A Measure of Broken Hearts

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is better, really? Breaking your friend's heart by sharing with them a heartbreaking reality, or keeping it a secret, realizing that telling would make worse an already strained marriage? Meredith found herself debating over this the rest of the day, pacing around the house and wringing her hands anxiously. There's a reason she didn't do this friend thing, much... Things like this stressed her poor, neurotic mind out almost more than it could take.

She had (potentially) leaky faucets and a (potentially) unsafe stove to worry about, and any touch of dirt on counter, bed, or bath drove her poor mind bonkers -- did she really want to deal with telling her best... well, only... friend that her husband was cheating on her?

Finally coming to resolution, Meredith left Travis and Bradley home with the babysitter, and headed off to the Dow's homestead, hoping to catch Trista without running into her husband.

Unfortunately, once she arrived, she realized that Trista was still at work. Hearing the doorbell, Trista's son Eirik answered the door... Thank goodness Wayne was busy making hotdogs. Meredith was not going to deal with him personally. Not again, at least.

Unfortunately, Eirik was not pleased to see Meredith again -- not after the spectacle she made at the Stadium earlier that day. "Please, Eirik, just tell me when your mother gets off work? I promise, I'll leave you and your father alone as soon as I know when I can catch her."

Although he wasn't happy about it, Eirik let her know that Trista would probably be heading home around 11 -- it was late, but since the kids were at home safe with the sitter, Meredith figured she could spare an hour to wait for her friend, so she could catch her before heading home.

Luckily, Meredith had a book with her, so she caught up on some reading while she waited; but finally, Trista walked out of the theater... Obviously very tired. Unfortunately, now, Meredith didn't have much choice. It was now, or never.

When Trista saw Meredith approaching, she greeted her friend with a stiff hug. After a moment of chit-chat, Trista dragged Meredith towards the Water Hole across the way. "Haven't seen you in ages, Mere," she yawned. "Let's grab a drink and catch up. Why were you waiting out here for me, anyways?" As soon as they were inside, though, Meredith felt uneasy. "Actually... Why don't you come back to my place? There's something important I need to talk to you about."

Well, that instantly shocked Trista, but she agreed. So, they hopped into Meredith's car, and drove over to the Kane house on Dogwood Lane. But, Meredith couldn't wait any longer. The very thought was eating her whole. "Trista--" she said whilst driving, grabbing the steering wheel of the car tightly as she gritted out her words. "I... I ran into your husband at the Stadium today," she stuttered, barely audible. In fact, Trista asked Meredith to repeat herself, since she was so quiet.

Meredith waited until they got into the house to do so, though. "Trista," she finally managed. "I caught your husband getting frisky with Kiki Diaz, right in front of the Stadium."

"UGH!" Trista exclaimed, holding her head in her hands. "He's at it again?!"

A bit surprised, Meredith replied with a brief, "Again?"

"Yes," Trista exhaled stiffly. "In between jail time and all the bad influence he's having on our kids, and some other thugs in town, he's somehow found time to wind several women around his fingers... If you know what I mean. But he told me he dropped that months ago... We've been trying so hard to make this work... For the kids, you know..."

All Meredith could do was pat her friend on the shoulder. "I don't mean to intrude," Trista sighed. "But is it alright if I spend the night tonight? I'll drop a phone call home real quick so they know where I am, I just... I don't want to fight tonight. I finally got some good news today, got promoted to Lyricist... I'd rather that be the highlight of my day."

Of course, Meredith didn't object. She showed Trista to the guest bedroom -- and ran into Jebidiah, intently working, on her way back to bed.

Jebidiah didn't even stop to notice her, and she figured that he was so engaged in his... work... that she probably wasn't going to get much chat out of him, anyways. Probably for the best... His mind was still rolling over what had happened earlier that day... In the graveyard...

The next morning, Meredith got up early to make breakfast for once Trista woke up. Trista didn't have time for a meal, though -- she caught Meredith first thing after waking up to tell her she was leaving.

"I really need to get home to my kids," she said with a yawn, obviously still tired. "I probably shouldn'tve left them home alone with Wayne. Thank you for letting me stay over, though, Mere... I wish I had more time to spare, but between the kids and the job--"

"Don't worry on it," Meredith responded assuredly. "Just take care of yourself and your family, I'll come see you again as soon as I can."

While Meredith said her farewells to Trista, got Travis ready for school, and got ready to take herself and Bradley down to the Library, Jebidiah got ready to go out, himself... But this morning, for once, he wasn't going to the gym. Giving Meredith a brief kiss before taking off, he disappeared into his jeep, and down the road, out of sight...

