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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twinbrook: cold, murky, broken, scorned... Where dreams begin, but are never fulfilled. Here, the Kanes fled from their past, hoping to avoid the consequences of their mistakes... But where some consequences die, others are born.

Screenshot-215.jpgMeredith, the mother of their three growing children, always wondered: why Twinbrook? It had certainly not been in any part her decision -- it was her husband's, who had set up this little ''Plan B'' -- and she was becoming increasingly irritated that she'd had no part in it. Why not a beautiful island in the Carrsimibbean (Plumbbob knows he likely could've afforded a home there at some point), or a bustling city where their faces would get lost in the crowd? Why, of all places... Twinbrook?

But, Meredith was not the only one that was no longer content with her life. It is in the nature of a Sim to be constantly wanting -- in fact, if there is anything consistent about Sims, it is that... It is only the content of those wishes that changes.

And, what each Kane wanted was certainly not the same.

Just another day in hazy ol' Twinbrook. Jebidiah was scooping for inside info on the town's residents with his trusty laptop... Meredith, working on her latest commissioned portrait with a little bit of guilt... Bradley, banging out the final touches on a new toy for his baby sister, and... Amelia, being cute. Because that's what toddlers do. Travis, the eldest son of the Kane Crew, was fighting a different battle entirely...

... The battle of dealing with an insane, obsessive, brutally annoying girlfriend.

As he looked at the caller-ID on his phone, Travis Kane felt a pang of irritation in his gut. "Again? This is the fourth time today..." While he was incredibly hesitant to answer, after several moments of contemplation, he hit 'Talk' and moved the phone up to his ear.

"Hey, Lolly."

"Well hiii Travis. So, I was wondering, do you wanna go to the movies tomorrow night? Bunny just told me they're showing, like, one of the best shows since that one about that Simbot disguised as the Mayer in Simtropolis, you know, the one where Will Simth had to go undercover and -- don't you remember, we went to see it that time we ordered a bunch of cheese fries and Jade tripped and knocked them all on that bald guy's head? Well, aaaanyways..."

And she went on.

And on.

And... on.

After a solid 15 minutes listening to Lolly Racket analyze every review she read on the film, talk about her latest craze in cooking class, and about how Bunny's-boyfriend-to-be was *so* not her type and... Well, you get the picture... Travis finally said, "I don't really feel like going out, Lolly. I've got practice all that afternoon, I'm going to be exhausted."

"Then why don't I just come over? I can cook you something... It'll be fun!"

"But I... Alright, fine. Come by at 8, I guess."

Once they'd done their ritual "I wub you, Twavis!" and "I love you too, Lolly...", (always followed by the usual "Traviiisss, I thought we agreed on my nicknaaaame..." "Yeah yeah, nunight Lolly-dolly."), Travis slammed his finger on the 'off' button and glared at the screen on his phone that showed the glowing picture of his girlfriend.

"Why am I dating her, again?" he grumbled to himself. He knew there had to be a reason... But, at that particular moment, he couldn't quite remember. In fact, Travis couldn't remember a good, solid reason to be enduring the misery of a relationship with Lolly-Clingwrap-Racket... unless you count that delicious mouth of hers.

Yeah. That's a pretty good reason. ... "I guess."

Meredith put her hands to her hips with a sigh, watching her youngest son's pleading face with as much conviction as she could muster. She knew, if she showed too much sympathy, she'd have to cave... And she couldn't. This wasn't something she even could cave about.

"Please, mom... Can't I get contacts? Or... Or... you know... That laser surgeee or whatever it's called? Please?" Bradley pleaded with his mother, looking up at her with the biggest puppy eyes he could make.

Meredith was not really impressed, but her heart sank at what he wished for."Honey, you know we can't afford either of those right now. Besides, your prescription is too big for contacts anyways."

"But all the kids at school are gonna make fun of me... And all the girls are gonna think I look funny... They already think I do..."

"There's nothing I can do, sweetie. You have to wear them, you know you can't see well without them." Meredith was trying to be as comforting as possible, but Bradley just wasn't buying it. "The girls will come around, and any girl that doesn't like you for the way you are isn't worth your time, anyways."

