Transfiguration: Part Two

Friday, March 9, 2012

You can do this, Amelia.

She tried to tell herself, tried to make each glance backwards give her the ounce of hope she needed, but somehow, all it did was grind the anxious feeling deeper into her stomach.

Not 20 feet in front of her, a promise of a cure stood waiting. Amelia could feel the machine humming through the soles of her feet, but that shiny ray of hope she'd been waiting for for countless months was not enough to keep her eyes away from Naomi's gaze. Naomi had always been her rock, the strong one she could cling to no matter what stood in their way--but today, even Naomi's face was shrouded with worry.

It wasn't that Amelia wasn't excited about the prospect of finally having freedom. It was the prospect of what would happen should this fail.

Behind the glass, Moe was troubled with some worries of his own.

"Brad, this is dangerous... you're still weak, you should be resting. Is there no way I can talk you into--"

"Drop it, Moe," Brad said with a groan. "For the last time, I feel fine. Besides, I'm not trusting my sister's safety to anyone else. I'm the only one who knows what they're doing--you need me here."

Overhearing their conversation wasn't doing anything for Naomi's nerves.

Even though Naomi knew it would probably be fruitless, she had to say something. "Do you think she's going to be alright?" she turned and asked Alesha, biting her lower lip.

Alesha, unsure of what else to say but the truth, responded with a soft, "I really don't know... but if you can trust anyone to do this right, it's Brad." She lifted her hand and rested it gently on Naomi's shoulder. "And if Amelia's certain she wants to do this, then I guess we just have to have faith it'll work."

In reality, Amelia wasn't sure whether she wanted to do this, but at the back of her mind one thought kept haunting her: if she had to choose between spending the rest of her life in prison, or risk her life for a chance to be with Naomi again, there was no choice.

There was a soft tap on the glass behind them--a moment later, a gruff voice behind her announced, "It's time."

She steadied herself, then took her first foot forward. Breathe in. Step. Breathe out. Step.

I can do this, she told herself in her mind.
I can do this.
I can do this.
"I can do this!!"

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Lamont looked at Lilobot through the corner of his eye, but she was so distracted that she didn't even hear him. "She's beautiful," Lilobot said, almost giggling in her delight. "Or... I guess, I'm beautiful!"

"Yeah, but--Lil, you're already beautiful... In a different way, yeah, but--"

"You cannot talk me out of it, Lamont." Lilobot turned to look at him, adamantly shaking her head every time he gave her a pleading glance. "I need this. There is no way you could know how much unless you were me."

"I know, Lil, it's just..." Lamont looked through window on the door, then back at the simbot--the girl--in front of him. "Even if this works, there's a huge likelihood that a lot of information will be lost in the transfer. You could lose your memories, pieces of who you are..."

Lilobot shook her head again. If she was anything, she was stubborn. "I do not care. You cannot see it, Lamont, but I am already losing who I am in my unhappiness. I would trade all my memories for a chance to start over."


"And there is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. This is my choice. You respect that, right?"

"I... yes." Lamont sighed, then reluctantly leaned to his right and pushed the heavy metal door open for both of them. "After you."

Lilobot stood as stoic as an oak tree as Lamont connected the cables to her circuitry. "It is funny," she said cheerfully as she looked at the lifeless body laying on the table in front of her. "I always wanted hair like that."

"I know," Lamont chuckled as he walked away. "That's why I gave her that color. You wouldn't shut up about mine."

He let Lilobot get out her giggles before he raised his hands to the dials, sending her one last pleading glance before it was too late. "You... ready?"

"Yeah," Lilobot said, feeling the brows of her metal face wiggle for the last time. "Let's do this."

"This is such a bad idea," Margo whimpered.

The face in the mirror looked like a fake copy of herself, and she didn't like it much. Before her parents had gone out for the night, Margo convinced her mom to do up her hair and makeup for a 'tea party' with Pixie and company. Her mother had the best intentions, but Margo couldn't help but feel the look she'd been going for was lost somewhere underneath the pound of blush and hairspray.

Unfortunately, her mother didn't know the real reason Margo needed to look pretty tonight. Maybe she'd have tried harder if she had--but it was too late.

She was already running out of time.

