Season Two Wrap-Up

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well, I did it at the end of the last storyline, so I guess I'll do it again: wrap-up time!

Season Two was more about the struggle of settling in and dealing with the past than actually working through an uber-dramatic plot, so as a result, it was pretty short and sweet. Maybe not sweet. And actually not that much shorter. ... Anyways. 

(Hiding the rest of the post under 'Read More' for those that aren't interested.)

Like last time, if there's anything I left confusing or if you have any other questions, here's a good place to make them... Anything and everything. The only stuff I won't answer about is stuff that I'm 95% sure will be answered later on in the story, and I don't quite want to reveal yet. Feel free to ask, though, I may drop hints. ;)

I ask because I don't tend to think very linear-ly, and just... am incredibly forgetful. For all I know, I mentioned some super secret psuedo organization festering in Twinbrook that Jeb discovered and I never explained. Well. Actually, I'm pretty sure I didn't mention anything like that. Or did I? Agh.


The next storyline will pick up where this one leaves off, as before, but this time will focus mainly on Travis and Bradley as they begin their teen years. The outstanding issues relevant to Meredith and Jebidiah will still be around and written about, but I want to start transitioning to the next generation because not only are they starting to get interesting, but I want you to start getting familiar with them so you can help me figure out who's going to be the heir. Because I'm starting to reconsider defaulting it to Amelia.

Sooo... Here's some News-y related items:

1. Updated Thingies

Cast Page: Updated for the next storyline. Most of the bios (but not all) were rewritten, took out and added characters... Probably not all that interesting to you guys who've been reading since the beginning, but, thought I'd mention nontheless.

Link Stuff: Added more links at the bottom a while back; rementioning just because. I think the facebook link isn't working properly, but... Whatever. ;D It's got links to my art page and my photo album and stuff like that... stuff that's totally irrelevant but. Ya know. I added. Just cuz.

About Page: Just some minor changes: images and wording and took out facts that aren't necessarily true to how I'm writing anymore.

Archive Page: Added some Synopses, including one for next Season, if you want a small spoiler. ;)

My Mypage: I made my Sims3 Mypage Pretty. Cool change to the site, but I wish they actually worked on fixing it's issues rather than adding more things that can break. Still... If you haven't already added me as a friend, feel free to do so. :D

Okay, this is more a question than a statement... Should I change the theme of the page for each season? I'm curious whether you like it when I do, or if you really like the current one. Because, I do actually like my header image, but it could be cool to change it with every storyline. I dunno. What do you think?

2. New Exchange Items
Kane Family V2:
The Kanes are awesome, and I love to spread the joy! I am going to really try to separate out each family member for single download (once I figure out how without breaking anything), but for now, I've uploaded the new version so that if you want Amelia in your game, you can have her. I probably won't upload the household again until there's a major change in the family, like splitting off into a different household, marriage, etc... Which won't be for a long, long time.

You can download them Here.
(I am not uploading a version with CC this time, but, there are numerous store items... So, you'll have to replace the pieces you don't have.)

Twinbrook Style Martial Arts Academy:
I really like to build the "extra" lots for neighborhoods that aren't necessary, but still cool. I like academies, meditation gardens, art studios, wedding chapels, and I may even eventually build a nectary... But, so far, the only thing I've done is the Academy.

I tried to make it zen-y but still rustic, like the rest of Twinbrook... And, I apologize if there are terrain oddities when you try to place it, it was a *pain* to place a new lot and build this sucker. Has a foyer with fountain and tree, meditation room, bathroom/showers, learning area, and a spa type bathroom. I believe I removed all the CC (except patterns), so it better freakin' work. (I have such terrible luck with lots.)

You can look at some more shots and download it Here.

Note: If one of these does not work properly, pleasepleaseplease let me know!

3. The Official Forums Post

If you wanna help me out by giving some recommendations or bumps or <3's or something, feel free. I've finally decided to put my blog out there! I did do a post a while back when I was kinda first starting, but I posted it at the wrong time and it didn't get any replies.

 So... I'm going to try again. Here's the link to the forum post.

4. Kaleeko-Related Foo

Well, I'm still about as close to catching up to in-game as I was when I first said I almost was (about 9 posts), which actually says very little except I haven't been playing much lately because I've been focusing on getting caught up on the blog. It will be so cool if I actually get caught up, but I doubt it... I think I'm perpetually stuck behind the curve!

