Running Away

Monday, September 6, 2010

When the last straw falls and the camel's back breaks -- what happens? Everyone has a tipping point -- any denying it would be foolish -- but for all of us it's not the same, nor is the reaction the same either.

For some it may be falling into the arms of a friend and admitting defeat; for some, it may be cheating on our husband to get revenge... But for some of us, all we can do is run away, and hope that things get fixed on their own... Hoping that someday, somehow, we'll finally be able to return to normal, and everything will be the way that they once were.

But to believe that that will be is only a sad delusion that some of us fall prey to... for, an easy answer is almost never the right one.

"Is anybody going to answer the door?!"

Meredith's voice carried throughout the house as she ducked her head out of the kitchen to try and find any of her kids. "I've got my hands full making dinner, could somebody please get that!"

By the time that Travis came trundling down the stairs, Meredith assumed the visitor had already left -- but she never thought to consider how desperate the person who had come knocking would be for the door to be opened.

When Travis looked out the window to see who it was, he wasn't sure how to react: it was Jade.

Although they'd seen each other quite a bit at school since Emerald's death, things had been so awkward at the Greenwood's home that Jade requested a bit of space in order to cope with her sister's death. "I just need some time to figure out all my emotions, alright?" she'd told Travis, soon after the funeral. "I feel so guilty over what happened, and to jump right into a relationship afterwards it... it just wouldn't be right."

Travis had found that rather stupid, but, he never did quite understand girls. It was best to just meet their demands and hope that lures them in long enough to get what you want in return.

After a deep breath, Travis took the plunge and walked outside to meet Jade on their doorstep.

"Hey, Travis," she said, her eyes glistening over. "Can I come in?"

Travis tried to avoid her gaze for the moment, but he realized he couldn't -- he just didn't want to see her upset... Well, that, or deal with her crying. But, with a weak smile, he responded with a, "Sure."

When they walked across the threshhold, Travis finally got a good look at Jade; while she didn't appear to be crying (just on the verge of it), he could tell how run-down she was. She looked tired and weary, the complete opposite of the athletic, spunky girl he was used to being around.

"Jade... Are you alright?" Although Travis didn't like playing the comforter, it wasn't so bad when it was someone he cared about. He couldn't help but care about Jade. "You can talk to me, if you want."

His eyes were a lot softer than usual -- damn, if she didn't make him vulnerable -- and her own were empty as she gazed back. "I just don't know if I can take this, anymore, Travis. I've never felt so alone... Emerald's gone, and maybe even if we played a part in that, I'd rather put aside all that just so I didn't have to handle all of this by myself."

Travis wasn't really sure what to say. Finally, after a moment, he responded with a soft, "Jade, I'm here if you need me. I always was."

"Oh Travis," she gasped, quickly pulling him close. "I wish I hadn't been so selfish or so stupid. I guess I wasn't near as strong as I thought I was."

The sap was a little much for Travis, but, he still patted her on the back nonetheless. "Well, I'm here now. So... You've got nothing to worry about."

"I really have missed you," Jade said, pulling away just enough to look into Travis' eyes. "I've thought about you every day since... you know, the accident."

"You've been on my mind a lot too, sweet pea. I've been worried about you, secluding yourself like that."

"Well, I promise to be more open about everything, this time," Jade said as Travis pulled away, still stroking the side of her cheek with his fingers.

Unfortunately... Bradley came around the corner, curious to see who the visitor was, just as Travis did so.

A wave of anger crashed over Bradley -- his resentment for their feelings for each other, his jealousy, his hatred for Travis always taking everything for granted...

... and, the painful memory of what that same gesture had meant to him, with Emerald's soft skin under his fingertips. He had done it because he loved her, he had done it because he respected her...

Travis just saw it as a game to make the girl happy -- Bradley assumed Travis wasn't capable of actually caring about anyone but himself.

As Travis and Jade began to walk out of the entryway, Bradley erupted. "I can't believe you, Travis! You're just feeding her lies! You're just going to do the same thing you did to Emerald!"

Travis was completely caught off guard. "Brad... what is going on with you? What are you talking about?"

"You're a filthy, red plumbbob'd liar is what I'm saying! You ditched Lolly, you had no problems ejecting Jade from your life the first time and moving on the same instant, you cheated on Emerald and look where that got her... You betray every girl you ever touch!"

Jade tried to  back up away from the quarreling brothers, but the wall was up against her back. "Please, stop fighting, please," she wailed softly.