"They're starting already?!" Margo gasped as she heard the loud snap of fireworks outside her window. As the light from it sparkled across the sky, she quickly dashed out of the bathroom, whisking herself outside to her bike so fast that everything seemed to blur together the moment she stepped foot on Twinbrook's beach.

Every year, the Twinbrook Society for Unnecessary Celebration put together an annual fireworks show to try to liven up the town, and this year was no exception. Usually it meant that every public place was jam-packed with people, but a little bird (aka, Kenzie) had discovered that this year, the Pesce family was holding a massive barbeque on their lake-front property.

This meant two things: 1) most of the town would be drawn to the free food, leaving everywhere else nice and empty, and 2) Ian Pesce would be doing anything possible to not be home that night.

It was so perfect an opportunity, even Margo had the courage to do something about it.

She didn't have to walk more than two steps down the stairs to spot him. "I-Ian?"

Ian turned at the sound of her voice; his face fell instantly. "Ugh, really? It was you that sent me that note?"

"I... Yeah. I'm sorry, I just--I didn't know how else to get you  here."

Ian rolled his eyes. "That was pretty low--especially for you." However, something about that intrigued him. A lot. So, instead of following his gut reaction and walking away, he turned about and asked, "So, what do you want?"

Margo took a deep breath. "I..." Gulp. She'd rehearsed this a dozen times this morning, and even more in her head as her mother had tweaked and tossled her hair, but all the words suddenly fell flat when she saw that annoyed snivel--oh, that snivel!--on his face mere feet away from her.

"Spit it out already," he groaned, toeing the sand with his boot.

"Ihavesomethingtogiveyou," she gasped, heaving in a breath quickly after she realized the words had practically vomitted from her mouth.

"Oh, and you actually think I'm gonna take it? After how you reacted when I tried to give you something?" Ian looked up and away, pursing his lips together in anger. "You're mental."

"Just--just gimme a chance, Ian? I..." Margo walked closer and closer, her body awkwardly fumbling to each side as she waddled across the sand to him. "I know I'm not perffick, and I'm... I'm really really sorry."

Ian's eyes suddenly turned back towards her. "You're sorry," he responded with annoyance.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. I mean... I even got all pretty tonight, just for you." She lowered her hands to flatten out the creases in her dress.

"Really? You look like a--" Ian stopped himself; even he knew that that was going too far.

Still... when he looked into her eyes, the sincerity in them melted away his preconceptions. She wasn't perfect, no--but there was something about her that wouldn't let him be cruel. "You look... good."

"You think so? I thought it might be too much--"

"No, it's fine--"

"I mean, I just wanted to--"

Margo froze. She felt so... odd. Even being close to Josh, in all his cuteness and sweetness and hair-flipping goodness had never felt like this--and it felt right. Even Ian, staring at the reflection of fireworks dancing across Margo's eyes, felt something he never had before.

But as quickly as that spark came to life, it was shot down.

"Ewww, they're kissing!"

"No we weren't, retards," Ian growled as he spotted the source of the voice, but it took Margo a moment longer to realize who he was talking to. She wheeled around so fast, she almost toppled over onto the sand.

Even Ian's retort couldn't save her from total embarassment. "Oh no," she whispered, horrified.

The de Wynters. Not one--not two--four of them. With how often Daisy herself harassed her, Margo tended to forget that she was only one of several: two sets of twins that all hated her existence. She'd never seen them all in one place before, though. And before, they had only scared her. Now, they terrified her.

"Whatever--doesn't matter," the meanest--Jackson--snapped back at Ian as Margo began to stumble back behind him. "Just get outta here. We don't got issues with you--we just want her."


"Why's it matter? We're just here to give her what's been coming to her--but if you really wanna prove you weren't kissin' her, you're welcome to join in."

"I don't give a rat's butt what you think, Jackson. Leave her alone!"

"Fine then, loser! Guess we'll just have to deal with you, too!"

They'd done it, now. Ian could feel the fury glazing over his eyes as he pushed his sleeves up even further, readying himself for the inevitable that was coming.

He had a choice: he could back off, walk away, and let them have what they want. But today, there was something more important than what he wanted. Skating by wasn't enough, anymore. Not when Margo was willing to be brave for him. "Oh, you are so freaking dead!"

The four of them suddenly started to have second thoughts. Jackson began, "Wait, you don't have to--"

"Oh yes I do! You asked for it, spitwad--get ready to die!"

