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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Parenting... It's something that comes with its fair share of stresses and pains, and a whole myraid of emotions tied to the failures and successes of the children we love. But, while for some it's an unintended burden with which they must learn to cope, for others it's the greatest bliss: and neither of the Kane parents would ever be caught saying that they didn't love every single moment of being a mother and father.

They wouldn't be caught saying it, because it would be a lie. And, today, one of those joys was finally about to come to another fruition.


Although, Meredith probably could have stood to be a little less anxious.

As the Kane family arrived at Twinbrook's beach, Meredith suddenly grabbed her head and screamed, "Aaaghh, I forgot the cake!"

So, as they waited for her to return from the grocery with Bradley's Special Confection of Age-ly Proclamation, the rest of the family started to get ready for the guests to arrive...

The guests being most of Travis's friends, that is. Bradley, albeit his friendly nature, still did not have many -- and not one of Travis's didn't like the idea of going to a party. What else is being a teen all about? School? Whatever!


But as Jebidiah proved, the kids weren't the only ones that wanted to have a little bit of fun.


Travis showed Emerald -- newly aged herself -- some new dance moves...


... and everyone else decided to play in the sprinkler, since no one would dare swim in the gross-ity that is Simslaus Lake.

Meredith was thankful that she arrived back in time to indulge in some sprinkler-hopping herself, before it was time to blow out the candles.


As Bradley looked out over the lake, the friends and family cheering for him to grow into a new age, and the three candles on his wonderfully generic cake, he couldn't help but hope -- hope, for a moment -- that the next stage of his life would be better than the last.


But... For good measure, he made sure to wish for it, too.

Good thing he was looking in the other direction, though; if he'd had seen his dad pointing and laughing...


Bradley was finally a teenager... His parents (even Jebidiah-the-mocking) could not be happier to see him get to that point, to see him grow to an age where he'd finally be able to sprout some independence.

And from the other side of the table, although Bradley did not notice her enthusiasm, there was someone else who was even more happy to see him finally come of age.


"You know, Jade, just because I'm taking you out to dinner doesn't mean you have to skimp on getting what you want," Travis said as he looked over his food at his friend. "I've got a job now, I've got a few extra Simolie's lyin' around."

"Yeah, and I didn't skimp out. I just really wanted a hot dog!" Jade responded with a laugh, before taking another large bite from her food.

Travis chuckled to himself and shrugged. He wouldn't argue with her. "Well, suit yourself then."


Jade set down the rest of her meal onto her plate, and spent a few moments in silence staring across the table at Travis before she finally blurted out, "So uh, why were you so insistent I come to the Bistro with you tonight?"

"What, I can't ask a friend out to dinner?" Travis responded with another laugh, shaking his head at her.

"Well, yeah, of course, but..."

"Just finish up your hot dog, and then I'll tell you, alright?" Inside his head, he mentally rolled his eyes and continued to laugh: "Silly, silly impatient women!"


Finally, when they'd finished eating, Travis led Jade across the street, where they stopped at the top of the stairs leading down to the lakeside. There, they joined hands and stood in silence, gazing into each other's eyes... Until:

"So, why here?"

"Haha, Jade, can't you leave the surprise in anything? I just wanted to be away from the street lights, so we could be under the stars..."


And, why did he want to be under the stars? ... Well, Jade found out quickly enough. It was... quite a long kiss, as well; it wasn't until Travis' lips felt coarse that he finally pulled away, again seeing Jade's beautiful eyes looking back into his.


"Jade, I... There's something I want to ask you." As he drew away, he took her hand firmly into his. He realized, he had an awfully hard time keeping eye contact.

"What is it, Travis?" Jade giggled; she knew quite well what was coming, but... Like he said, she needed to stop ruining the surprise.

"Well, I know it's pretty soon, I only just broke things off with Lolly the other day, but..."

"But what?"


"But, I don't think I would be happy unless I could call you my girlfriend."

A broad smile crossed Jade's lips, one that displayed every pearly white tooth she was capable of showing. She didn't have to say a word in response -- he already knew her answer.


And, still clasping hands, they could feel the racing heartbeat through each others' palms... They both knew, this was the moment they both had been waiting for.


Bradley's first day in high school... Well. It could've been better. Travis was certainly not the supportive brother he could've been, and Brad had come to realize that he really, really did not fit in. He tried so hard to be funny, but no one laughed at his jokes... He was so friendly to everyone he met, but everyone thought he wasn't being genuine... He tried so hard to be smart, but he just ended up being that nerdy kid who knows too much Star Sims trivia. ("I mean, come on -- who doesn't like Star Sims?")