"Jade, let me handle this," Travis responded grumpily. "I don't know what you're talking about, Brad. You're absolutely delusional. How does any of those things have anything to do with each other?"

"Because you're a lying, stinking, cheating betrayer is why! You don't deserve for anyone to love you!"

This time, it was Travis that was provoked into the fight. His teeth clenched in fury, he leaped from the ground and quickly tackled Brad -- Jade, looking away, wishing she didn't have to see this...

And as they duked it out, Jade cringed away, her eyes wide while looking towards the kitchen in wonder as to why Meredith hadn't come to intervene.

"That's what you get for spreading your own lies, Brad! You're absolutely pathetic." Travis grunted, then turned to Jade as Brad painfully tried to stand up from the ground. "I'm going to go help my mom in the kitchen, try not to give this weasel any more chances to be a dickwad."

As Brad looked at Jade, still cringing at the pain in his back, he saw her face fall completely and her eyes diminish into tears.

"Whoa whoa, Jade, I'm sorry, I... I didn't mean to upset you." Brad suddenly realized how horrible what he said must've sounded. "I just... Travis, it's all about Travis -- you don't have anything to do with any of that."

"Yes, yes I do," Jade muttered through stifled sobs. "If I'd been faithful, always been faithful, none of this ever would've happened... You and Travis would still be friends, Emerald would still be alive... I just want to make something right, but all it does is fall into pieces..."

"Listen to me, Jade, you had nothing to do with any of this. Travis' faults got you into that mess, not yours. You shouldn't fall for him, he's just going to hurt you..."

"You don't understand!" Jade collapsed onto Brad's shoulders in tears. "You don't understand what it's like to be alone!" Brad couldn't help but scowl at those words, but, he didn't need to crush her spirits by telling her she was wrong. "I feel so lost right now, but I know how much I love Travis, and if I just give it another chance... I know I'll be okay. I just know it."

"Jade... Are you sure?"

"I know I can't go on without him. I know I'm happy, with him... Sometimes when you love someone, nothing will go back to normal until you're with them. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah... Yeah, I do." Brad sighed, and squeezed her tightly; perhaps being with Travis was like walking into a trap, but... Maybe, just maybe, she'd be good for him.

And even if it only made them temporarily happy... It was better than nothing.

So, a couple they were again, at last; luck was on both of their sides, that they had someone else to lean on... All Bradley could do was pray that that alone would make it worth it.

"Another visitor? It's almost 10 o'clock! Jeb honey, can you please get that? I'm already in my pajamas."

Jeb grumbled at Meredith, but, it was the least he could do; anything to keep Meredith from throwing another tantrum. It was almost like she was pregnant. ... She wasn't pregnant, was she? Of course she wasn't. That's a ridiculous idea, Jeb. 'Can't say I'd mind another one, though,' he thought to himself as he peekd out the door and saw Eva there, looking rather ragged herself.

"Hey, Eva... What brings you over here so late at night?"

"Please tell me that Alesha is here," Eva said in a nervous voice. "I've been looking all over for her, this is the only other place I can think of that she would've gone."

"No, I'm sorry... I haven't seen her at all today, in fact. Why, what's wrong?"

"She's gone missing, Jeb," Eva managed out in a weak voice. "One minute she was in her room playing, and the next, she wasn't anywhere to be found. I'm really worried."

"Oh Eva, I don't blame you," Jeb said with a bitten lip. "I hate to tell you but I really haven't seen her. Do you have any reason to think she may've run away?"

"Well, Shamus and I were having a bit of a fight, but it really wasn't anything major, just a squabble over the dishes," Eva said wearily. "Things have been kinda tense lately but I never thought..."

Her voice trailed off; as it did so, Alesha had to pause in her running, hoping that neither adults standing on the porch would hear her.

"Well, I'll keep a look out, and I'll make sure to ask Amelia if she's seen her at all... I'll give you a call if I ehar anything alright?" Jeb tapped his temple, trying to think hard about where the little girl might be. "Let us know when you find her, alright?"

"Oh I will," Eva said with a sigh, neither one looking to the curb to notice the little girl hopping on her bike and scuttling away. "You guys will be the first to know."

As Brad hunted for a "reason" for Emerald's death, his search proved very unfruitful. Though he always allowed for a margin of error, he prided himself on his observing mind - the idea that he missed something just wasn't possible.

But, where one mystery dies, another always arises to fill its place... And although Brad was not quite a genius, he was sure that somehow, someway, he would find a way to right the wrongs that had been done.

