Born in a Small Town

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Yeah. Says here it means 'Pearl'. It's not common, not overly girly, has a cute ring to it-- and our friends in Champs Le Sims will like the French origin..."

Alesha Kane lifted another finger to flip to the next page of her book. Trying to decide on baby names was tough; she wished they'd decided at some point their daughter had been in her belly, but they'd gone back and forth on so many names that none of them seemed right anymore.

But even looking at the next long list of names beginning with 'N', she kept flipping back to look at 'Margo'. What about Margot, or Margaux? 'No, we live in a redneck town where most people can't spell their OWN name. Best keep it simple,' Alesha thought to herself.

"I suppose I'll let you pick the middle name," Alesha said with a smile as she looked over the top of the book at her husband across the room, sitting with their daughter in his arms. "That'd be fair, right?"

From his seat, Bradley began to chuckle, speaking softly so not to stir his little girl from her resting. "Well, you are the one who had to carry her around for ages, and then give birth to her... I'm fine with that compromise."

And it'd been quite the uphill battle, as well. They'd had to go in a whole day before Alesha was due to give birth; she'd been feeling ill most of her pregnancy, and they were worried about both of their health.

Still, despite the worries of the doctors, Alesha had been a trooper. Never once had she complained, only asking that Bradley never left her side. She was a saint compared to most stories Brad had heard about women about to give birth, and under the influence of their raging hormones... He was amazed she was able to keep it together.

... At least, until the baby decided it was time to come, that is.

The birth was long, too. They said it was normal for the first child to take a while, but when it hit the 20th hour, Brad began to grow tired. He had to keep leaving the room to prevent her from seeing his worry, and though the doctors assured him that they didn't have any concerns, he couldn't help it.

Alesha was everything, to him. If something had happened to her... Or to their baby...

But in the end, everything had worked out better than they could hope. Alesha, despite her exhaustion, was asking to see her baby as often as she was awake enough to hold her, and the little bundle of joy she'd produced was perfectly healthy, if a bit small for her age.

"Well," Bradley said as he approached the bed, carefully cooing to his girl as she began to awake in his arms. "I think Margo is perfect. Our little pearl, huh?"

Alesha weakly looked up at her husband, smiling. "Exactly. Who knew an ol' clam like me could make something so precious?"

"Don't jest like that, honey," Bradley scowled. "You aren't anything like a clam."

Brad turned his eyes to his little girl, and then, with a beaming smile, carefully lifted her above his head.

"Well, little missy... I guess it's decided. You're our little Margo Kane. Margo... May... Kane."

When both Alesha and Margo looked like they could barely keep their eyes open any longer--which wasn't much more than a few minutes--Brad carefully toted his daughter to the infant ward, and let the nurses take care of her from there.

He watched her carefully be placed in her crib with a smile on his face; he couldn't stop thinking about how, because of his and Alesha's love for each other, she was created. It was a more amazing feeling than he'd ever imagined.

With a smile of pride, Brad shoved his hands into his pockets, and looked at his girl with the fondest gaze. She was his pearl... And, because of her, everything was going to change.

But now, he was finally ready.

Amelia couldn't help but notice how amazing it was outside. Twinbrook wasn't known for it's lovely weather, so when she woke up, surrounded by unpacked moving boxes and a lists of things to do, the unexpected sunshine told her exactly what she wanted to hear: It can wait.

Twinbrook was small enough to walk from pretty much any Point A to Point B in a matter of minutes, so she threw on some comfy shoes and made her way up the winding sidewalks to the first place that came to her mind.

The Blue Bottega. It was an art studio that had opened so recently you could still smell the fresh paint on the walls when you walked by--and though normally something like that wouldn't really interest Amelia, this particular opening did.

And that was because it was owned, remodeled and run by her mother.

"And I think she outdid herself this time," Mia mumbled to herself as she cast a glance at the vibrant color her mother had chosen for the studio's exterior walls. "But... I guess it could be worse. She could've gone with neon orange."