He didn't quite understand why no one found him entertaining -- he sure thought he was interesting! But... The glasses never lie. He'd been labelled. He couldn't help but wish that High School was over. So, OMP totally, over.

And it was still only his first day.


As he worked on his first high school homework assignment, he realized that he would probably end up spending most of his time here at the library, like all the other studious nerds his age. He didn't particularly care, but, part of him yearned for the great outdoors, for adventure... He was a brilliant inventor, so maybe someday -- someday -- he'd invent something to take him far, far away from here...

... Somewhere where someone would like him.


But Bradley didn't have to go nearly as far -- or wait nearly as long -- as he thought he would in order to get that.

"Brad... Braaad!" As Bradley tucked away his fishing pole (he'd been trying to lure in a big-one for a school assignment that day) he heard a voice calling his name from across the pond... There, he saw Emerald's face appear from over the rushes... and his heart skipped a beat.

Emerald Greenwood...

"I've been looking all over for you! Figured you had to be at one of the fishing holes for that assignment Mrs. Curious gave you... You end up catching anything yet?"

"Naw." After a moment, Bradley sighed at himself. "Wow, Brad, wasn't that awfully charismatic of you! You're such an idiot." 


Brad was surprised to find that Emerald hadn't come empty handed -- as he neared the spot she'd called from, she began to lay out a picnic blanket and set out some food for him.

"I figured you'd be hungry," Emerald said as she plopped herself down onto the red-checkered fabric. "And that you wouldn't get back into town until you were famished. See, I even made you a tofu burger!"

Well... Tofu burger wasn't exactly Brad's food pick of the month, but he bit into it as enthusiastically as one can bite into the food prepared by the girl one had been oggling after for the last, oh, you know, infinity.

"You're so thoughtful, Emerald!" Bradley smiled, looking at her through the glare in his circular glasses "I... Really, thanks."

"Don't mention it. I finished all my homework early, and Jade's off hanging out with your brother as usual, so... I figured I'd, you know, hang out with my sister's boyfriend's brother."

It wasn't all that funny, but, they both laughed. Bradley realized, for once, someone actually shared his dry sense of humor.... And it just had to be the girl he liked... Oh brother.


As he finished and Emerald started to put everything away, Bradley was completely taken off-guard when she reached over and grabbed his hand -- he felt a bit like a fish out of water, flapping about awkwardly as she grasped each sweaty palm into hers... but she didn't seem to mind for one moment.

Man, she sure had the guts to do whatever she wanted; Brad envied her that.


"Why... Why'd you... I mean..." Brad muttered, his tongue so twisted he barely even managed to keep his sentences straight. (If you can even call that a sentence.)

"Well," Emerald replied as she looked into his eyes. "I just, you know, felt like it." As she continued to look at Bradley with her gorgeous hazel eyes, his heart felt like it was exploding in his chest... Funny, because the rest of him didn't seem to be able to move.

"Oh. Oh..." was his uber romantic response. "That's nice."

Emerald giggled, before leading him off towards the firepit tucked away behind the reeds.


Bradley lit the fire, and as the moon began to grow over the horizon, they began to talk... About everything. How she was working on helping build a new webpage for the school; how Brad had just invented a device that could contain a miniature tornado; how everyone at school was soooo overly dramatic about everything; and how no one else seemed to really "get" either of them...

For the first time, Bradley finally felt a connection with someone. He had always liked Emerald, but he never realized she was like this. That she was this amazing.


"Well, Brad, I better get home," Emerald said quietly into his ear as she pulled him into a hug, suddenly noticing the height of the moon -- and, you know, the time. "It's been really great spending time with you... Let's do it again sometime, alright?"

While Bradley certainly was not shy, with Emerald in his arms and her hands draped over his back, he felt himself falling into a mixed state of bliss and terror that had managed to grab ahold of him and choke his vocal chords -- it was very, very convenient. (Not.)

As she pulled away, the only word he could manage to get out of his lips in response was, "Alright."

Well... I guess eloquence would have to wait for another day.


PiB - Nicarra August 3, 2010 at 1:59 AM  

Oh, lovely post. So sweet Bradley finally gets to teen. Damn, I love little nerds. He's so cute.

And so tongue-tied. Poor nerd but rest assured the girl does like you. In spite of your lack of eloquent speech.