As he flipped through the pages of yet another book, his eyes scanned each sentence for some clue of something he could do. He knew of ghosts, and he knew of risky experimental projects being undertaken with them at the science lab -- though most Sims still viewed it as a hoax, he knew better.

But, unsure of who he could trust there, he resolved to become knowledgable enough to do it himself... Whatever 'it' was. And, since the library was brimming with research papers, books, and biographies on the subject, he was sure he would come across something, somewhere, that would point him in the right direction.

It wasn't a one-step process, though. There were hundreds of books: some complete fiction, and some only pathetic tales of failed attempts at paranormal communication, revival, or even 'travelling' into the realm of the dead.

All fascinating stuff, but unless it was true or successful, even on some small degree, it didn't help him much.

As his fingers clasped over a book that, dusty and untouched, looked a little more promising than the others, he began to feel a tense sensation at the back of his neck... A burning, as if he felt like he was being watched.

He turned about to see who it was, or if he was just delusional, and his conclusion was the latter -- the only woman in the room was utterly absorbed in her book.

As he sat down to begin reading, he took a better look at this woman; she was, in a few words, very peculiar. Her hair was wildly dyed, her clothes were... something else... and he was sure he noticed a nervous twitch in the corner of her eye as she flipped through the pages of her book.

He tried to get a better look at the title, but all he could see on the cover was a rather large picture of a burning candle. Interesting.

Well, after flipping through the table of contents and scanning over a few chapters, Bradley realized he'd hit a dead end; the researchers may have touched on something, but apparently they 'lost funding' before they were able to make much of it. Great, figures.

With a heavy heart, Brad abandoned his search and wandered upstairs, looking through the classics section with a set of eyes a bit more sure of actually finding what they were looking for.

He pulled out the book and tucked it under his arm.

Looking down from the balcony at the people below, Bradley couldn't help but realize this was exactly how he felt... So seperated, floating above everyone else as if on some other plane of existence. No one looked up to see him, no one noticed he was there.

They were all so happy... So content with everyday life. Why?

He wondered, looking down again at that peculiar woman... Was there something he was missing about her?
He wondered, looking down at the little girl his sister always hung out with... Was she who she seemed to be, too?

The ground beneath his feet felt cold through the soles of his shoes, and each step pounded deep through his bones. He felt like he'd been running for miles... Maybe he had... But he knew, in a less physical sense, he'd been running for much much longer than that.

Many people avoided the graveyard, but to him, it was inviting. The way the moths tended the flowers, the trees swayed in the wind, the way the emptiness seemed to mirror exactly how he felt.

It was like coming home.

"Well, I didn't find anything today either, Em," Brad said with a sigh as he settled down onto a bench he'd dragged next to Emerald's grave. "I'm sorry, but I'll keep trying. I know the answer's out there, somewhere... Just gotta keep looking."

He bowed his head and heaved a deep breath before continuing. "I brought you something, though."

He laid open the cover the book, and he began to read. "I have just returned from a visit to my landlord -- the solitary neighbor that I shall be troubled with..."

Brad continued for some time, reading long until he realized that if he stayed much longer, he'd miss his mother's dinner -- and she would not be pleased.

He tucked the book back into his short's cargo pocket before nearing the side of her grave, his eyes falling, unable to meet it without feeling overcome with grief.

"Oh, Emerald," he said, his entire face cupped within his hands. "Why did you have to leave me... Isn't there anything I can do to bring you back?"

After wiping away his tears and realizing it was time to get ahold of himself, he walked towards the edge of the hill and looked down across Twinbrook.

Below, all the people were going about their lives as if nothing happened. Why couldn't he? Why was he so stuck?

He wasn't all that different, so why did he have to suffer so much more?

His eyes turned higher, to the cloudless sky.

'It's because I loved you so much, Em,' he thought to himself. 'Life will never be the same without you.'


Unknown September 6, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

Woke up a bit late today, so this took til a bit later to get finished.

Yay, depressing post -- not. Heh. ;D Still, I'm sure it was expected.

Next post, however, is already making me laugh just thinking about it. You guys are gonna love it, Chrysame especially I bet.

Tried to keep this short as not to blow up anyones brains. Should be shorter than last post, at least! ^^

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 4:28 PM  

My mind is racing. What is Brad going to do? Ambrosia? The science facility? Time travel?!

Who is the mysterious woman? Is she a witch?! You've dragged me in to the wild speculation zone once again, Kaleeko!