"Besides," she continued, shrugging, and attempting to put a smile on her face. "Look at how much it makes you look like your dad... You're taking after him more every day! Having glasses just shows that you're going to turn out just as smart as your dad is."

"But I don't want to be like Dad!" Bradley yelled, apparently not concerned that Jebidiah was in the room with them. "All you guys ever do is fight, and I don't wanna fight with girls... I just wanna be happy. I just want people to like me!"

Meredith backed away, her smile fading as she watched Bradley explode in frustration, and Jebidiah leave the room with an unpleasant look on his face. That was definitely not the reaction she had expected... especially not from Bradley. "Brad, calm down... There are many people that like you, sweetie. Your family, your friends Tay and Parker, that girl Emerald..."

"No she doesn't." With a sigh and a sniffle, Bradley sat down on the floor, burying his face in his hands.

"Oh, honey..." Meredith quickly joined him, plopping herself down next to him as she tried to find the words to say to ease his mind. This was the part of parenting that Meredith didn't particularly like, but, she loved her boy too much to let him suffer this alone.

"You know, when I was your age, I was really awkward too... Did you know that?" When Bradley shook his head, Meredith continued. "It took a long time for me to make any friends, let alone a boyfriend... But then your dad came along and saw me for just the way I was, and loved me just the way I am. Someday, you're going to find that girl, and she's not going to want you to be anyone but exactly who you are. Funny nose, glasses, and all... Alright?"


As Bradley looked at himself in the mirror, he wasn't convinced... But, maybe she was right.
He just wished that he could toss out those stupid glasses.

"So then she talked my ear off for like an hour... I tell you June, I just have no idea what to do about this girl."


Travis and June had met up at the gym for some power body training after sport's practice, but neither one was really in the mood for the gym equipment... so the trampoline was the obvious solution.

"Well, do you actually like her, or are you just leading her on?"

"I dunno, I mean..."

"Travis, that's a retarded answer. You either like her or you don't. It's not a question of if's and but's."

After a few more bounces, and Travis flopping on his back, he rolled his eyes and sighed.

"I guess you're going to tell me to break up with her then, aren't you?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Hey, when are you going to get your own boyfriend, anyways?"

"Shut up!"

As they jogged home, Travis continued to try to avoid the subject, but June was... well, June. Blunt, easily annoyed, and definitely not one to put up with stupidity from anyone -- especially not her Best Friend/Cousin.

Once they reached his house -- June's was only a few doors up the street -- she gave him a "look" and laughed. "So, you're going to do it, right?"

"Yeah yeah, pushy-pants... I'll take care of it. I'm Super Travis, remember? I can do anything!"

"Haha, yeah... Except hit a baseball with all that hair hanging in your eyes. See ya later, loser!"

Once Lolly finally showed up that night, Travis realized he hadn't felt this nervous since their big game against the Strangetown Sharks. "It's not that big of a deal, Travis, you didn't want to date her in the first place, remember?" He told himself, walking down the steps to greet his girlfriend. "She'll get over it... I mean, she's aging up soon anyways, it'd be better for her if we broke up -- yeah, yeah, that's what I'll tell her! Easy peasy..."

But, once he got her into the house, and he asked her to sit down with him on the couch, those beautiful eyes of hers settled on his, and she grabbed his hand in that oh-so-cute-way that he always liked, and... Well...

"Aw heck, I'll just do it tomorrow."

She paused for a moment, looking up into his eyes with a heartbreaking expression. "Is everything alright, Travis?"

"Yeah! Everything is juuusst fine..." He grinned, and tugged her closer.

UGH. Boys. They are so retarded.

What do the Kanes really want? It's hard to see, from the way they act and the secrets they hide, but deep down.... The things that they long for are always resting on the surface, invading their dreams.

For Travis, it is wishing that it was easier to get rid of the girl that sucks him in every time he sees her...

For Bradley, it is wishing it was easier to deal with his unfortunate shortcomings...