When Amelia walked into the building, the bell on the door ringing as she crossed the threshhold, she instantly caught sight of who she was looking for: her mother, who was animatedly speaking to what looked like one of her employees.

Meredith Kane, her mother; she didn't do anything plain. The building was chaotic in design and color, and it looked absolutely nothing like a business... which was a fairly good representation of what Meredith was like. She didn't open this studio to make money: she opened it to have fun. Mia (usually) loved that about her mother--she was almost never serious.

Amelia was broken from her train of thought when her mother's voice suddenly came ringing out over the sound of background music playing in another room. "MIA!" Meredith squealed, bounding over to her daughter with more youth than someone you'd expect her age to have.

"Mom!" Amelia responded equally as enthusiastically. "Mom, this place looks amazing!"

"Yes yes, it looks great," Meredith spoke dismissively. "But why are you here?! I thought you weren't coming back into town for another week!"

Amelia grinned. "It's... a long story. I'll tell you about it while you show me around!"

The pair squeezed through all the rooms, careful not to bump into any recent art pieces cluttering the studio. When they finally made it outside after touring the lower floor, they relaxed against the deck railing, looking over the patio area.

"So everything is settled then?" Meredith asked, turning to look at her daughter.

"Yep. The rights to my band's last album are taken care of, the band's been completely dissolved--our manager is taking care of the rest. As of now, the Yelling Birds is no more."

"And are you okay with that, sweetheart? Becoming a rock star was your dream..."

"I guess some dreams just aren't meant to come true," Amelia said, her gaze turning to her mother. "But it's okay, I'm honestly fine with it. After what I went through, I've been starting to reconsider what I want to do with my life. I mean, Naomi's already got herself a job at the Business complex... Maybe it's time I rethink my own ambitions."

Meredith smiled and nodded. "As long as you're happy, dear. That's all that matters to me."

"Well, honestly," Amelia chuckled, looking out over the grounds. "I couldn't be more happy after seeing all of this. You've done a fantastic job, Mom. It's amazing what you've done with the place... And amazing you're finally getting something you've always wanted."

"I can't believe it, myself. The last few months have gone by so fast..." Meredith's smile lit up. "But it all wouldn'tve happened if it weren't for your father. We had to come to a bit of a bit of a deal about the place for him to agree to pay for all of it, but... Well, it all worked out for both of our best interests."

After a long moment with both of them looking proudly over the area, Meredith nodded her head towards the door and said, "C'mon, there's one last room I want you to see before you go."

"Mom, it's... Wow. You seriously outdid yourself."

Meredith looked at her daughter with a bright smile. "I actually had you in mind when I designed this room. Lots of yellows, bright reds, eclectic furniture... I wanted someplace that you could come and relax, that always felt a bit like home, even when things get rough for you."

Amelia was taken aback. "Mom, it's unbelievable. Really. I don't even know what to say." It wasn't much, but it was things like this that reminded Amelia why she loved her mother. Even if she wasn't very good at being a mom sometimes, she never, ever forgot about her kids' needs.

"You don't have to say anything. Just promise me that you won't hide away forever. It's been months since everything happened, and you're still not--"

"Mom, can we please not talk about that right now?" Amelia cut her off. It was that nosey-ness that Amelia didn't like about her mother.

"I'm sorry dear, I didn't mean to upset you." She frowned momentarily, but, Meredith almost instantly bounced back with a smile. "In any case, there was something I wanted to ask you, if you're willing..."

Amelia was still a little annoyed, but she nodded. "Sure, go ahead."

"Well, see... Everyone in town has been so excited about you moving back. Everyone really loved your music, Mia... And well, I was thinking, to help promote the studio, and help get you back on your feet again, maybe you could put on a bit of a show here sometime? The outdoor painting platform would make a great stage, and I honestly think it would be so good for you to keep on performing..."

Amelia paused. Performing: it'd been her dream. For a while, her life. The Yelling Birds, her band, had been everything to her--she'd worked so hard to get them noticed, to get them record deals, to get their music to bring her fame... But not all attention is good attention, and she'd paid the price for that once. She never wanted to, again.

