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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Below lies the synopsis to Season Three; written so that those who wish to be caught up, but do not want to suffer through 40-odd previous posts, may do so. Warning: I may have forgotten certain things, so... Trust my summary at your own risk!

Season Three

At the end of Season Two, hints are dropped that Jebidiah finds a negotiating solution with the Bounty Hunter in order to make her go away... But no details are dropped, yet. But, the beginning of Season Three carries a bit of a different tune -- it begins with showing the current disgruntlement that each son has with their particular predicaments. For Travis, it's dealing with a very annoying, clingy girlfriend; for Bradley, it's the fact that, now that he must wear glasses like his father, he's not only becoming more and more like him, but that he's going to be an even bigger nerd at school.

Meanwhile, something's definitely awry with Jebidiah. He's getting numerous phone calls with various demands from someone, and is now taking some rather extra lengths to ensure a bigger income of cash, including blackmailing various people around Twinbrook. The first of which is a woman named Penny Peddler, who he discovers is pregnant with a child that isn't her husband's.

Well, Meredith quickly discovers this secret for herself, when she runs into Penny and her lover in the gardens -- turns out it's her sister's husband, Howard. Not far away, Jeb is seen taking care of a man named Marc Brandt, who turns out to be the scum that ratted him out to the bounty hunter. But, how did he discover this?

Later, Jeb's increase in stress causes him and Meredith to break out into an argument where not only does he blame her for their current problems -- "If you hadn't gotten involved..." -- but he reveals that they're being blackmailed into backruptcy, and he's had to borrow a large sum of cash from his mother in order to prevent them from going dry. Well, Meredith's had quite enough, and makes the incredibly stupid mistake of falling into bed with her best friend's husband, Shamus.

It quickly becomes apparent that the source of the blackmailing was Tatianna the Bounty Hunter (if it wasn't obvious enough). And, it turns out that not only is she greedy, but she's insaciably greedy -- despite the fact that Jeb brings her the amount of money she asked for, she asks for double, or she'll rat him out to Riverview. Desperate to keep his family together, he agrees to find the money, somehow.

Later, Travis finally has had quite enough of his own love life, and unceremoniously dumps Lolly. The peasants rejoiced.

Doesn't take long for Travis to move on, though; he quickly jumps into a relationship with Jade Greenwood, who has been crushing on him for some time. He's not the only one that flames are turning up for, though; Bradley, who recently aged up to a teenager, is now not only crushing on Emerald Greenwood (Jade's sister), but absolutely head over heels for her.

Well, guilt finally catches up with Meredith and she confesses to Jeb that she cheated on him with Shamus. Considering what he put her through -- and the terrible things he said to her beforehand -- he's incredibly forgiving. He believes it wasn't really her fault -- in fact, he mostly blames Shamus, who he quickly seeks out and demands never set foot near his family again, 'Or else'.

Back in the land of teenage hormones, Bradley is officially in love with Emerald... But, being the absolute coward socially he is, is totally unsure how to go about dealing with those emotions. Emerald takes the first steps and invites Brad out to go swimming... skinny dipping, to be precise. What first is awkward turns into the best night Brad has ever had -- and ends with Emerald giving him his first kiss. Despite the fact he can still barely put two coherent sentences together in her presence, he's convinced he's going to spend the rest of his life with her.

Things for Travis and Jade: going really well. Things for Meredith and Jeb: also doing well... But, Meredith gives in and tells Eva what happened between her and Shamus, since it's unlikely Shamus would do it himself. Eva is so unhappy she walks off without even another word. Yeah, can't blame her.

Well, things start to go sour between Brad and Emerald. Though Emerald has done everything she could to try and get Brad to step up to the plate and ask her out, he's failed; saying that they can't truly be together until he stops being so afraid of taking risks, Emerald tells him she's not going to wait for him any longer.

Soon after, Amelia ages up to a child, finally; and Meredith confronts Eva, only to discover that Eva was not upset with Meredith, but with her manipulative husband. Not wanting to let this get between their friendship, she forgives Mere. Eva: nicest person in the world, ever.

Things aren't looking so hot in Jade and Travis land, either; Travis throws a really big party while the rest of the family is out camping, and discovers Jade exchanging saliva with another boy in their class.

After promptly breaking up with her, he retreats into solitude where Emerald goes to comfort him. Well. Comforting turns to hugging which turns to kissing. They realize that they need each other for... some convoluted teenage reasoning.

Strangely enough, it seems things for Tatianna in Twinbrook have been rather rough -- particularly between her and her love interest -- so she decides to return some of Jeb's money out of the kindness of her heart before retreating with the rest to some tropical location or some such. It's not a very heartfelt goodbye. It seems the Kane family is rid of one problem.

But, another one is just beginning. Emerald, frustrated that Brad still hasn't had the courage to ask her out, decides to give in to Travis' pressure and ends up agreeing to date him instead. She decides that perhaps dating Bradley's brother will be a good way to make him jealous and finally prod him into action.

Well, Emerald's right about one thing -- Bradley is furious. He immediately attacks Travis for dating the only girl he ever cared about, but Travis has a rather good retort: if he liked her so much, why didn't he ask her out?

On a more happy note, with the Kane's now slowly coming out of debt, Meredith decides to start her own interior design business. Yaaayy.

Not so happy note: Travis and Bradley still aren't getting along. Emerald and Bradley are hardly even talking. And to top the cake off with a horrid cherry, Emerald is actually falling in love with Travis.

Travis, however, is still incredibly hung up over Jade. In fact, the only reason he's able to stand dating Emerald is the fact that she looks a lot like Jade. Shallow? Totally. But, that's not the only shallow thing... Bradley's finally decided to fight dirty. He discovers Jade is still hung up over Travis, too, so he convinces Jade to ask Travis to break it off with Emerald -- as softly as possible.

That way, Jade and Travis could be together happily ever after, and Bradley would be able to be there for Emerald once she realized how much better off she was without Travis. Everyone would be happy, right?

Wrong. Bradley decides to spy on Jade's talk with Travis, and overhears that Travis decides just to give Emerald the 'cold shoulder' for a few weeks to brush her off the easy way, meanwhile snogging Jade the whole while behind her back. Both Jade and Travis are rather happy with this solution.

Brad, however, is not. Knowing how much Emerald liked Travis, he didn't want things to be ended so coldly -- she deserved better.

Bradley decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. Mustering up his courage, he tells Emerald that Travis has been cheating on her with her sister. Absolutely outraged, Emerald takes Brad's car and drives off to the Kane house, where she finds Travis and confronts him.

Equally unhappy, Travis tells Emerald that he never loved her, and that they were over. Emerald is, to put it mildly, absolutely crushed... She flees the house in a fit of tears, disappearing down the road in Brad's car without saying where she's headed.

Unfortunately, no one will ever know where she was going, because her ride is sent very short: as seen in the first part of the Season finale, the Desperate Sim's first machinima, Emerald's car crashes and she is killed instantly.

To make matters worse, Emerald's funeral takes a steep turn downhill when Bradley and Travis break out into a fight, blaming each other for being the cause of Emerald's death. The final scene of the season is Jade comforting Travis, while Bradley leaves they graveyard full of rage.

With this dramatic ending, it doesn't bode of good things to come for the relationship between these brothers; however, at least on a positive note, it can't go much of anywhere but up from here.


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