For Jebidiah, it is wishing that he didn't have to turn to his mother for help with a certain monetary "problem"...

And for Meredith, it is wishing that a man that she couldn't possibly like would get out of her mind.

... Oh, if only.


Unknown July 27, 2010 at 9:23 PM  

Travis is an idiot. Wishes: "Kiss Lolly" "Makeout with Lolly" "Break Up With Lolly" "Hang Out With Lolly" "Makeout With Lolly". I mean, srsly.

Also, I blame Travis and Lolly's matching colors on Lolly. She's just that type. :P

And amazing, Farah's finally an elder! She kept her birthday on the down-low... Aging up is not so much fun as it used to be for Miss Snobby Pants. I didn't know she'd even aged up until Jeb invited her over.

Anonymous,  July 27, 2010 at 10:26 PM  

Looks like Travis is a normal teenage boy ruled by his hormones. He better be careful or he's going to find himself stuck with Lolly Dolly.

Meredith, Meredith, Meredith. Stop crushing on Shamus! He's not worth it. Now, the local rock star (Andre?) might be fun for a tumble or two.

I like Bradley more and more.

Anonymous,  July 27, 2010 at 10:29 PM  

Did you update your header? :)

Unknown July 27, 2010 at 11:07 PM  

Sometimes I wish I could thump Travis over the head with his baseball bat. He's... a guy. Not a bad person, really, just dumb.

Shamus is bad news all around, but Meredith doesn't really seem to see that. He was the first guy she consistently kept flirting with, and well... I dunno. I guess their matched Childish traits made them get along really well.

I really adore Bradley. I feel kinda bad for the way his life is going/is going to go, but at least of all the Kanes, he'll deal with it the best. Maybe. Travis may win in looks, but Bradley wins in heart.

Haven't updated my header yet, no. I'm actually in-game right now trying to play towards a point where I can get the screenshots I want for the header -- also, Amelia is so close to aging up I will probably stay up until she does. Hmmm... But where to hold her party...

Anonymous,  July 27, 2010 at 11:20 PM  

Insomnia is our friend?

Meredith does not have the best taste in men. A good heart, though. She'll be happy having a party, especially for a child. She really seems to enjoy them. Can you imagine her in a Chuckie Cheese? It would be Meredith heaven.

Unknown July 27, 2010 at 11:52 PM  

She really doesn't. From low self esteem, I guess? It's hard to tell with her sometimes. Meredith is confusing.

Oh man, Meredith would probably have more fun in Chuckie Cheese than the kids themselves. Too bad there's nothing like that in the Sims (yet?).

PiB - Nicarra July 27, 2010 at 11:57 PM  

I should be able to comment around about the time your insomniacs finally get some sleep.

Travis sounds like a typical boy. When she's in view, hormones lead the way. When she's not, he wants out of the relationship. :)

Watch out Bradley, there may be a mohawk in your future.

Anonymous,  July 28, 2010 at 12:09 AM  

I can see the mohawk totally being a Bradley choice! My best friend's quiet, sweet son went off to college this year. He found his style. It includes long but stylish hair steaked with various bright colors, multiple piercings everywhere and on and on. He still worries about his mom. Still let's his mom's crazy friend treat him as own. Yep, it's the sweet quiet kids that find a little rebellion.

Unknown July 28, 2010 at 12:39 AM  

Hahaha! Actually, he's using the "Mock Mohawk" hairstyle (or whatever it's called) right now, so... He's kinda got one? ^^ I was trying to make him look geeky-but-not-overly-so... I think he looks alright. Unfortunately I had to give his nose some plastic surgery so the skin wasn't graphically distorted. Poor boy.

He may yet go through an ultra-rebel stage, though. :)

Ya know, most guys I know with long hair seem very mellow and sweet. Interesting phenomenon. :D

PiB - Nicarra July 28, 2010 at 1:26 AM  

It would be rather funny if you gave him a full mohawk as a teen after I did that to him in a different blog. Bradley is a sweety, I love him.

Meredith, you are so bound for heartbreak. Honestly.