Montage Music <- Clicky

"Mia--Mia... You're--"

The words became lost in her throat. Naomi searched Amelia's face for one sign that this was somehow not real, but it was--her eyes were their normal lavender hue, her smile had no tell of fangs, and her skin was rosey and alive again. Besides the orange jumpsuit, everything about Amelia was back to how it had been years before. Perfect, and beautiful.

"I was so afraid I'd lost you," Naomi gasped as she held Amelia even tighter, her arms shaking.

"You never did, Naomi," Mia smiled, burying her tears in her lover's shoulder. "But... I think I'm ready to come home."

Everything had changed.

She knew it wasn't real--not as real as it was for humans--but everything sure seemed real. The way the air tasted in her mouth, the way the table felt cold under her skin. Her skin.

Lamont, still awestruck that he'd done something right for once, simply watched in silence as Lilobot 2.0 stood from the table and looked around the room--and saw herself. Her old self.

"You were good to me," she said lightly to the husk, the thing that was her but now not-her. "But do not hold it against me that I will not miss you." She touched it, feeling for the first time how others had felt her. She smiled, knowing that no one would see this way ever again.

"It is... It's... time, for my real life to begin."

"They're--they're all--you--"

Ian clapped his hands together, as if wiping them clean of what he'd just done. Behind him, three de Wynter children laid defeated--all but Whitney, who had cowardly run off at the first sign of trouble. Margo occasionally heard the others groan, but they did not move. They weren't dead as Ian had threatened, but they certainly seemed like it.

"They're taken care of," Ian said triumphantly, even kicking a little sand in Daisy's face for good measure. "That'll teach 'em to leave you alone!"

Ian walked closer, but as he did, Margo flinched away. His face quickly fell; he reached out to her, but he really knew something was wrong when she moved away yet again.

"What's wrong?" he asked, genuinely confused.

"You--you hurt all of them because of me."


"I... I didn't want anyone to get hurt--and I didn't... I didn't know you could... you hurt them really bad, Ian."

Ian was at a loss--he didn't understand. Why was she saying this?! He defended her! Wasn't she always rambling on about a white knight coming to her rescue? Didn't she realize that that's what knights did--hurt people? "I thought that's what you wanted, Margo. I thought you wanted them to leave you alone."

"I... I..." Margo gulped. Yes, it was--but it wasn't until she saw it right before her eyes that she knew just how wrong it was. She didn't know, until now, just how strong Ian was. Whatever he could do to them, he could do to her.

She had never been more horrified in her life.

"You're... a monster..." she whispered softly, sending a chill up both their spines.

"Wait! MARGO, WAIT!!" Ian took a few steps after her, but it was clear that this time, she wanted nothing less than for him to follow her--and at the speed she ran, there was no way he'd catch her, anyways.


His gaze fell to the slightly stirring kids laying on the ground. As he looked at them, he saw something that wasn't there before; a letter. Must've fell out of her pocket, he grumbled to himself as he picked it up off the ground.

His opening of the letter was unceremonious and angry, almost tearing the letter in half in his haste to get it  out. When he finally held it open in his hands, he read it again... and again... and again, in disbelief.

Dear Ian--
I know you might not like me anymore, but I really wanted you to know that no matter what, I will always like you. I might not show it very well, but it's only because I'm scared. I'm trying to change, though. I want to change, because of you. If I can change and be more brave, I know that somewhere deep inside you can change for the better, too. You won't have to do much, because all the pieces are already there. Everyone else can't see it, but I can. I know you're already a good person. I believe in you.


Margo May

Anger swelled within him. Before he knew what he was doing, the note was already in shreds and falling in pieces to the sand.

Above him, the fireworks resumed, unfettered by what had happened on the beach that night. Every pop and sizzle stung deeper and deeper inside Ian's chest, until all that was left was hatred. At the de Wynters, for managing to ruin everything in their path. At Margo, for so quickly dismissing what he'd done for her. At Mrs. Kane, for all the promises she'd made, now broken. But they all paled in comparison to the hatred for himself.

He couldn't escape it: everything he did, failed. Every faith and hope others put in him had so far been wasted and pointless. Before, they had done everything they could do to tell him he was wrong, but now? Now, he had proof. Everything he touched ends up broken.

Margo had faith that he could change: but whether that change would be for better or worse, now, only time would tell.