But music... It was still her life. The past few months not playing had been excruciating, as much as she didn't want to admit it. She missed her guitar dearly. She just was too afraid to pick it up again.

"I'll... I'll think about it, Mom. It's a great idea, I just need some time to think about it, okay? I'm just not sure if I'm ready yet."

"That's fine, sweetheart. Take as much time as you need. The last thing I want to do is pressure you, alright?"

Amelia could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, so to avoid them being seen, she quickly pounced her mother with a hug, squeezing her tight and burying her face into her shoulder. "I love you, mom," she sniffled, her emotions overwhelming her.

"I love you too, Mia-Bean," Meredith said with a smile, squeezing Amelia tight in her arms. "But for now, let's worry about other things, hmm? I've got a new grandbaby, and you a niece, sitting in the hospital just waiting to be showered with love. Let's escape a bit and go see them, mmmkay?"

Still sniffling, Mia nodded, slowly pulling away. "Okay, Mummie!" Her mom was right; because if there was anything that could make her happy again, it was her family.

"And the shipment? From our good friends at Simcott Industries?"

A cold silence swept over the conference room like a stiff breeze, jarring the confidence of everyone present. The sound of a chair shifting, someone clearing their throat, and a hand brushing dust from their sleeve echoed in the small, dark room with a tense, ominous ring.

Again, Jebidiah Kane's voice asked, "Well?"

"Sir," a brave voice finally spoke from the other end of the table, his hands raising in defeat when his gaze turned to his superior. "The shipment hadn't arrived before the police raid, but... It was close. Too close." The man--Shark Racket--took a deep breath before continuing. "If I could speak frankly, sir, I don't think the warehouse is safe for this particular cargo anymore. If we get another uninvited visit again--"

"I understand," Jebidiah spoke abruptly, cutting his henchman off. "Which is why I've already made arrangements for a new... storage facility. You may have the pleasure of moving our present from Simcott there once we're finished here, since you somehow managed to skirt past the cops last night unharmed."

An audible sigh of relief could be heard coming from almost everyone at the table; they'd escaped Jebidiah Kane's wrath... At least, for now.

"Any news from the business sector?" Jebidiah asked, his voice still firm.

On the other side of the table, the blonde woman suddenly sat up straight, coming to attention now that all eyes were on her. "I haven't been at High Products Corporation long, Mr. Kane, but they're already dropping hints of making me a Junior Executive. From there, I'll have a lot more... influence."

"What about their current loyalties, Naomi?"

Naomi had to stop and think for a moment, but she confidently answered, "As far as I can tell, they're up for grabs to the highest bidder. Right now High Products is in the pocket of our newly elected Governor, but I imagine it'd be easier to twist the arm of the Grant family rather than try to buy him off or push them out of the picture."

For the first time that meeting, a thin smile began to grow across Jebidiah's lips, putting amused creases in both of his aging cheeks. "Funny that you should mention that," he commented with a chuckle, turning his eyes to the woman sitting next to Naomi.

"How are things coming along with our dear, newly elected Governor, Marta?"

Her own smile turned wicked as everyone's attention was turned to her. "Well, as it so happens... You're now looking at the future Mrs. Sam Grant."

Jebidiah chuckled. "If only everyone would learn from your example of dedication to our cause, Ms. Tomasi. My congratulations to your success. And when's the lucky day?"

"A month from today. However, I think it's safe to say he's already wrapped quite securely around my little finger, if you don't mind me saying..."

"Not at all, not at all, Marta... I'm quite pleased with your work." With a quiet, but menacing laugh, Jebidiah drummed his fingers together and turned his eyes to the rest of his 'employees'. "The rest of you could only hope to live up to such standards. It's about time you all took a page out of her book."

The sternness in his voice caused the majority of the table to look at their shoes, avoiding their boss' icy gaze as it turned to each and every one of them.