"So I can count you out, then? You haven't said a thing to anyone outside the Company?" Jebidiah asked, keeping his voice down to be mindful of anyone that may be nearby, listening in. He decided it would be less conspicious, talking in public.

This time, it was with Tameka -- the fifth wheel that decided to not even show up at the Academy as she was told.

Tameka promptly crossed her eyes, made a funny face, and exclaimed: "Six fried fish on the market market? Eggroll, chop suey?! Not a chance! Bllllllububububbbbdddddddtthhh!"

To himself, Jebidiah groaned. 'Who am I kidding?' he thought to himself. 'Tameka's crazier than half the county loony bin, she could tell the cops everything, down to the color underwear I'm wearing the day of the job, and they still wouldn't believe a word of it.' Breathing a bit of a sigh of relief -- although still only a small rock off the pile of bricks on his chest -- he decided that this was one less person he needed to worry about. Tameka was a Decoy... nothing more, nothing less... She probably didn't even understand why they were taking the jewel in the first place.

Feeling that much better, he promptly did the only thing he even thought of doing -- the most Inappropriate thing possible...

... But he thought she would reject it. Alas, his usual practical joke had the tables turned on him, and instead of shoving him away like 99.9% of the women in Riverview, Tameka reciprocated his stupid, stupid kiss.

Immediately, Jebidiah withdrew, and tried to set the record straight. "Look -- that was just a joke -- I mean, I was just -- you realize that was -- I don't have any feelings for you Tameka, that was..."

Well, Tameka was instantly heartbroken. Married? Who cares! She's insane, what's it matter?!

The fellow criminal was outraged, and promptly insulted Jebidiah, and stomped away... Sobbing and throwing tantrums shortly after.

"Oh, Jebidiah," he lamented to himself. "Why are you so stupid?!"


Why ARE you so stupid, Jebidiah?! When he pulled this little stunt, I was so pissed at him. With Cody, it was all her fault -- I mixed a Flirty sim with an Inappropriate sim, bad things were bound to happen and I pretty much expected it, but... Tameka? Are you serious?! I promptly broke off the 'Romantic Interest' bit, but... Blargh. Sometimes I want to shove him into a Sarcophogus and turn him into a Mummy!

I swear, Jebidiah has no idea how to use any of his other Inappropriate 'special' interactions. If it's a chick, he tries to kiss them. I almost have to turn autonomy off just so he doesn't romance the entire neighborhood. It certainly is entertaining, and I really do enjoy having a Sim that can be this much of a challenge, but he has no one to blame but himself if things go sour with Meredith...
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Anonymous,  June 17, 2010 at 8:03 AM  

An Inappropriate sim kisses an insane sims and immediately breaks her heart. That can't be smart. It's funny, though. I take it Jebidiah never tries to kiss the male sims?

There are a lot of women in the Company. It might take Jeb a while to get through all of them.

Unknown June 18, 2010 at 3:27 AM  

Nah, Jeb's never tried to kiss a guy, yet... I'm pretty sure that twallan's SP has aligned him so straight that he's rejected all of Dallas's flirty advances... Which is definitely a good thing, Jeb needs to get his act together. Last thing he needs is to smooch it up with his boss, too.

SP threw a ton of Sims into the Criminal career, I think there was about 10 at one point, but only 4 were considered Jeb's Coworkers.. And, of course, all girls. He's just lucky like that. ;)

This was a hard portion to write, because it just makes absolutely no sense, outside of him being a complete idiot. -_-

Anonymous,  June 18, 2010 at 5:14 AM  

*laugh* It worked!

Sims can be so unpredictable. I think they like messing with us. "Let's see how she writes her way out of this!"

Di Al Martini June 19, 2010 at 5:13 AM  

*laugh* yup, Jebidiah. That was probably the most effective way to shut her mouth. But, not sure again after she got her broken heart.

PiB - Nicarra June 23, 2010 at 4:07 AM  

Kaleeko, is Jeb good friends with Dallas yet? If he gets to that stage, being flirted with may land him in bed with his boss. Good friend to lover is such an easy thing for a Sim.

And being a complete idiot seems to be common for most Sims. LOL

Jen July 28, 2010 at 7:29 PM  

Well at least Meredith's mind is clear now, she can go back to making sure the house is spick n span. lol I wonder though how she has managed to keep Jeb's secret to herself if she had to tell Trista so quickly?

I think it's great sometimes when sims do whatever they want it certainly makes for an interesting story. lol

This was a very funny chapter! And hahaha, to the rest of the comments about Jeb possibly smooching up to his boss. That would be a sight to see! lol

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