Amelia_Bedelia,  March 9, 2012 at 2:06 PM  

Fantastic return, Kaleeko!

Kaleeko,  March 9, 2012 at 2:12 PM  

Thank you, babalooo!! ♥

Dearcourtney,  March 9, 2012 at 2:24 PM  

WOAH how'd you get those fireworks? And also, what is that transformation thing they went under? I mean, is it something that came with the game? :O Amazing as always.

Kaleeko,  March 9, 2012 at 2:35 PM  

You can get fireworks from the World Adventures EP, but I found them too finicky so I just added them in later in photoshop. To get the lighting realistic, though, I made sure to place colored lights around them as I took the screenshots, made them seem a bit more realistic!

As for the transformation--most of that was the fog emitter and some photoshopping, but the device Amelia stepped into was the weight changer thingie you can buy as a lifetime reward. Mix it all together and the magic happens!

Thank you so much, dear!! ♥

Jessica Schnitker,  March 9, 2012 at 6:16 PM  

Wow, what did I just experience? Because that was.... FANEFFENTASTIC. :O I even played the music. Heh. :) I do enjoy me a good story, and tbh I have only recently become acquainted with DS. I have added it to my blogroll! Anyway, that was fantastic, and I will definitely be catching up with all of them. @___o; Might take me a while, though!

Kaleeko,  March 9, 2012 at 9:00 PM  

Haha!! x////x Well, thank you!! Thank you so much!
And thanks for stopping by and letting me know what you think! Always awesome to meet new peoples. :D If you want to start reading DS, you can def start from the beginning, although I really didn't have a clue what I was doing until like the 3rd/4th Season, so I'll prewarn you that the early stuff is pretty bad. XD I'm so excited to hear you enjoyed this, though!
I'll make sure to stop by your tumblr and make sure you're followed! ♥ *mwah!*

mmmcheezy225,  March 10, 2012 at 10:06 AM  

Awwww :') and :'(


Anonymous,  March 10, 2012 at 11:33 AM  


I come home from a long day of band, and BAM. Transfiguration, Pt2. I was fucking ecstatic. Then, I read. And read. And scrolled, and when I reached the montage, I was in tears. This.. This was pure. This was everything I have ever wanted out of a story. Seriously, I want to hug you for the rest of forever. I also love this montage song.

Fucking beautiful Kalee.

♥ jakiepoo~

Chelsea,  March 12, 2012 at 9:41 AM  

Omg I've been waiting for so long!This is so awesome! Keep up the great work

Austyn Burns March 12, 2012 at 1:35 PM  

You are so amazing! The writing, the pictures, the music. I was so happy for everyone and now I'm so sad about Ian & Margo. But I'm still happy that Ian sees that Margo believes in him and I am ecstatic that he kicked the de Wynter's butts! And I'm glad that Margo found that little bit of bravery inside of her. Love Love Love your writing and I'm so glad you're back!

Vera,  March 13, 2012 at 7:48 AM  

Just.. amazing! I've been visiting this site everyday in the hope of an update, and finally it's here and it's more than I hoped for. I feel like all your sims have a huge personality, I'm capable of liking and dislike the characters and be really moved by your stories, which to me adds up to one word: fantastic! Add to the fact that you actually make a story with sims children instead of just having them in the background like most do, love it.

Kaleeko,  March 13, 2012 at 12:28 PM  

I know, right?! ALL THE EMOTIONS. T_T <3333
Hope your fabulous self is doing well, dear~!

Kaleeko,  March 13, 2012 at 12:29 PM  

Ach, I know--I wish I could've gotten this out sooner! But, better late than never!
Thank you so much, sweetie!!! ♥

Kaleeko,  March 13, 2012 at 12:31 PM  

Your comments always overflow my heart, Jake. T_T You know just the right things to say!!! GOD I just wanna wrap my arms around you and squeeze all that love outta you and keep it for myself!!
Seriously, makes me so happy to hear how it made you feel. If anyone can feel even a fraction of what I did while writing this... just makes it all SO worth it.
Love you~ ♥

Kaleeko,  March 13, 2012 at 12:34 PM  

x////x *tacklesmooch* Thank you so much, Austyn! Aaaah that all just makes me wanna burst from joy!! Gosh, I am so glad I'm back, too! ♥

And don't worry! Even though Margo and Ian's lives are a roller coaster that won't always run parallel, they're still just kids! Many, many things will change in the future... better for worse, I can't say. ;)

Thank you again, sweetness! <33

Kaleeko,  March 13, 2012 at 12:47 PM  

And you're in luck, because there's going to be another one coming out very shortly!! :D

T_T <3 Thank you SO much, sweetie! All these characters are part of me in so many ways, bringing them to life and having someone actually appreciate their complexity makes me want to smother you with kisses!! It's comments like these that remind me I'm not just writing the story for myself--it really does warm my heart more than you know! Thank you for taking the time to let me know!!

