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There's a lot of "behind the scenes" moments in Desperate Sims that I can't really fit into the main storyline anymore, but all these little life excerpts are very important to the back-story and the characters. I know some of you guys miss seeing the rest of the family, and this is a great way to let you know what they're up to without diverging too much from the plot.

I really wanted to try and do full-fledged posts on some of these, but I've been finding that this format--dialogue only--is a lot more constructive on helping me get the point out quickly and effectively. This way, I can do lots of them quite easily! Most of these I was able to put together within a day--which, I know doesn't seem all that important with how short they are, but when you're like me and just want to get these "moments" out of my head and into yours ASAP, it is really helpful!

I hope you guys enjoy them!

(Click the image to be taken to the short.)

Lilobot takes a trip through the time machine shortly after transferring to her new body--but instead of being taken to the past, she's taken to an parallel reality, where everyone is... berrified?! This comic-style short explains Lilobot's disappearance between the episodes Transfiguration and Sweet Dreams of Season 7.

Although technically a selection of two Yours Truly, Margo entries and a series of snippets between each, this collection of memories is important in showing Margo's relationship with her relatives, as well as what Travis's family is up to circa Season 8.

Amelia and Naomi were finally married at the end of Season 7--but was it finally Happily Ever After for them? This short shows a brief glimpse into not only their relationship, but their small family finally "growing".

Life for Meredith and Jebidiah is finally becoming quite peaceful, during Season 8--but Meredith believes that things cannot truly ever be perfect until they tie up some loose ends, and finally give a burial to the skeleton in the closet.

More shorts will be added over time--if you have any requests on certain shorts you'd like to see, please let me know! If there's any family members or even non-family members who you'd like me to check in on, I'd love to do a Short on them, too!


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