Di Al Martini July 28, 2010 at 3:41 AM  

Somehow, I can understand why she has an interest for Shamus. They both have a similar trait and he often flirted on her. So, you know.. ;) even in real life a woman at her age may be flattered by the attention. I just hope that it will be temporary and will not go beyond that.

I'm going to read this again back at home. But, I have seen some pictures, and you and I have something in the common. Once, you said "Great minds think alike." I hope mine is also great though :) I'm going to post pictures with a sim on a trampoline too. well, that's only a little something in common.

Unknown July 28, 2010 at 4:25 AM  

I may have to at some point, PiB, hehe... He's gotta keep his glasses regardless, though. ;)

I don't really blame Meredith for having this 'crush' either, MJ, but she tends to act on impulse sometimes, and then when her neurotic side realizes what she's done... It can get bad. I still don't like Shamus much, though.

Hahaha, yours is always great MJ. Trampoline pictures rock. I was also having a lot of fun that time because I'd never used the 'Camera' mode before, it got some really crazy perspectives. I look forward to seeing yours!

Okay, whew... Amelia birthday party just finished. And it's 7am. Hmm. Okay, maybe I stayed up longer than I should have... See y'all tomorrow. ^^ Or... ya know. Later today. Whatever. :)

PiB - Nicarra July 28, 2010 at 4:29 AM  

Fraid he lost his glasses in my game on his own. I just changed the hair cause cloning dad's hair isn't cool.

Hey MJ, I bet Meredith feels that it's nice to have some flattering attention. But Shamus is not a nice guy. Will he take advantage of it?

Dee July 28, 2010 at 5:49 AM  

While reading the beginning of this all I could think of was "Fatal Attraction". Travis better be careful.

Poor Bradley. So worried about what the other kids think of him. And poor Meredith having to say no to his wish for contacts. I even felt sorry for Jeb hearing his son say he doesn't want to be like his Dad. I'll bet Jeb is borrowing money so he can get what Bradley wants.

I just realised why the name Bradley popped into my head when I was creating Sara. I had probably been reading your blog right before I created her.

Love the update and the screenshots.

Di Al Martini July 28, 2010 at 8:39 AM  

Oh, I just read it again. It's very interesting. Everything. Travis seems cannot make up his mind for the moment. Awww.. poor Bradley, but I wondered what Jeb thought back there hearing him saying that. Great update! So much emotions there.

Hi PiB, ooh, I am not Shamus, so I could not predicted what he would do. I think Shamus is not that bad though (not like Don at Riverview, even though I like Don at TS2). Of course, he may take the advantage if Mere let him and their relationship bar are high.

Shamus LTW is super popular so probably he would rather be friends with anyone and in a real life, probably, even if he had an affair, he would consider his marriage a lot and will not leave his wife. But, in this game he will if Mere let him.

Are Mere and Shamus good friends, Kaleeko?

Well, Shamus is going to be an elder soon and he might want to have a happy life with his wife, so I think Mere rather put her mind on something else, like everything that's been happening around her house.

Di Al Martini July 28, 2010 at 8:42 AM  

I am not talking like Mere already had a crush on Shamus, either ;) For the moment, she felt attraction to him. I think it's just normal, as long as she will not take it seriously and make it happen.

mmmcheezy225 July 28, 2010 at 9:22 AM  

Oooh yay, an update!

Travis is so dumb, but in a lovable way. If he doesn't wise up soon, he'll be breaking hearts and maybe even getting his own heart broken.

I felt so bad for Jeb when Brad basically insulted him right there in his presence, lol. It hurts to hear things like that from your own children, but maybe it'll be a wake-up call for him.

Meredith should be careful, Shamus has no shame (haha, pun), and I don't think their marriage can take that additional strain. Especially if Jeb is scheming again.

Farah's looking great, usually my elders don't turn out so well.

Unknown July 28, 2010 at 12:21 PM  

*rubs the sleepies out of her eyes*

@ PiB: He probably wouldn't have glasses in your game since I just gave them to him right at the beginning of Season 3. I don't care what you do with him though, he's all yours. :D

@Dee: I felt kinda bad for Jeb, too. :-/ Brad does love his dad, but... I think the kids are starting to pick up on hints that he's not exactly a good a person as they thought he was. They aren't quite sure how to feel about him right now.