"In any case," Jeb continued, clearing his throat to break the uneasy silence. "Let's move on. Officer Larson, care to elaborate on that unfortunate police raid last night, and why we weren't informed until moments before?"

"Moments is a bit of an exaggeration," Tana Larson spoke up from the opposite end of the table. "Ten minutes is all I could spare. You know if I'd have had the opportunity to tip you off before that, I would have, Jeb."

"That's Mr. Kane to you, Tana," He responded coldly.

Tana sneered. "Yes, Mr. Kane."

"I'm starting to think she's losing her touch, sir," someone else finally spoke up--this time, the words of scorn were coming from Junior Notorious, seated at her right. "If this happens much more we'll be out of business. Maybe it's time we look into finding someone else on the force that's more capable of doing her job."

"Junior," Jebidiah drawled, his brows furrowing frustratedly. "This isn't the time to point fingers. You could have just as easily planned a better exit strategy and found a better way to hide the goods I put you in charge of. Officer Larson is doing her best... However, I do agree it may be time to bring a few more police officials to our cause, rather than rely on Tana alone."

There was a moments pause where everyone nodded in submission, but Jebidiah continued promptly. "So Tana... How are our friends, the Lemans, doing?"

The Lemans: Thomas and Carolina, who were Jebidiah's bitter rivals in the field of crime... Were being the operative word.

"Carolina's still resting comfortably in prison, thanks to you," Officer Tana offered with a smile. "I think she may finally be starting to make herself at home there, she's been causing a lot less problems for the guards lately.

"What about her husband, Thomas?"

"Ever since he was released, he's been keeping true to his word, and hasn't put a toe out of line. Apparently he's just growing vegetables or... something. We've still got him under tight surveillance, though, just in case he decides to change his mind about turning over a new leaf."

"Well then," Jebidiah spoke with a curl of his lip. "If you can come up with a few more badges to add to our belt, I may just let you back into my good graces, Tana."

"I... I think I may actually have a solution to that, sir," she replied uneasily.


"Our new Police Chief? I've been doing some digging... It turns out he's got a criminal record he's been trying to keep under wraps. I'm not certain yet, but it's possible he still has some inclinations for crime--"

"And if not," Jebidiah cut her off. "A little blackmail never hurt anyone, right?" His words were met with pleased chuckles from the rest of the room.

"Well, my friends," Jebidiah finished with a slowly, easy voice, his eyes scanning the room with a brow lifted in pride. "It sounds as if all my goals are finally starting to come to pass. I am... very... pleased."

Jeb's hand reached up to close his notes, and he lifted his chin with a smile on his face; he could feel the power his plans had granted him, and it filled him with imponderable glee. Everything was falling into place so smoothly, so elegantly. He'd never imagined it would be this easy to be the Emperor of Evil...

... but, perhaps, not all good things are meant to last forever.


Anonymous,  April 3, 2011 at 5:15 PM  



Unknown April 3, 2011 at 5:35 PM  

!! Thank you! :) <3

It's good to be back to writing again. Yeehaw!

Sara April 3, 2011 at 6:42 PM  


First off: Margo is an adorable name, but we knew this.

Amelia and Meredith are also ridiculously cute in this post. I really like the Blue Bottega- I'm sad I could never get it to run in my game :( Also, how cool is Meredith for designing an entire room for Amelia?

Oh ho, residual trauma from the whole vampire ordeal? Man, that's rough. I hope she bounces back soon!

And last but not least, the Evil League of Evil. Naomi's working for Jeb?? I didn't see that coming! Her new job at the business center must come in handy. I always thought they'd be good partners, but that certainly explains the screenshot of Mia and Naomi fighting, if Mia finds out...

SAM GRANT YAY. Okay, fangirling out of the way, very happy to see Sammy in yet another form. And a Notorious!

Wow, way to talk about Naomi's family so callously right in front of her.

Final verdict: Wow, fantastic start to what promises to be a fantastic season!! I can't wait.

