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Monday, July 5, 2010

Below, the synopsis to the Prologue and Season One; written so that those who wish to be caught up, but do not want to suffer through 40-odd previous posts, may do so. Warning: I may have forgotten certain things, so... Trust my summary at your own risk!


As the tale of Desperate Sims begins, one simple idea is pondered: not everything is as it seems. Beneath the mask of every man, woman, and child, something else lies underneath... A villian, a cheat, a liar, a murderer. Perhaps it's time to question your friends and family, and really decide whether you actually know them or not.

The prologue quickly describes the life of Jebidiah Kane; he born as the son to a rich, albiet single, surgeon living in the heart of Riverview. His childhood was a rather jumbled mess of trying to figure out what made him happy, and in the end, there was only two things: stealing, and Meredith Jones.

Through some rather clever schemes he won over Meredith's affection (much to the chagrin of his best friend Chandra, who secretly harbored a crush for him), and once they became young adults, they were married. Happily ever after, right?

Wrong. He only had one piece of the puzzle -- he needed more. It didn't take long to get it, though; soon after he'd made a name for himself online as a notorious hacker, he was 'discovered' by the local crime syndicate, and put to work as one of "the Company's" top thieves.

And that is where it begins.

Season One

Soon after Meredith and Jebidiah Kane are married, Jeb discovers that Meredith's sister, Tana Larson, is a local cop with a secret: she hates being a cop. She joined for the thrill of catching bad guys, but it was proving unexciting. Discovering her contempt for the job and her own inclinations for evil, he quickly recruits her as a mole for the Company.

With the Company having Tana on the inside, they quickly use her to squash all the competition and cover the Company's tracks, leading Tana into a rather cozy position in the department, and Jebidiah's crime syndicate in a little patch of undisturbed heaven. Soon after, Jebidiah earns the rank of the Company's Master Thief, and his wife Meredith is expecting their first son.

Right after Jeb and Mere's first son, Travis, is born, an old friend of Jeb's seeks Jeb out to share with him a 'tip' on a possible big job in town. Jeb's old friend is Skip Broke, the father of Chandra, Jeb's best friend from high school. Skip talks of a massive gem worth a fortune being kept under high security in a house in town, and is willing to give over the plans as a last gift before he retires completely from crime.

With the impending job ahead, Jeb gets very excited, and a bit cocky -- in his braggery to his toddler son, who doesn't understand a word, he let's slip a little bit too much about his current occupation... Something that his niave wife overhears on accident. Although worried about what this may mean about her husband and their future, Jeb's mother does her best to soothe Meredith's fears... a necessity, seeing as Meredith is now pregnant with their second son.

Rumors begin running amuk in Riverview, and Tana overhears things at work at the police station that begin to trouble her. As far as they can tell, there's a mole in the *Company* as well, ratting out their operation. Worried how it got started, Jeb begins to wonder if Meredith found out about his real job and said something to someone.

The idea is quickly dashed: how could she know? However, they decide it's time to bring all the criminals working on the job to steal the gem, to see who may be the weak link -- he meets with his closest criminial counterpart, Mimi, to arrange a meeting.

The meeting doesn't go as planned; Tana gets in a fight with Mimi, the prime suspect of the leaks. Cody, their con artist, left promptly after seeing that; and Tameka, the thug in charge of distraction, doesn't even show. To make matters worse, not long afterwards, Jebidiah's laptop containing some of the plans for the heist is stolen.

With no other choice, Jeb has to turn to the head of the operations, Dallas Shallow: the Emperor of Evil. Dallas demands insurance that the laptop was impossible to hack and that the mole in the Company be discovered, by *any* means necessary... or else.

The next day, after his son's birthday part, something stirs him into immediate action: a burglar attempted to steal photographs of his children. Assuming that this was a threat from Dallas against his children, Jeb resolves to get to the bottom of things.

Well, what better way to loosen tongues than kissing -- and Jeb does just that. He seduces two of his fellow theives, Cody and Tameka, to attempt to learn something valuable... Instead, Dallas, being a bit of a romantic, is angered by Jeb's cheating and tells Meredith. Nearing the end of her rope, she again turns to Jeb's mother, Farah Kane, for comfort, to try to understand why he would do such a thing. Again, Farah explains there are things Mere can't understand, and she must trust her husband.

While Jeb does his best to try to smooth things over with Meredith, he's got more on his mind -- the day of the job is drawing near. As no sign of the mole has been found, they must go ahead with the job as planned... And it turns out to be a disaster. As Jeb takes the gem, the homeowner, Carl Strummer, walks in. They fight, and somehow, the man mysteriously dies, although Jeb knows he could not have done it. The cops don't care; Jeb is arrested for Carl's murder.

It becomes clear that Mimi was the mole all along, and was actually an undercover agent from the police department. In discovering this from Tana, who confesses to having been working for the Company all along, Meredith seeks to clear her husband's name. She seeks out Mimi, and from her learns that another party entirely knew of the gem heist, and had tipped off the police department. It was her guess that that third party framed Jeb for Carl's murder, but she couldn't convince anyone else, so it was a dead end.

With this, Mimi also gave Meredith the email address of the tipper, as it was the only lead. In a bold move, Meredith decided to challenge the murderer to meet her face to face... in pretending she was a police officer that wanted a followup about the tip. The mysterious third party obliged; they set up a meeting on an obscure park on the other side of town.

After Meredith waits for Carl's killer to arrive, she is surprised to discover that Jeb's best friend, Chandra, is the only one to show up. She quickly discovers that Chandra framed Jeb for Carl's murder in order to get revenge for never loving her back, that she had  been secretly obsessing about Jeb for years -- and, now that she has Meredith here, she plans to kill her too. There's a struggle, and Meredith is knocked unconcious.

When Meredith awakens, she discovers that Chandra is laying next to her -- dead as a doornail. Unsure of what to do, she immediately calls her sister, and tells her that Chandra is dead, and she can't remember what happened. Without a moment's hesitation, Tana tells Meredith to pack up her family and get ready to leave.

When Tana returns to the house, she arrives with Jeb, who she was able to get out on bail. With assurances that she, the rest of her family, and likely Farah would be right behind them, the Kanes take off from Riverview, forever...

With no other choice, the Kanes must flee from Riverview in order to get away from the unavoidable assumptions the law will come to because of their choices.

But they may not be able to run forever.


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