Good for Brad for helping Jade and backing off from Jade and Travis' relationship. Also, Brad...find time to practice martial arts. I think you're going to need it.

Kaleeko is a tease! I'm gonna love the next post and it's makes you laugh? TEASE!

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 4:33 PM  

Tee heee heee. What fun would it be if I didn't, though?! All I can say is, this Season ended up taking an entirely different direction than I thought it would (in one case, at least). I love how this game throws you curveballs!

Brad's trying, but he still hates Travis. In fact, all that fighting, Jade's crying on Brad's shoulder, was autonomous. I just got to be a silent observer with wide eyes.

Here's something else to wet your palette though, got some cool new screenshots from Late Night and some interesting info:;title;2

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 5:34 PM  

Curveballs can be really, really great. I hope that when all is said and done that you'll tell us what you had planned and what changed and why.

Late Night sounds better and better. Fast Lane comes out tomorrow. I like the clothes but I'll wait until I can get it for cheap!

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 5:43 PM  

I'm gonna wait on Fast Lane, too. I've never been big on stuff packs, only reason I gave in to HELS was the anniversary items and the reduced price. I have to say though, the crotchrocket in FL looks pretty wicked.

And very hard to say no to extra clothes and hair. ;)

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 5:49 PM  

The build a relationship with your car thing? Did you read about that? Is that a joke or really something in Fast Lane. I can't tell.

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 5:51 PM  

Nooo idea. That's the first I've ever heard of it. Huh. Interesting. Got a link to where you read it?

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 5:55 PM  

Someone posted scans of the manual.

As always, I'm skeptical.

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 6:03 PM  

Ooooooooh. I found the bit and read it. That actually sounds really cool! Since this is the game booklet and not the Prima guide, I'd say it's pretty trustworthy.

To be honest, now it kinda makes me want it. Then again, I don't use cars a lot in my games... But, it's a meta thing that would be kinda cool, particularly since I'd been planning for Amelia to have a scooter/Vespa that she had a love/hate relationship with, lol. ^^

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 6:12 PM  

You crack me up. :P

It made me not want it. I have a hard enough time building relationships with people, now I have to build one with a car?

Now, my relationship with chocolate is a completely different thing. That's special.

Deema316 September 6, 2010 at 6:27 PM  

Wow. I haven't read the comments yet but have to say this is one of those chapters that don't allow you to even blink while reading it.

Poor Bradley is suffering so much that he is making everyone else miserable.

I have a feeling he won't stop trying to find a way to bring Emerald back.

My curiousity is killing me!!! Is he going to try to bring her back by traveling through time, by raising her from the dead, or even trying to go back in time to be with her?

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 7:13 PM  

"My curiousity is killing me!!! Is he going to try to bring her back by traveling through time, by raising her from the dead, or even trying to go back in time to be with her?"

Who says he can't do all three? ;)

He really is so miserable. It's kinda hard to imagine because part of me still sees him as this happy little boy, but I'm pretty confident at this rate he'll definitely earn his grumpy/evil trait.

And Chrysame -- Haha. I guess with longer lifespans I don't have that problem so much.. I actually have to be careful of them having too many friends or I end up losing track of who they are.

Having a relationship with an object that isn't alive makes me giggle. I assume it'd have to grow pretty quick though, otherwise it'd take forever to become "friends" with a car... Interesting that they're actually introducing gameplay mechanics in stuff packs, instead of just 'stuff'.

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 7:24 PM  

I meant more in real life, Kaleeko. Although, one of my sims having a deep meaningful relationship with really good dark chocolate is always a possibility.

Your point about added gameplay in a stuff pack is a good one. I hadn't thought of it that way but that's exactly what it is.

I'm afraid they'll introduce pets, which I do not want at all (Five cats in real life is plenty, tyvm) in a pack with a bunch of other really cool stuff that I will want.

Have you decided how often you're going to post or let mood/time dictate?

*huggles Brad and little Aleysha*

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 7:34 PM  

Aaaah, okay. :) I'm sure they didn't put chocolate in for that reason... It's all Sims would ever want to eat!

I doubt they'll put pets in a Stuff pack. Adding relationships with cars is pretty minor (it can only go up, goes up when you use them, easy peasy), whereas with pets they need to actually do all the animations, probably develop traits for the animals, etc etc. If/when they do it, it'll probably be a pretty substantial expansion... But still will likely contain lots of stuff you want. ;)

Posting is gonna be somewhere between 2/3 times a week, less if times an issue, more if I'm feeling pumped. It's easier on my schedule (takes me about 3-4 hours to do a post right now, between brainstorming and writing and getting distracted), and easier on people like Jen who read lots of blogs.