PiB - Nicarra April 4, 2011 at 1:26 AM  

Wow, you put a lot of effort into your hospital set. Room, nursery, hall for anxious dad to pace in...

Aww, Brad is finally officially a daddy. About time, I have had how many Brad spawn? LOL


Good to see Mere and Mia getting on so well. It would be a shame if Mia can't get back to music because of what happened in Bridgeport.

The Blue Bottega really is an interesting place. So much colour and chaos. Just like Mere would like.


I had worked out who was at this table from the banner - all but one. Jeb and Naomi were easy. I was pretty certain about Shark, Tana and Marta. I've only just read Seaweedy's Notorious stories so it's not surprising that I didn't know Junior yet. :)

Hmmm, why is Naomi one of Jeb's henchmen? Still, good to see her again.

Poor Sammy, about to be used by the woman in his life, again! Still, it's perfectly true that the love of his life usually does have him wrapped around their little finger. If that doesn't work, babies always do. LOL

I agree with Amelia, bringing up her parents in front of Naomi was a bit much. Good thing Thomas has been behaving.

" but, perhaps, not all good things are meant to last forever." You know, I'd be so shocked if Jeb had a true major fail.

Anonymous,  April 4, 2011 at 8:20 AM  

Great kickoff to the new season. I am so happy to see good old Junior at the table of Evilness. never expected to see Naomi with them, what a great twist.

Margo is a lovely name and I look forward to seeing her age up. Congrats to them on the birth of their baby.

Unknown April 4, 2011 at 12:07 PM  


I LOVE the name Margo. If you ever happen to run across the book Paper Towns by John Green... That's what made me decide to use the name.

See, Mere has moments of being a good mom! I do wish I could get a copy of the Bottega to actually download... I may try again soon when I ain't so cranky. (Just woke up, mrrrr.)

With some things Mia bounces back fast, but this... She's too emotional for her experience with vampires to not have traumatized her. She's definitely in 'wants to hide' mode right now.

Naomi is working for Jeb, yesh! I imagine that'll surprise a lot of people--but you're correct, Naomi and Jeb work well together. Naomi's ambitious.. but not evil enough to agree with all of Jeb's strategies. Part of why he has her there--to be his moral compass in a sense.

Yeah, lots of cameos this season from various sims! Got a list going on the sidebar now, may need to add more later though.

It was pretty callous to talk about Naomi's parents right in front of her, but, she can handle it. She's grown to despise her mother, and her father... She loves, but they have a complicated relationship due to her involvement with the Kanes.

Thank you, Amelia!!! I sure hope it turns out as good as you think it will! ;D

Unknown April 4, 2011 at 12:14 PM  


I barely showed any of the hospital set, too. There's a nurses station, a waiting room... And on top of THAT, I now have a set built under ever single rabbit hole, right now. I definitely put a lot of work into everything I needed for this Season. ;D

Mia's heart and soul is in music, so, you'll just have to see what she may end up doing... But actually stage-performing is goingto be hard--and you'll see why, down the road. XD

Haha--good for you piece them all together! Yeah, Junior was the one you were missing... However, contrary to one of your previous guesses, he's not the "New Character" in the story I've been talking about.

Heee. Well, I believe Marta may indeed have feelings for Sam... But that won't really be explored in this story. It's mainly that through her, Jeb's got a huge key of influence... ... Maybe. ;)

We'll see how poorly things can go for Jeb. I won't give any hints as to just how bad, but... When I said this Season was going to be the most dramatic yet... ;D *snicker*

Unknown April 4, 2011 at 12:16 PM  


Thank you, seaweedy! <3 I'm glad you enjoy seeing Junior there--he is *so* perfect for what I have in mind for him. Thanks for giving me permission to use him!

Yay, I'm also glad I'm not the only one that likes the name Margo. It's a little off the beaten track, but I couldn't see her any other way. ^^

Sara April 4, 2011 at 8:17 PM  

I've actually read that book, I think! A while back.