Unfortunately, Farah is not giving them money to get Bradley anything... Not really, anyways. More about it next post.

Not really a lot about it this post, but Jeb is not exactly in a very happy place.

@MJ: Shamus and Mere were good friends, yep. She was also good friends with most of the guys she'd flirted with before, but Shamus is the only one that it just kept going with, and... yeah. Next post. >.>

Shamus is actually still about 70ish days from aging to Elder in my game. The RealLife SLAM version I use makes the Adult lifespan much much longer, which is why Farah only just now became an elder.

There certainly are a lot of crazy emotions floating around right now!

@Cheezy: Travis, get his heart broken? Maaaaaaybe. He is pretty lovable, but the girls just keep falling for him even when they know he's kinda... yeah. I'm glad that June is his cousin. One less girl to want to date. ;D

I do feel really, really bad for Jeb right now. He's in a very tough position, and the water's going to boil over soon.

I swear, no matter what I do, Mere and Jeb's marriage could be strained like a thin rubber band, and they'd still want to be with each other. Even when their relationship level stunk, they still had wishes to smooch on each other. And they still do. Constantly. It's almost annoying. But... That doesn't mean things are perfect. Yet.

Also: Don't let Farah hear you say that. :P

Anonymous,  July 28, 2010 at 12:26 PM  

Mornin', Sunshine.

It sounds like things are really going to heat up for the Kanes! I can't wait! Sorry, Jeb...your pain is interesting to read about...sorry.

Unknown July 28, 2010 at 12:46 PM  

(I am so lucky my hubby doesn't care how late I sleep in.)

Don't feel bad. If I could have a Jeb voodoo doll on my desk, I totally would.

Anonymous,  July 28, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

Just use a Ken doll. They have the same anatomy as a male sim. o.O

Unknown July 28, 2010 at 1:06 PM  

Hahaha! Sooo true. I recall there being plenty of blonde ones, too...

They do eventually hit a point where there's just no more buttons to push in their relationship... But then I have their spawnlings to torture. Bwahahaha!

PiB - Nicarra July 28, 2010 at 2:24 PM  

Jeb voodoo doll LOL, we do like being cruel to them sometimes. Then again, I'm glad that Jeb and Mere manage to want each other no matter what's been thrown at them. Jeb did well when he decided on the only girl for him.

If you do get around to throwing our Sims in, abuse mine as you like.

So why is Jeb asking Farah about money?...

Unknown July 28, 2010 at 2:30 PM  

We may be cruel, but Sims are like rubber.. They bounce back quickly. :D

I'm actually working on putting them in the game right now. They won't show up for another.. eehh... 7ish posts, probably, depending on how I split the story up, but I need people to start making babies fast. At the moment, my town as 2 babies, 3 toddlers, and 3 children... and like 10 teenagers. It's really unbalanced.

Why is he asking for money, indeed. :)

PiB - Nicarra July 28, 2010 at 2:39 PM  

Actually, the absolute worst I've ever seen a Sim was Sam and it wasn't my cruelty. He had a wife die and a burglar while he was still broken hearted about River. His plumbbob was bright red even if his needs were all totally green. If a Sim could die of heartbreak, Sam would have. Neither River's death nor the burglar were my fault.

If I were to stay with the last Sam clone in Twinbrook, we be facing the same issue. The population had plenty of elders and adults but not nearly enough children to have a healthy next generation.

Dee July 28, 2010 at 4:16 PM  

I found the "voodoo doll" comment hilarious. I just called someone a voodooist the other day. In a good way of course. :)

Jen August 15, 2010 at 6:09 PM  

Hahaha, boys are retarded!

Very amusing chapter. I haven't played teens much in TS3. Most of the families I play are couples. Or once the kids reach their teens I tend to move onto another family. lol

Wonderful shots, especially the trampoline ones. Cool!

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