Still wondering if I should start posting this on TSS... hmm.

Deema316 September 6, 2010 at 7:35 PM  

Ok, I'm probably wrong but here is what I see in Bradley's future.
He's going to travel back in time and see Emerald. Then he's going to steal her marker from the graveyard. Then he's going to take her to the Science place and fail. Then he is going to take it out on everyone else again. Then Travis is going to whip his arse again.
Of course he will continue to travel back in time on a regular basis to see his Emerald. Then someday he will grow up and have a child by her from the past. But he still won't have his Emerald.

All this time Aleysha is stalking him because she is not only nosy but because she has that crush on him and figures the more she knows about him, the better her chances.

I'll stop with the tall tales now and say goodnight. :)

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 7:41 PM  

Haha, Dee! You put a lot of thought into it. ;) I'm still keeping my lips sealed. I've dropped plenty of hints to keep you guys guessing.

Hope you have a good night, Dee. <3

PiB - Nicarra September 6, 2010 at 7:48 PM  

Finally lunch time so I can see the post properly.

I hope that Brad can give Jade and Travis space. I know it's tough on the guy but he's said his piece to Jade and if she wants Travis, so be it.

Did Alesha run away and will anyone notice that she's around Brad? Will anyone mention to Brad that her parents are worried sick?

What will Brad's library search finally reveal? Time travel? Ghost Restorations? Ambrosia?

And why is Meredith so moody?

LOL - way more questions than answers here.

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 7:51 PM  

Goodnight, Dee. Vacation this week or next? DEEEEEE!!!

I love Alesha. There's something awesome about that kid, either creepy awesome, sad awesome or just plain awesome.

I will implore the stylist gods to color her hair when the time arrives. I will, of course, offer the appropriate sacrifices.

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 8:34 PM  

About posting this to TSS?

I say yes. Do it. It's a great blog, well-written, full of flawed characters, suspense, mystery, romance. It's a helluva fun blog to read.

Post it.

Di Al Martini September 6, 2010 at 8:39 PM  

Wow, I love this post very much! I can see what on his mind and what he wanted. The picture looks great too. I can't say nothing else but: Wow!

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 8:51 PM  

@PiB - Hahaha, yes, many many question... I believe you'll discover the answers to most of those over time. ;) ALthough, I can pretty much say that Meredith is moody because she's Meredith. Probably stressing out about having to take care of the house *and* work.

@Chrysame - Remind me when Alesha becomes a teenager. :) I'd feel weird changing a kid's haircolor, but I'll be sure to give her a makeover when she grows up. She'd need it. And she needs to work out a bit, too.

About posting to TSS, do you think I should just start at the beginning of Season 4, or do a synopsis first to cover 1-3? I wonder, without backstory, would this make sense? I honestly can't tell from a writer's point of view.

@MJ - Thank you, dahling. :D It's a very emotional post! Lots of unhappiness, but, like I said before... Probably to be expected, considering how last season ended.

Anonymous,  September 6, 2010 at 10:00 PM  

Include 1-3. You need the build up. It really gets you involved.

Unknown September 6, 2010 at 10:34 PM  

I'm gonna include the archive list when I first post, but I just wondered if I should write up a thingie to get people through the story quicker, or let them catchup on their own if they want to.

I think I'll write up some synopses and add a link to 'em on each season so people can read them instead if they want.

Deema316 September 7, 2010 at 5:55 AM  

@ kaleeko, I read part one of the synopses so far and that should get them interested and help out a lot.

I wasn't really thinking when I wrote all that about Bradley. Just writing what popped into my head at the time and being silly. :)

@ chrysame, I was already gone when you yelled for me. Vacation is next week. Four more days of work first. Four. Long. Days.

Unknown September 7, 2010 at 2:03 PM  

Thanks, Dee! I didn't expect any of you to even glance at them, heh. ;D Just one more to go and I'm through with those.

OH. SO GUYS. I dunno if you saw, but that "Car relationship" thing and "Vehicle Enthusiast" trait are included in the next game update, apparently!

I however am THOROUGHLY TICKED that the update does not fix anything like... say... the running bug. %!@$^!$!!!

PiB - Nicarra September 7, 2010 at 2:46 PM  

I noticed that but my game doesn't think it needs an might be that it's not released yet or it might be that it releases with Fast Lane.