Aw, I think Mere's a good mom. You have to give her credit for trying, it doesn't come naturally to everyone. And don't worry about the Bottega on my account, I don't think I'd have any Sims who'd use it! Meredith became a photographer in game, but I haven't seen her painting. (Jeb became a Vigilante PI and is constantly breaking people's valuables and beating them up when they break the law, which amuses me to no end.) Other than that, SP seems to be tossing me a lot of writers and few artists.

I don't blame Mia! I'd be the same way.

That's an interesting take on it... I did think that Naomi and Jeb might join forces when you had your flashback with them towards the end of last season, as it seemed like they had a certain kind of grudging respect. But I can't help but think about how Mia will react (if she doesn't know already), and what will happen to Naomi when Jeb's shit hits the fan.

Oh man, I didn't even NOTICE the sidebar! My Pesces! How exciting! Though technically, Moe is an EA sim ;) So I can't claim complete credit.

PiB - Nicarra April 4, 2011 at 11:56 PM  

Sidebar? Oh, goody, a cameo appearance list. I likey

Ok, I will officially admit, even if Kaleeko shows the same Thomas and Carolina pic once a season, it's probably still going to make me smile. a) that outfit is stunning on him... b) Tom the crim is still just weird.

If Marta has any genuine affection for Sam, she better hide it from the boss. He thinks it's all about him. :) Can't blame you for not exploring that in depth, they are mere pawns in the game.

Poor Mia.

Unknown April 5, 2011 at 11:43 AM  

If you haven't read Paper Towns, I do highly recommend it. It's a short read, Young Adult fiction, but it's honestly a great novel; however, Margo Roth Spegielman is absolutely nothing like Margo May Kane. ;)

Mere's a great mom in some ways, just a poor one in others--and her kids love her dearly, they just have a... more of a sisterly bond with her.

I'm still laughing about Jeb in your game. ;D That is WAY too hilarious.

Haha! Well, they may appear more than that. ;) But I agree, Thomas in that gettup is... striking, to say the least.

It's not even that they're pawns in the story, it's that the story is so complex that if I divert from the main path of things, it'll get more chaotic than it needs to be. ;D

Chrysame April 5, 2011 at 12:07 PM  

Nice start to a new season! I'm glad to see everyone is thriving in Twinbrook! Looking forward to the complications as they arise!

I've missed you all very much. Life sucks sometimes but, invariably, it rewards you for just making it through.

BTW, Marta and Sam? Yeah, baby. *insert suggestive growl here*

Unknown April 5, 2011 at 12:23 PM  


Okay, going to first state: OH MY LORDY GOD WE MISSED YOU. <3 It is so so so good to hear from you!! I'm sorry to hear things were sucking for a while, but it's SO great just to know you're making it through!

Alright, I'll stop before I overhwhelm you with wishy-washy-ness. ;D

Yes... Sam and Marta always make an excellent pair. Mrowr! >:D

Chrysame April 5, 2011 at 1:14 PM  


Margo is a great name. You know Alesha has always been a favorite of mine so I'm very glad to see her. I'm hoping you'll explore her flaws a bit this season. I love me some flaws.

Wishy-washy-ness is appreciated as are semi-lewd jokes, gratuitous naked sim tushie and kermit flails!

Unknown April 5, 2011 at 1:25 PM  

Awww, yay! :D Yeah, Alesha is awesome--and her flaws will *definitely* be explored this season. She won't get the spotlight as much as some characters, but now that I think about it, I thinks he appears more than Brad does. (That's okay, Brad's been in the spotlight enough before, poor guy! XD)

AWESOME. Well, I'll handle the kermit flails, PiB can handle the naked tushie, LOL!

It really is great to see you back though, darlin. I hope RL gives you a break... You had us pretty worried for a while, but, life's not always a piece of cake. (The cake is a lie!) Hope we get to see you around a little bit again, but if not...


Maybe that'll tide you over for a while. ;D Haha!