(Haha and yeah--child sims are my favorite life stage, I couldn't leave them out! Sadly, Margo won't be a child here much longer. q.q)

Thanks again, sweetie~!

Tender Wolf,  March 15, 2012 at 8:22 AM  

Oh wow, what an awesome chapter!!! So much going on! I'm so glad that Amelia is back to normal! I believe she and Naomi have a wedding to plan. :D Lil looks great as a human! Very clever using the joint-like skin on her, awesome! I do have to wonder, though, what will happen if she manages to find love again and woohoo ends up on the plate. lol Oh dear, poor Margo! She was brave to tell Ian how she felt, but it was scary what he did. I wonder if there's a reasoning behind his strength and temper. My first guess is that he's a werewolf or vampire (though the former tends to be more hotheaded than the latter). Either way, great chapter and I look forward to more!

Kaleeko,  March 16, 2012 at 1:20 AM  

!!! HI TW! *mwah* Gosh, long time no see, eh?! I feel like I've been gone for forever... slowly working my way through getting caught up on blogs. AGAIN. And of course, you've been keeping busy... *mutters* lol!! <33

And aw, thank you! T_T Honestly this was my favorite episode to put together.. probably ever, I think. All these characters have tugged at my heartstrings so long that letting them do the talking in their pictures just felt so right. I'm glad you liked it!!

As for Ian: I'd love to blame his actions on an illness of some sort, but unfortunately... it's just who he is. He got the Hot Headed trait, and he doesn't know how to put it away. XD I love him to death, but he really isn't the most pleasant person... and if he ever mellows out, it's gonna be a while. Poor kid. :(

Thank you so much, dearie!! It's so wonderful to hear from you! ♥ *gushes*

Enowoyigold,  March 17, 2012 at 4:17 PM  

This was amazing <33

nicarra60 March 17, 2012 at 7:26 PM  

There was a lot of happy and just a little sad.

I'm glad that Amelia's transformation worked out. I think Brad was very over optimistic about doing anything if the process started going badly. He could have saved his strength. Poor Mia trying to work up the courage to do it and poor Naomi wondering if it would work.

As for Lilobot and Lamont, that was so sweet. I love the fact that he picked the hair colour because she loved his. Hey, Lil, I'm fond of that shade myself, which is why I created it for his daddy. Lil Mark 2 is so pretty. I can understand the Simbots need to fit in better, even if it might have cost her some or all of her memories.

Now, Margo and Ian. (Kaleeko, cover your ears) Margo May Kane - you are being an idiot. What Ian did to them was what they wanted to do to you. That he is strong enough and fast enough to take down three bullies was lucky for you both. You could have been very very badly injured before they were done.

Poor Ian, sweetheart, you didn't fail. You did what needed to be done. You just have to wait for the idiot girl to get her head around that.

As ever, breathtaking pics - especially those machines in action. So glad to see you posting, even if you are *already* taking another break.

memoirsofasim March 22, 2012 at 6:40 AM  

Not sure where to start but omg, amazing.

What a beautiful post full of discovery for so many characters. The music was very touching and matched perfect with your shots.

Finally Amelia and Naomi are together again. *sob* Well done to Brad for working so hard on find a cure. Wow, he's an amazing brother...or was it just his ego that pushed him along? ;)

Lilobot's transfiguration... wow. No words. She is now like everyone else and hopefully won't feel so lonely and left out. Her adventures on Tumblr are so adorable btw! Love love love her look too!

Margo and Ian, agh my gosh... but how cute are they together! Shame the de Wynter's came along to ruin their little meeting. :( Though it was nice to see Ian finally pound them though Margo wasn't too pleased. lol Oopsies!

So fabulous to have you back lovie, I've really missed you and your sim story posts! <3

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