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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

News travels fast in such a small town like Riverview, so it was to no one's surprise when the rumor mill was churning wildly over the recent burglaries at the brick house on Dogwood Lane. Meredith tried desperately to explain to all the other housewives on the block that it was just an unlucky coincidence, that no one had anything to worry about... but even Meredith herself was not entirely convinced.

Holly McFarland, the town gossip, had another perspective entirely. "Well, I don't know what was taken, but if you ask me, something fishy's going on at that house. I like the Kanes all and well, but to be robbed twice in one week? When they live across the street from a cop? Not only that, but on in broad daylight, while they were home? Someone's got it in for them, and I bet it's got something to do with what that husband o'hers makes down at the old warehouse."

There was surely some truth to what the old journalist contrived, but even the nosy woman hadn't any evidence to back her claims... But that didn't mean she wasn't looking for any.

Trying to escape her house for some much needed distractions, Meredith fought the stir-crazies by taking Travis to a ball game at the stadium, leaving Bradley in the hands of their capable babysitter. But when Meredith arrived, she saw a rather suspicious sight.

Isn't that her friend Trista's husband, Wayne? And who happens to be around his shoulders but Kiki Diaz, the former Town Bike -- looking a bit gray, these days.

"What the plumbbob do you think you're doing?!" Meredith angrily accused Wayne. "Did you forget you have a wife, a family?!"

Naturally, things did not stand well between them after that. Though Meredith had never thought well of him in the first place -- Wayne Dow happens to be the town thug, and spends most of his time in jail -- she at once began to realize why she hadn't seen her friend Trista in so long... Her husband was probably driving the poor woman insane.

After Wayne tried to explain to his son, Eirik, that he shouldn't tell his mom what happened, Meredith became outraged and grabbed her son to head home. On their way to the car, Meredith ran into Chandra, who tried to find out what the matter was, but Meredith blew her off, just changing the subject to Chandra's delightful cooking before angrily stomping away to the car and driving away.

Meredith counted herself incredibly lucky -- Jebidiah and herself had a wonderful marriage... He would never do anything like that to her.

Meanwhile, Jebidiah had just finished showering after a grueling day of martial arts lessons... And he was greeted by a rather interesting surprise after walking out the bathroom door: one of his partners in crime, Cody Chisholm.

"Why the heck did you take off when we were supposed to have our meeting about the jewel?" Jebidiah asked her.

"After Tana and Mimi broke out in a fight," she replied with a rather exasperated yawn and a devilish smile. "I realized we wouldn't be getting anywhere. I figured we'd... catch up another time."

Dallas's last words still stuck out in Jeb's mind like a sore thumb. Jeb was sure the leak wasn't Cody, but he knew he couldn't be positive until he did a little more digging around. "Control those women," Dallas had said. "Whatever it takes." Without hardly thinking on the matter, Jebidiah spouted, "Let's go for a ride."

He finally stopped when they reached the graveyard. Hardly anyone came here, even during the day, so he knew it was unlikely that they would be disturbed. "Listen, we've obviously got a problem in the Company right now. The leak... The suspicious burglaries I've been getting... I need to know that I can trust you."

"If you're the leak... And it's a matter of money..." Jeb tried to say.

"Don't accuse me of something I didn't do -- and I'm not Mimi or Tana, I don't want to fight," she adamantly responded. "But there is something you can do for me, to ensure my loyalty, to the Company... To you..." She reached out a finger to stroke his cheek. Cody was a magnificent Con Artist for the Company, and it wasn't just because she had a talent with lies... But even though the strongest of men could fall to her feminine charms, Jeb knew who she was, and didn't fall for it so easy.

"What about your children? Your husband?" He accused her, waving his finger wildly.

Unfortunately, this upset Cody more than anything, and she began to walk away, and even start to cry.

Jeb quickly caught up to her though, and grabbed her by the arms. "Look, I--" he started, but she cut him off. "You don't understand, I may be married, but my husband... And my family..." She continued to cry. Aw, fiddlesticks. What was Jebidiah to do? Leave a key player of their plan upset, and possibly vengeful towards him? Things could only get worse.

He gave it a moments thought; Dallas ordered him to control his team, by whatever means necessary... Even if it meant seducing them. Maybe it was Cody seducing him, but... Did it really make a difference? 'Aw heck, I'm no good at this sort of phooie,' he thought to himself... But he couldn't wait any longer. After a long breath, he scooped Cody up in his arms...

And realized, it wasn't so bad.

... Or was it? 


Anonymous,  June 15, 2010 at 8:35 AM  

This is good. Really good. The wrong person saw the wrong thing at the wrong time.

I jumped ahead and read this first. I have to go back and read the rest.

"Control those women." *laughs*

Unknown June 15, 2010 at 11:26 AM  

Hahaha! Thanks! I hope that it's not *too* obscenely long, so you can get caught up relatively quickly... Unfortunately, I'm not known for keeping things short. ;)

Di Al Martini June 19, 2010 at 5:10 AM  

Wow Kaleeko, you can make Jebidiah's traits blend with the story so well. I love the last part of this post. Inappropriate + flirty = bad, real bad. Their traits will trigger to cheating sooner or later. But, as long as you keep their feeling not more than a flirt, he probably would not take it seriously, even though they already counted as romantic interest.

Unknown June 20, 2010 at 9:43 AM  

Jebidiah's traits definitely have a huge impact on everything he does... I don't even have to tell him to do something interesting, he just does it on his own, whether I like it or not. :P

It does bother me a bit that after inappropriately kissing someone he's at max relationship with, they instantly have 'romantic interest', but since all of his romantic wishes have always been centered around Meredith, at least I know he still loves her... He's just stupid. ;D

Jen July 28, 2010 at 6:19 PM  

Oh no! And it just had to be the town's gossip to see him kissing Cody. What was Jeb thinking? I guess he is a thief so it's only expected that he would stray sooner or later. :o

Considering how Meredith reacted to seeing Trista's husband in the arms of someone else she will devastated if she ever finds out about Jeb's kiss. I just hope she doesn't hear it from Holly. I really like Meredith. :)

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