Travis gets to have a chat with Jade. For a boy with commitment issues, he seems pretty keen. :) So does she.

Always a delight to read about the Kanes. And the pics are lovely as usual.

Dee August 3, 2010 at 6:13 AM  

I am sooooo happy for Bradley. There's just one question. Is Emerald insane? I mean wearing a dress to the beach party?

Poor guys gonna almost faint when he gets his first kiss. I can't wait. He's going to be so, so.... can't think of a word.

I am so glad to see Travis with someone else. You go Travis. Just wonder how this is going to work with his commitment issues. Will he stay with her or will he start feeling caged?

Anonymous,  August 3, 2010 at 8:39 AM  

This was heartwarming. I like seeing Bradley win the day and the girl. I luvs him.

Travis has the girl but now that he has her, how quickly will he tire of her?

Jeb sure looked like he was enjoying himself at the party. Nothing better then scaring and mocking your kids in public. Silly Jeb.

Anonymous,  August 3, 2010 at 9:17 AM  

I keep going back and re-reading this episode. It's so nice to see everything going well. You really need these little interludes in-between the delicious drama. It cleanses the palate so you're ready for more.

I know you're not supposed to have favorites but I can't help it. Bradley is just a sweetie.

Unknown August 3, 2010 at 10:06 AM  

Aww, thanks guys. :)

Travis does like to jump headfirst into things. ;) In fact, he's always had wishes pop up to date these Sims... and then with Jade, he's never had a wish to leave her. How that fits in with the story works well. He does have issues, but he's pretty head-over-heels for Jade. Right now, at least.

Hahaha, Dee. No, Emerald's not insane. I just forgot to set the dress code to Swimwear. She inherited the "No Sense of Humor" trait on aging up, same as Bradley (weird coinkeedink).

Right now, Bradley's definitely my favorite, too. He's so ridiculously scared to do the wrong thing it's funny. I really <3 nerds, myself, too.

Things actually stay fairly happy for a while (at least, in comparison to the rest of my blog).

Also, particularly for Dee: Bradley's first kiss is preeeeeetty awesome. ;) That post will be the biggest sap-monster I have ever written, more than likely... Hehehe.

Anonymous,  August 3, 2010 at 10:21 AM  

D'awww, Bradley's first kiss. I'll be sap ready!

Geeks are the best. When my daughter starts dating, I hope she brings home at least one. It will make her momma uber-happy.

Unknown August 3, 2010 at 10:29 AM  

Make sure to bring goggles! The sap could go flying. ;D

I really adore the socks off him. As much as I really wanted to focus equally on both him and Travis, it's obvious Bradley's the "protagonist" of this season.

Haha, it would be great if she found herself some cute geeks! They're usually the sweetest ones of the lot.

Also, for the record: I really, really love my widescreen monitor. It shrinks the amount I can fit into a screenshot, but sometimes that works out for the better.

Anonymous,  August 3, 2010 at 11:46 AM  

It seems Bradley has the most to say right now. Characters usually let you know when they want to talk. Bradley's just talking the loudest.

I'm feeling rather bouncy today. Sort of like Tigger but not quite as springy. Maybe if I had more sugar...

Unknown August 3, 2010 at 1:11 PM  

That's a good point. :) I have a feeling that Bradley is going to have a lot to say for a long time, though... So I'm glad you guys like him. 'Cause you're gonna be hearing a loooot about him.

Haha! If you want to be springy, that'd be a good way to go. ;) Though I could probably use a little sugar myself, I'm feeling a bit like Eeyore atm.

Dee August 3, 2010 at 4:42 PM  

I am sooo looking forward to the sap-monster.
What the heck is a "coinkeedink"? O.O
I'm getting older and sometimes you have to explain these things to me.

Unknown August 3, 2010 at 4:48 PM  

Hehehe. It'll be before the weekend, so you won't have to wait long for it, Dee.

Coinkeedink is just a silly way of saying coincidence. You may be getting older, but I like to use pretend words or make them up as I go along... So it's okay. ;)

Dee August 3, 2010 at 5:24 PM  

Thank you. I feel better now. :)

Jen August 16, 2010 at 5:16 PM  

Awww...Bradley is such a little sweetie. I think he will make a girl really happy one day. :)

Jade & Travis make a cute pair too. I imagine there will be lots of snogging from these two. lol

Ahh...young love...
This was a very sweet chapter. ;)

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