PiB - Nicarra April 5, 2011 at 2:34 PM  

Chrysame needs naked tushies? Should I suggest popping over to my last story in the short story blog - not a lot of nakedness but some. :)

Kaleeko, you better make sure that Sam and Marta do the baby thing. You know they'll need a baby or four to make us happy. :)

Chrysame April 5, 2011 at 3:12 PM  

"You know they'll need a baby or four to make us happy."

What she said...double.

PiB - Nicarra April 6, 2011 at 3:31 AM  

Chrysame, much as I love babies - double one == twins == very easy with capable Sims like Sam and Marta. double 4 == 8 and even Sam is going to run for the hills! At least, if they are all babies at once. :)

Chrysame April 6, 2011 at 9:35 AM  

I'll settle for a girl with Marta's eyes and Sam's hair. Or a boy with or...more stories! *kermit flail*

Unknown April 6, 2011 at 12:34 PM  

Hahaha!! Well you guys will have to be patient, they ain't even married yet. XD But I promise, I'll make sure they have at least one baby.

(Although it'll be a little weird when Sam's ""nephew"" moves into town...)

Now more *story*--that I can do! Working on my next post now, it'll be up sometime today!

PiB - Nicarra April 6, 2011 at 1:21 PM  

Is that 'nephew' married with 4 kids? :) If so, he's got a post going up soon.

Still, I'm very patient, no out of wedlock babies for the governor. He doesn't need scandals. :)

Unknown April 6, 2011 at 1:29 PM  

Indeedy. ;) Phillip will be too young to be a brother and too old to be a son, so nephew works good. Or maybe cousin... I'll have to take a look at his precise age when I load him into my game, since my age mod will make things a bit different than what Phillip would've been when you saved him for meh.

Yeah, Sam doesn't need a scandal, that's for sure. ^^

Unknown April 6, 2011 at 2:11 PM  

Haha.. Just dropped a post onto my other blog about the new skins I'm trying out. Oh, the horror!

Jen April 9, 2011 at 4:56 AM  

Wow, this was definitely amazing. What an opening to Season 6!

Very sweet and tender scenes with Brad and Alesha. I love how they call Margo their little pearl. Awww.

Meredith and Amelia, I love seeing these two together again! Meredith designing that room for her daughter, how sweet.

Scenes of Jeb and his gang looked totally awesome. The black ground was effective.
Does Mia know that Naomi is working for her dad though? Hmmm.
Junior Notorious, wow what a character. I love his look! lol

Nothing short of amazing Kaleeko, well done!

Unknown April 9, 2011 at 12:48 PM  

*blush* Thank you!

Teehee... Definitely a lot of gushy-scenes in this one. Brad/Alesha, Mere/Amelia... I really wanted to focus on how strong the family bonds are, right now. Cuz right now, everything is doing really well for them!

That scene with the gang was SO annoying... They kept wanting to stand up, those tards! Does Mia know Naomi's working for her Dad? *chintap...*

Thanks, Jen! <3 *glomp!*

ElaynaS May 22, 2011 at 1:51 PM  

Yay! I'm finally caught up to the ongoing season. I was going to just read the synopsis' but I thought better of it - glad I did! You're a really great writer.

Somehow, I knew Naomi would end up working for Jeb. It's a little sad though since her father didn't want that kind of life for her and tried his best to keep her away from it.

LOVE the hospital scenes. It's so perfectly planned out. Do you keep jumping households or do you have separate saves for each family's photos?

Off to read the next episode - can't wait to be all caught up on everything.

Unknown May 22, 2011 at 2:13 PM  


Awwww... T.T Thank you, Elayna! <333 I'm glad that you read it all too, but man am I surprised how quick you got caught up!

You're right--it's sadly ironic how hard Naomi's dad tried to keep her from crime, and in the end... Well, she's too ambitious to let the opportunity pass her by.

I do jump households, yes; I just use Twallan's Master Controller to switch between sims, makes it really easy to house-hop to get the screenshots I need. I'm glad you liked the hospital scenes. ^^ I've put a crazy amount of work into Set-Building this season, but it's paid off.

Muy <333333333 for you!!!

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