Pretty soon my screenshots will start being widescreen, which is awesome. I'm just saying that, because it's awesome. I guess they'll be smaller, but I don't care. It's awesome!

Also awesome because, now that I have a new monitor, it means I actually can use my art computer again... Which means I can actually use my full version of Photoshop, my tablet, and. You know. DRAW stuff. (Across the void, I hear Chrysame squealing with joy. I haven't forgotten, trust me! I've done lots of sketches but it's hard to do a final without mah wonderful tablet.)

Okay, tried to keep this short. But, I'm a chatty-Cathy, and I love my fellow simmers, so... hopefully you waded through all that unscathed.

Next story post won't be up until tomorrow night or the next night. Until then, <3!


PiB - Nicarra July 24, 2010 at 4:13 PM  

Uploading individual family members - the most reliable method I found is to send them to the mirror (or dresser) and save to my bin. Then I can later open CAS to age them to young adult and upload to exchange. I've never tried to open to Twallan's CAS and send - it doesn't sound like that works too well and most of mine are from my pre SuperComputer days.

At any rate, Season two had some interesting moments and I'm anxious to find out about who set the bounty on Jeb and what they are really after.

Poll on the heir - hmm, could be tough to pick.

Anonymous,  July 24, 2010 at 4:29 PM  

I upload my sims the same way as PiB.

Season two was a good one. I think you'll figure out who is going to be the heir just through natural game play. Or, you can do it the way I do, make everyone else decide.

Your current header is great but it might be cool to keep up with the characters and update it. I'd say if you get the itch to change it then don't fight it. But, the current one rocks.

I bumped your forum post.

Dee July 24, 2010 at 4:37 PM  

I'll go book mark your forum post right away and find a way to give it a bump sometimes.

In answer to your question. I love the way your page looks as it is but.... only you can make that decision. You may get tired of it.

Unknown July 25, 2010 at 6:17 PM  

Thank you guys so, so much. I don't expect much but hey, gotta try at least once or twice. I'll bump it again myself tomorrow with <3's, once I recover from a day of hiking and have the next post up.

I'll give that a shot, PiB/Chrysame. It never seems to save more than one Sim to the bin at once, but if I do each Sim one at a time I should manage. May actually do that tonight if I can't sleep or tomorrow morning if I remember.

I suppose I'll make the call on who will be the heir once I get to that point, or put up a poll or what/not. At this point, I'm feeling partial to Bradley, but that may change once Amelia is all growed up.

I think I'll leave the site as-is for now, may change once I get some wicked screenshots to change it to.

Again, many <3's. And now... A couple ibuprofen, a pillow, and some Zzz's. :)

Unknown July 26, 2010 at 9:08 PM  

Okay! All 5 members of the Kane family have been uploaded as Young Adults (even Amelia, I gave in and spent about a half hour playing dress-up with her at each life stage, haha).

My Studio seems to be giving me that stupid error page constantly though, so unless it's just me, it may take a while before you can download them. The issue looks like it may be Amelia (I had some issues when trying to upload her, too), so I may just need to replace her or something. Which.. will be hard because I can't access my Studio page.

Anyways! Have fun using my Sims and torturing them. Don't make them too happy, the original ones will get jealous. ;)

Anonymous,  July 31, 2010 at 3:24 PM  

I just found your blog. Your writing is outstanding and this is such an interesting story. The Kanes are a bunch of capturing carachters. I haven't read everything, but I will start follow immediatly. I put you on my blogroll!

Unknown July 31, 2010 at 3:39 PM  

Thank you so much! <3<3 I hope you enjoy the story! I'll pop on by your blog when I get the chance.

One more heart: <3! :D

Jen August 15, 2010 at 5:19 PM  

Okay, love these wrap-ups you do.
I really look forward to seeing what Travis and Bradley get up to in their teens.
And an heir to the Kane's...hmmm, if not Amelia then maybe Bradley, but I do like Travis too. He is very cluey about stuff and seems to be able to read between the lines sometimes.

The next time I play Twinbrook I will definitely add your Martial Arts Academy too. It looks great! ;)
Season two down, woot! :)

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