BTW - check the first para for the synopsis of season two - it was a cut and paste from season one...obviously. Nice job with the combining pics to help summarize the season.

Unknown September 7, 2010 at 3:51 PM  

Whoops -- fixed the 'one' to 'two'. I actually deleted that part and physically typed out "Season One", must've been so tired I wasn't even thinking straight.

I actually was able to update my game a couple hours ago. It's probably the same issue as before where it's showing up for some people and not for others. That's annoying. :-/

Jen September 7, 2010 at 6:25 PM  

Aww, poor Brad.
'It's because I loved you so much, Em.' That is just the sweetest and saddest thing.

I really hope he can see past his indifference with Travis and the loss of the love of his life and start living.
Life is too short, Brad! ;)

What on earth is going on with Alesha. Her mother seems a bit daft to me. How could they not have noticed her out the front...probably so caught up in their own little worlds/problems.

Deema316 September 7, 2010 at 6:55 PM  

About the update: I came home tonight, went to the forum to see what people were saying about the new update. First thing I found was a troll. I got peed off, told the troll he/she was getting on my last nerve and reported she/he. I usually don't comment on troll post but darn, I get so tired of seeing that crap.

Anyway, I put the game in, the update thing popped up, I allowed it to update and everything went well. Only problem was when I started the game up to make sure everything was Ok, I ended up playing for an hour. I'm weak, I have no will power.

I saw that about the car and vehicle stuff. Guess it will probably only work if you have Fast Lane and I don't.

Sorry about my ramblings.

Anonymous,  September 7, 2010 at 9:29 PM  

Sometimes you have to let it rip, Dee.

I've been in badger mode all day so I've been avoiding the Sim forums.

I'm more and more tempted by Fast Lane and Barnacle Bay.

Never be sorry for a ramble. A good ramble does a body good.

PiB - Nicarra September 7, 2010 at 9:33 PM  

A good ramble or a good rant or a serious discussion over coffee can do a body good.

And poking badgers with sticks - that's good too.

Anonymous,  September 7, 2010 at 9:38 PM  

Meet me for coffee and dark chocolate. Bring a long pointy stick.

If you really want to irritate the badger bring a spoon. Eddie Izzard wouldn't lie about this.

Unknown September 8, 2010 at 6:23 AM  

lol, You guys are toooo funny.

I am armed with neither a pointy stick or dark chocolate, unfortunately. Just big circles under my eyes. -_-

@ Dee - the car-relationship thing wasn't actually included in the update? Talk about false advertising, EA. Grr.

@ Jenn - I'm pretty sure Brad couldn't care less how happy Travis is right now, but as he and Jade are still friends, he's willing to step aside for her. Trav and Brad still throw punches daily. Stupid boys.

And Alesha... That scene was seriously the *weirdest* thing I've ever had happen. Eva just popped up at the door at 10pm (which is late for Sim time), and while she and Jeb were chatting, I suddenly caught Alesha running around my yard. I had no idea she was even over -- she didn't come with Amelia home from school, she wasn't invited... I was soooo confused.

I swear, the things that happen in my game sometimes... Srsly. Wtf.

PiB - Nicarra September 8, 2010 at 6:28 AM  

At the moment, I need neither pointy stick nor dark chocolate.

The update sounded like your Sim had to spend time with their vehicle to build a relationship. Maybe not enough time?

Ever since one of the updates, I get more visitors and at odd hours. Not sure which did the trick.

Unknown September 8, 2010 at 1:01 PM  

I'm glad you're getting visitors now, PiB. I love it when I do, because it tends to be a Sim I know that I can come up with a pretty good reason for them having dropped by. Jade & Eva were both Twallan randoms. ^^

I can definitely confirm the patch adds the car relationship thing. The 'Vehicle Enthusiast' trait now shows up in CAS. Haven't seen a car friendship show up yet, but I haven't had my sims driving near enough.

And -- when do you *not* need dark chocolate? That's insane! I always need chocolate. Omnom.

PiB - Nicarra September 8, 2010 at 2:33 PM  

Good point. There is no such thing as no need for dark chocolate.

You no longer *have* to bring massive quantities of it before talking to me. :) Much more accurate.

Deema316 September 8, 2010 at 5:54 PM  

I didn't even check about the car thing. While I was in the game I had him buy a motorcycle since he finally could afford one. He was driving a truck before that, but it was stolen.

My sims have been having visitors lately too and I am loving it. I had really missed that.

Chocolate? I love chocolate, dark, milk, anyway I can get it.

I was very careful with my pointy stick.

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