhh! Well done though, you totally pulled it off. ;)

There was so much going on in this chapter that I don't know where to start...

Okay so brad...I'm so happy for him. Finally he's going to move on from Emerald's death. Yey! And possibly into the arms of - Alesha?

So the lady in the boots was Tatianna. Of course!
I really had no idea who it was. Hahaha.
Sinbad you silly boy. He probably thought he was so smart.
I was on the edge of my seat through out this. Great fight scenes, oh no poor Meredith but then Jeb had Thomas' daughter held hostage, oh that was classic!

Shots of Jeb in black and with his arms crossed - gaaa he looks so sexy! lol

Finally I wonder who Travis is calling? Lolly, Jade? Or someone knew? lol

Catching up sloooowly. I should be caught up before Christmas. :)

Unknown December 23, 2010 at 5:06 AM  

Yeah.. I have *no* idea how I managed 16 Sims, especially since even with free will off they kept trying to leave... But at least afterwards I didn't save so I didn't have to deal with rearranging all the households back to the way they were supposed to be.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Jen. :D It was a lot of fun to write! You're right, there's a *ton* going on--even confusing for me at times--but at least next Season is going back to a more one-sim focus. Posts will probably be a lot shorter because of that. Thank goodness. ;D

And I have to agree--I was just telling PiB in chat earlier how I keep looking back at those screenshots of Jeb and drooling. He's not the most attractive sim, but there is *something* about him. Geeky bad boy thing going, I guess. Ha!

Don't worry about catching up too fast, girl--I know how busy you've been, and I know how crazy long my posts are. Means a lot to me that you take the time to get caught up, though.

Big <3's!

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